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A Roadsise Fantasy


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The odometer on his dashboard read 99,950. "Let's go for a ride and watch it roll over to 100,000," he suggested." "That could be fun," I responded. He looked me up and down, noticing how the dress I had thrown on that morning hugged my curves in all the right places. "Panties on or off?" I asked, taking a guess at what he was pondering. "On. But no bra," he replied with a smirk. I slipped off my bra, slipped on my sandals and met him in the car.

We weren't even out if the driveway before his hand was on my knee, and by the end of the block he had pulled my leg toward him, spreading me open and pushed my skirt up, exposing the pink mesh thong. His fingers gently traced the inside of my thigh. Lightly against my soft skin; making his way from my knee to the edge of my panties. His fingertip teasing at the edge of the fabric but not going farther and then slowly back down to my knee. After a few blocks he allowed his fingers to make their way onto the the delicate fabric, taunting me with far too gentle strokes across my lips separated by that thin mesh. With every lingering touch I could feel my clit begin to throb with need and my wetness grow. One last time his fingers traveled up my thigh and between my legs where he found that the mesh could no longer contain my arousal. "Such a wet and needy little one aren't you?" he teased. My hips starting to reach for more pressure, some relief for my aching.

He pulled my panties to one side and plunged a finger between my folds. I let out a moan and gripped the armrest on the door with one hand, and his thigh with the other. "Oh fuck," I exclaimed as he stroked with his finger, the palm of his hand grinding on my clit.

"Baby girl, this road is about to get curvy and I need both hands. Why don't you put that pretty mouth of yours to good use." He pulled his hand away and unzipped his pants, freeing is hard cock. He stroked himself with my juices while I got situated. I decided to pay him back for all the teasing I had endured enjoyed and began by licking his stomach down to the base of his shaft. I slowly traced the length of his throbbing cock with my tongue until I reach the tip. I loved the taste of precum and when I felt it on my tongue I let out a moan. His hand took a firm grip on my ass. (I knew he didn't need both hands!) I made slow laps around the tip of his penis, letting my drool drip down his shaft. I licked just below the tip, giving it some good pressure with my tongue but not enough to give him the explosion he was hungry for.

I could tell he was getting frustrated as his hips strained for more. But I knew he was enjoying it, otherwise, his hand would have been on my head, my hair in his fist, instead of it tightly gripping my ass. I pursed my lips and with as much pressure as I could give, I slid him deep into my throat.

"Fuuuck baby!" he exclaimed. "I need to pull over for this." At this point we were about 10 miles outside of town. He pulled over to the side of the road and turned off the engine. He moved his seat as far back as it would go and pulled his pants and underwear to the floor. I stroked him with my hand while we kissed. He pulled down the front of my dress to reveal my breasts and devoured them. Ravenously sucking my nipple into his mouth and flicking it with his tongue; groping the other breast with his hand.

He stopped kissing me and locked eyes with me. He took a fistful of my hair and held my gaze. "Let's get that mouth of yours back where it belongs shall we?" I nodded with a smile. There was no teasing this time. He was overcome with lust and desire. Taking a fist full of hair he thrust my head toward his hard-on, fucking my mouth and burying his cock deep into my throat. My saliva drenched him as I gagged and choked on him, my eyes watering, and my pussy getting wetter with each thrust. Knowing I was about at my limit, he slowed down a bit to allow me to catch my breath. I stroked him while I licking and sucking on his balls. Then he took my hair in is hand once more and look in my eyes as he said "Again?" His tone was only partially a question. It was part checking in and part demand. I loved the way he was able to balance his dominant side with his care for my head space and ongoing consent. He wanted me to be just as eager about giving as he was about receiving. "Yes Sir!" I said. Calling him sir unleashed his inner animal. Calling him Sir wasn't a protocol or anything, but I knew how much he loved it and I loved the way he responded.

