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I find her exactly as requested.
Kneeling, upright, head bowed,
eyes on the ground, waiting for me.
Aware of her predicament.
Unsure of what will happen next.

Her mouth is gagged open.
Her hands are cuffed behind her back.
Her knees are forced apart by a metal bar.

"What do we have here?
Is this a person or a cockhole?"

Her eyes remain fixed on the floor.

"Do you know the difference?"

She gently shakes her head.

"A person has free will, hopes and desires.
A person defends themselves.
A person communicates.
A person has dignity and deserves respect."

"A cockhole is a simple creature
that wants nothing more
than to have its holes filled.
Preferably with a cock,
but almost anything will do."

"Are you person?"

She nods her head slowly.

"We'll see about that.
Sometimes cockholes get confused."

I pick up a short crop
and walk over to her.
Grabbing her hair,
I pull her head back.
Her chest sticks out,
her breasts exposed below me.

I slap the crop against a nipple.
"Make me stop.
Beg me to stop.
Communicate your needs."

She mumbles something through the gag.
I slap her nipple.
"What's that?"

She mumbles again.
I slap again.
"I don't know what you want."

Slowly she tries again.
"Are you trying to say 'Hurt me'?"
I slap again.
Her nipple is getting red now.

Saliva is building up in her mouth now.
I hear a wet gargling mumble.
"Hurt you again?"
She moans in pain.

Then silence.
"Do you have anything more to say?"
I release her hair.
She falls forward,
drooling all over her legs.

"You don't communicate like a person.
Are you sure you're a person?"

She nods her head.

"Hmm, let's see.
Do you know what a cockhole sounds like?".

She doesn't move, staring at the floor.

I stand in front of her
and gently lift her chin.
"You can look up"
She lifts her eyes to mine.
Her face is glowing.
Some hairs have stuck to the sweat on her brow.
I brush them away.

"Keep looking at me."

I push my hard cock through the ring
and into her wet mouth.
Her tongue starts to caress the head of my cock.
It's instinctual for a cockhole.

"No need for that."

I push past her tongue,
deep into her mouth
stepping forward
and pushing against the back of her head.
As I thrust back and forth,
I hear a satisfying squelching sound.
"Do you hear that?
The unmistakable sound of a cockhole."
I push a little harder
her eyes widen.
I pause, enjoying the moment
then pull back.
I hear her gag and then breathe heavily.
I repeat that a few times
slowly, gently, staring into her eyes throughout.

I pull out and release her head.
She slumps over,
breathing heavily.

"All of that sounded exactly like a cockhole to me.
Are you sure you're a person?"

She rises shakily,
head down again,
breathing calmly.
She nods her head.

I kneel down behind her.
My hand reaches under her
and finds her asshole.
She starts to squirm.
I reach for her neck with my other hand
push her forward and down,
raising her ass in the air.
I slowly work 2 fingers into her asshole.
Knuckle by knuckle
they slide inside
as she moans and squirms.

I grab her hair
and pull her back upright.
Then I reach around
and press my hand between her jaw and neck.
I pull her tight against my body.
Her head is pressed against my shoulder.
I pull harder.
I hear her breath become raspy.
She tries to adjust her position.
I push my fingers deeper into her asshole.
With every slight movement,
I push harder on her throat
until I no longer hear her breath.

"You are my little meat puppet",
I wiggle my fingers inside her.

"This is not very dignified is it?
Do you feel respected?"
I feel her start to struggle.

"Are you a person?"
Her eyes are wide.
Her struggles are hopeless.

"Are you a person?"
She twists her head from side to side.
"Are you a cockhole?"
I feel her head move back and forth
against the pressure of my hand,
nodding weakly.
We wait.
I feel her nod her head again.
We wait.

I release my hand just enough to let her breathe freely.
She sucks in air.
The tension in her body releases.
I keep her pressed against me
as she breathes deep breaths.

"I was right!
What a pretty little cockhole you are.
There are a few more tests
and they will hurt.
A lot.
Still, best to be sure.
The things I am going to do to you
are things nobody should do to a person."

Wow! Okay then! I would LOVE to watch this!
10 hours ago, BrattyKei320 said:

Wow! Okay then! I would LOVE to watch this!

You want to star in it :) 

Scroll on my profile for some more stories. Send me a message for even more

50 minutes ago, naru said:

You want to star in it  

Scroll on my profile for some more stories. Send me a message for even more

Aaaah… No. not star. Probably could handle it, but I’d rather watch it live and be either turned on or educated

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