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A Masochist's Secret


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Sometimes the pressure builds until I have to give in. Alone, at night, I screw the suction cups tight, then tighter, and feel the *** start to throb through my breasts. I love this part. The endorphins start flowing and I can feel my mind detach from my body. "The fat piggy has fat piggy tits," I whisper. The words start to revolve in my head and my tits start to really ache, like a giant hand is squeezing them in a vise. They swell and become a mottled red and purple. They look strange in the suction cups, fat and whorish. I turn on the motor and small brushes start to swirl against my nipples, sending a wave of relaxation through my whole body.  I turn up the speed and my titties feel almost liquid.  I turn the machine even higher and my body lurches with an orgasm. When I can't take the machine anymore, I remove the suction cups and slap my swollen udders with a thick plastic ruler. The welts rise and the titties throb and I tell myself that this is the very last time, but I know that it is isn't. I finish by scrubbing my nipples raw with a hairbrush. The *** feels like a gift, rubbing away my bad thoughts. I scrub until the nerve endings are so hot it feels like fire, and then I lay back on the bed, purified and clean. The sheets stick to my wet, bruised teats like glue. :pig: :tits:

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Where do you get one of those suction cup machines? That’s what I need something to suck my titties every day.
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