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Curious Kittens


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“This is sort of hot,” Margie said as the jacket was buckled up behind her.

“You’re a kink!”

“No, I mean literally.  Canvas doesn’t breathe that well.”  She looked at herself in the full-length mirror.  Long sleeves dangled down almost to the floor.  The jacket pulled closer around her as Beverly tightened another set of straps.  Three of four, there was still time to back out but she had lost the coin toss.”

“I can let you out if you want to get undressed.”  Beverly paused in her work to whisper in Magie’s ear.  “But then I’ll have proof you’re a kink.”

“Shut up.”

Beverly did the last strap in the back and turned her friend around.  “Now we’ve got this nice loop in the front.  I think you pass your arms through it.”  Margie started pushing her right hand through the loop.  The extra bit of sleeve and the strap at the end dragged a bit and Bev helped her.

“You are enjoying this way too much.”

“I don’t often get you at a disadvantage.  ‘Look at me.  Full athletic scholarship.  I can beat you at arm wrestling.’  And all the boys like Margie because she knows all about sports and has the body of a Greek goddess while her friend is just the mousy little girl who hangs around her.”  Bev took the two arm straps and gave her friend a hug rather than going back around her.  She could sense her friend’s nervousness as she fumbled to fasten the buckle.  “Don’t worry.  I won’t even take any pictures of you… unless you really want me to.”

Margie turned back to the mirror.  Bev was one of her oldest friends.  This was just another incident of them causing trouble together.  She wouldn’t mind a picture of this though.

“Spread ‘em, girlfriend.”

Yes, there was still that one strap dangling down in front of her.  Margie parted her legs and let her friend pull it between them.  She didn’t just start to buckle it in place but pulled gentle pressure against Margie’s groin until she started to moan.

“Yep. Kink,” Bev giggled as she finally started securing the last strap.  “These roller buckles are nice.  So easy to secure,” she said giving it a last jerk, “but you can’t just pull the other way to loosen it.  Struggle all you want.  You’re going nowhere.”

Margie twisted about trying to see what she looked like from behind   It was certainly secure.  A snug fit.  She struggled a little against it.  It was hot in the figurative sense too.

“OK, about these pictures- What are you doing?”

Bev had pulled a second jacket up over her front and stood beside her friend.  She crossed her arms in front of her and looked at her reflection.

“Kink,” Margie snorted.

“Curious,” Bev replied.  She tossed her jacket onto the bed and started buckling up the back straps.

“Seriously? Just curious?” Margie said as her friend started to pull the jacket on like a sweater.

“Yes.” Bev crossed her arms again and looked at herself once more in the mirror.  “Hmmmmm.”  She worked her hands through the loop in the front of her jacket and looked at herself again.

“Just curious? ‘Oh, look at me.  President of the chess club and a complete and total kink hound,’” Margie mocked.

Bev pulled her arms free again and took the front strap in her hand as best as the sleeve would let her get hold of it.

“Oh, poor kinky Beverly.  She wants to wear her strait jacket but can’t get it on.”

Bev scowled at her friend’s taunting.  Passing the strap between her legs wasn’t easy.  She couldn’t use either hand effectively through the jacket sleeves but finally managed to pass it from one hand to the other.  The there was buckling it without being able to see what she was doing.  Working through the sleeves was like trying to do it with mittens on, possibly harder.  She had to find the right slot, thread the strap through, tighten it, find the second slot and double back to thread the strap through it.  By the time she managed it she had to admit that the jackets were warm to wear.

She worked her arms back through the strap in the front of the jacket and was going to look at herself in the mirror again when Margie blindsided her.

Bev had been so busy trying to get that last strap done up that she hadn’t noticed the lack of sarcastic comments from her friend.  She’d almost forgotten Margie’s presence or she would have known that her friend’s silence was a sure sign that something was being plotted.  Now she had been knocked face down on the bed and her friend’s greater weight had her pinned down.

“Oh look.  I’ve got you at a disadvantage,” Margie mocked.  Her weight shifted and she seemed to be nuzzling Bev’s neck, but then Bev felt one of her back straps tighten.


“Quiet.  I’m in charge now.”  Margie’s voice changed as she got another strap in her teeth and Bev soon felt the next strap tightening.

“Look.  I won the coin toss.  We agreed to this.  This was as much you idea as mine.”

“Oh yes.”  Another strap tightened.  “And I was enjoying it.  Then you started to get mouthy.”  Last back strap tightened.  “I wonder if I can get you to moan with your crotch strap.”  She had to turn around and straddle Bev’s upper back in order to reach it while keeping her captive pinned.  Bev thought that she had an opportunity to escape while this was going on but Margie managed to maintain control.  She wasn’t angry.  She had been laughing playfully throughout her “rant”.

“I’m sorry Marge, but you have to listen-“

“And we’re both a little kink curious.  Things never would have gone this far if we weren’t.”  She tightened the crotch strap and was disappointed that she didn’t get the same response her friend had gotten from her. 

“Get off of me.  You’re going to go too far.”  One of her arm straps was loose on the bed next to Bev, not that she could see Margie pull it onto her back.  It was only that the other arm strap was partially under her body and she could feel her friend pulling it out that she knew the situation was nearly out of their hands.  “Stop! You can’t buckle that.”

“Pfffff! I saw you do it behind your back.  I can see what I’m doing.”  Of course, Bev’s arms had been free.  Having her arms crossed in front of her made it a little more difficult for Margie to get the buckle threaded but she was determined.

