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The night out... p3


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I don't think you believed me when I said we'd walk home.

But, here we are. You've a cold milkshake in each hand and every step you take is an experience. One shoe has my cum in and you become more aware of it.  The other is full of gateaux and it's sitting uncomfortable and squidgy between your toes.

It's a lot less frequent now that cake will fall out of your underwear.  Though, I had loved the pure *** when this happened in McDonalds, you feeling overdressed was bad enough for you, but even though nobody noticed the cake fall - you noticed, and it felt like everyone noticed.

You pretty much already know what the milkshakes are for and this just adds to the *** as you struggle to hold onto the cold cups.

The walk, of course, feels a lot longer than it is.

We get home and you ask what my plans are for you.

I have you place down the milk shakes for now.

"You can have the rest of your gateau now..."

You start by slipping off the shoe, sitting down it gives another squelch to the gateau which has made it's way everywhere in your underwear.

You start by raising you foot and bending to eat the cake from your own feet.

I'm impressed.

You pick up the shoe and start by carefully placing your fingers in to scoop out some of the squished cake - you get a few lumps and pieces and lick your fingers carefully.

You go to place down the shoe, I stop you.
"I think you may need to lick it clean"

You place the shoe to your face and stick your tounge inside to lick the insides - you can really smell the scent from the shoe as you do so - it causes you to retch a little.
I instruct you can put it down.

You stand up and pull down your underwear, there's smears of cake against the cotton fabric.
You place your hands up your dress and scoop out some that had made it's way into your vagina and arse crack and eat slowly 

You move on to the excess from your underwear - you then pick up the panties and slowly start nibbling the bits that are smeared.

"Let me help" 
I stuff the cake stained panties into your mouth "Suck" you suck out the cake and can taste just how excited today has made you.

I pull them off you, "OK - sit - on the floor"

You sit on the floor as instructed.

"Under one of my ideas, you weren't going to come out tonight.
I was going to let you spend hours getting ready then leave you here, ruined and covered and piss while I went out.... are you glad I took you?"
"Yes, Sir - very grateful"
"Good.  What I love about the cheap make up is how easily it smears... I mean, your lipstick is already all over the underwear and your face just by my shoving them in your mouth"
"I know you like it," you confirm.
"So, what would you like me to do?"
"Smear my make up"
"Smear my make up, what?"
"Please, smear my make up, Sir"
"How? With what?"
"How would you like?"
"Well, I really need a piss"
"Use my face, Sir"
"Please use my face, Sir?"
"Beg properly"
You start whimpering, "Please, piss on my face and smear my make up, Sir, please" Over and over again.
You're still repeating the lines as the piss hits your face, smearing slowly you make up down your face.
There's plenty of drips go down onto your chest and dress.
"Thank you, Sir"
"Thank you for?"
"Thank you for turning me back into your slut"
"Good. It gets better.... you spent a long time doing your hair also..."
"Please, please take those shakes and ruin my hair"
"Woah, I love how eager you are"

I pick up one of the shakes, it's thick - strawberry. Extra large of course.

I slowly pour, your full-of-life hair becoming clagged and lifeless rather quickly.
A lot of my focus is also forward onto your dress.  This quite quickly becoming soaked.

"Here, let me out of those wet clothes"

I pick up some safety scissors and cut straight through your dress, deliberately also snipping your bra.

With a few very quick snips you've gone from being dressed up stunner, to left on the floor - ruined milkshake filled hair, a face full of piss smeared make-up... wearing just one shoe which is full of my cum.

And, best of all. You love it. It's where you want to be.

I pick up the other milkshake

You sit up presenting your chest... I smile... "It'd be rude not to"

I have you open your mouth slightly and pour some shake into your mouth, allowing it to overflow and streak down your chest... I then recklessly splatter you with it, leaving a pebbledash effect with the chocolate shake.

"This will be fun for you to clean up"

You smile, gratefully, "Thank you, Sir"

"You've had an exciting night"
"Yes, Sir"
"Do you want to cum?"
"Oh, yes please, Sir"

I bend down - I kiss the top of your head amongst some of the milkshake.

I then move and whisper into your ear.

"Permission, denied"

You deflate.

I walk off laughing... "Well you can't have *too* much fun...   now clean up"


Loved this!

Despite the subject matter not being my kink in any way, couldnt help but get swept up in this story and the end was just brilliant!


thank you :) 

it was actually the lady who'd posted about smeared make-up the other day gave me a little inspiration to this.   

Running make up is probably a like of mine - I tried to do it with a friend who also likes it by flushing her head down the toilet - she was very disappointed it didn't smear as she hoped (but, we at least enjoyed flushing her head down the toilet) 

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