"Fuck baby, I love it when you call me that! Now let me fuck your pretty mouth." With both hands he held my head and thrust his pelvis, shooting his hard cock back down my throat. He let out a groan and I thought for sure he was going to explode. But after a few thrusts he pulled my head up, saliva dripping from my lips onto my exposed breasts.

"Get out of the car," he said, practically panting and out of breath.

"What?" I asked. I started to adjust my dress to re-cover my breasts.

"Leave your dress the way it is. Get out of the car, and stand next to the door," he demanded, slowly stroking his cock and looking at me with such unbridled lust in his eyes.

I opened the car door and stepped out. Breasts exposed and my wetness building up in the delicate lace panties, threatening to drip down my legs. I looked around and the country road we had parked on seemed pretty quiet. Hopefully it would stay that way. His door opened and he stepped out of the car. He took his time walking over to me, letting the anticipation build; my mind racing wondering what he was planning.

"Give me your panties." His voice was playful and flirtatious but left no question that this was not a request. I slipped off my panties and put them in his open hand. He kissed me with a deep and passionate kiss, fondling my breast with his free hand. He paused and stepped back. "Owen," he said, holding the balled up panties in front of my face. I opened my lips and he stuffed the thong into my mouth. The taste of myself on the fabric made me dizzy with lust. He landed a hard stinging slap across my naked breast and I could feel the heat between my legs growing and aching. He spun me around and pushed me onto the hood of the car, my face and breasts pressed against the warm metal. He pulled up my skirt and gently caressed my naked ass before landing another three hard smacks of his hand on my flesh, immediately followed by more gentle caresses. I moaned through the fabric and swayed my hips in a futile attempt to get some relief for my eager, aching pussy.

"Does my needy little girl want me to fuck her right here on the hood of the car?" He asked as he teased the entrance of my lust with his finger. He stood behind me and spread my legs apart. I could feel him teasing me with the tip of his cock. He leaned down and whispered into my ear, "You're so wet little one, so needy."

As he stood up, he grabbed my hips and thrust himself deep into the warmth of my pussy. We both let out deep moans of pleasure. As much as I know he wanted to just pound me hard and fast, he resisted. His thrusts were firm but smooth and just slow enough to keep us close to the edge of release without going over. My legs began to quiver as my need for an orgasm intensified.

"I need to cum baby, please make me cum," I muffled through the panties still in my mouth. "Not yet you needy girl. You're not quite desperate enough."

He pulled his cock out from me and he kissed the small of my back. Fuuuck, I love that! Then his tongue glided down to my ass and danced in slow circles round the most intimate of places. All of my nerves were on fire and I could barely handle it. But his firm grip on my hips kept me from moving away. His tongue entered my ass and one of his hands moved to my clit and began rubbing in a synchronized rhythm getting me closer and closer to cumming.

"Please! Please!" It was the only word I could manage to utter, my mind was so dizzy with need.

Without a response he stood up and entered my pussy again. Holding my hips but with his thumb buried deep in my ass, a few more thrusts and he let out a moan. "Fuck, I'm gonna cum," he growled as his grip on my ass got tighter.

Hearing him in such ecstasy pushed me over the edge and I began to convulse with pleasure, tightening and pulsing around his cock. He pushed deep into me and let out a deep moan as his own pleasure washed over him and his throbbing cock filled me with his warmth.

He lay on top of me kissing my neck. He stood up and helped me up and turned me around to face him. He pulled the panties from my mouth and gently kissed my lips. "You're amazing, sweetness," he said as he kissed my forehead and held me close. "So you are you baby," I replied, caressing his cheek.

I'm not sure when the odometer hit 100,000. But I think we might have to take another drive before it gets to 199,999.
What a hot fantasy. Thank you for sharing
That was amazing you had me on the edge of my seat
I'm reading that with mother next to me doing a jigsaw, she kept on looking at me strangely was I was pushing my boner away
That is well written and definitely worth reading. Nice story and very HOT! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
3 hours ago, giraut said:
What a hot fantasy. Thank you for sharing

You are very welcome!

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