“Listen carefully,” Bev tried to stay calm.  “You may be able to grip that tight enough to pull it tight but to loosen it you’ll need-“ It was too late, she could feel the tension in her sleeve increasing,

Margie got off her and returned to the mirror.  “Come on.  We look great.”  Bev just kept lying there crying.  “Come on.  I can get us out of this.”  She leaned over her friend and scraped at a buckle as best as her covered hands allowed her.  To loosen it she would have to grip the strap between the two slots it was threaded through and pull some slack from the second slot.  Only there was very little strap there for her to grab onto and it was pulled tightly against the buckle.  Trying to grip it with a layer of canvas between her fingers and the small amount of strap available was impossible.

“Bev, we’ve got a problem here.”  This was no longer fun and games.

“Do you think?” Bev spat.  She managed to roll over, turn herself towards the edge of the bed and sit up.  “We’re in deep trouble now.”  She stood up and looked around the room.

“Things will get better,” Margie said to reassure herself as much as her friend.  “Carol will be back in an hour – two at the most.  She’ll let us out.”

Bev turned and stared at Margie, disbelief plastered across her face.  She walked to the trunk they had found the strait jackets in and pushed some of the other items in it with her foot.  Leather, latex, all sorts of outfits.

“How do you think Carol will react when she finds out we were looking through her room?” Their third roommate had always been very insistent about her privacy, but curiosity and the knowledge that Carol had plans for the whole day had won out and here they were.

“Well, she’ll be a little mad but we’ve known her long enough for her to get over it.  Right?”

Bev looked at the two trunks that they hadn’t opened.  “Eventually.  But I have a feeling we’re going to find out what’s in one of those other trunks and it’s not going to be more clothes.”


The non-rhythmic sound of high heels on hardwood announced Margie’s approach.  In addition to her strait jacket she was now wearing a pair of ballet boots; they kept her legs stiff and the heels were high enough that she was practically walking on her toes.  She was athletic enough to pull it of normally, but now she was trying to push a small table ahead of her.  Normally it would have a potted plant on it, but since it was the only piece of furniture they had that was on rollers it was acting as a serving cart.  Trying to push it without spilling the cup of tea that was currently on it wasn’t allowing Margie to walk with a normal pace.

Carol looked up from the figures she was working on and took her tea.  “No cookies?”

Margie made a low growling sound and started pushing the table back towards the kitchen.  “When are you going to let me out of this thing?”

“Bev got out.  Do you really want out?”

Bev was back in the kitchen, naked except for the ring of steel locked around her ankle.  The chain attaching it to the table was long enough for her to move around the kitchen and just barely use the toilet in the adjoining bathroom.

“She wants cookies now.”

Bev turned to get a plate out of a cabinet revealing the four sets of red lines running across her buttocks.  The welts had gone down at least.

“Look.  Release me.  You know I can take Carol down.”

Bev’s hand instinctively went to cover one of her sore butt cheeks and she shook her head no.

“At least talk to me.”

Bev looked at the doorway, shook her head no again and went back to putting cookies on the plate she had gotten.   Freedom from her strait jacket had cost her three sets of welts and a sentence of enforced silence.  Talking when she thought Carol wasn’t around had gotten her the fourth set of welts.


She paid over half of the rent and she was entitled to the single bedroom room.  She was entitled to her privacy.  She had told the others there would be consequences if they went into her room.  Well, know they knew how she could afford to pay as much as she did.  They had first hand experience of how she could afford to as well as what the consequences of their nosiness would be.

Carol looked over the figures she had been working on.  Several of her regular clients would pay extra if she brought a trained sub to share in their servitude.  Her roommates could pay off their student loan debts by the end of the year if she could get them trained in a couple of weeks.  It would probably take a few months to train them.  If she could promise the end of the year it would be a great selling point, but she didn’t want to lie to her friends.  She looked over last year’s appointments and was trying to estimate the rest of this year’s appointments when the sound of Margie brining her cookies caught her attention.

“Thank you, Margie.  Tell Bev we’ll be having macaroni and cheese for dinner.”

Margie growled again as she headed back to the kitchen.  They now ate all their meals together with the added humiliation of needing Bev to feed her.

“We’ll be discussing a plan to earn you your freedom,” Carol called after her.  “In fact, you and Bev have a chance to be junior partners in my business.”


Well, Margie was finally out of her strait jacket but was still a prisoner.  Conveniently, Carol had a set of prisoner transfer restraints which was all she was wearing as she vacuumed the apartment.  Bev flounced about in a maid’s uniform that didn’t leave much to the imagination dusting.

“I can’t believe you’re still going through with this.”

“You don’t have permission to speak.  I’ll have to tell Carol on you.”

“You’re really on her side with all of this?”

“Thats two.”  Margie fumed at the response.  “It’s really a sweet deal,” Bev told her, pausing in her cleaning.  “According to Carol, some of these guys will pay extra just for an extra woman to be there.  I haven’t had to do much.  One guy just wanted me to be tied up and watch him get punished.  Another session I just had to hand Carol her gear when she asked for it.  There may be some clients who want to watch us get spanked but after my last few training sessions I’m getting used to that.”

Margie grumbled in a disagreeing tone.  Collar, handcuffs and ankle cuffs all attached to a leather belt locked around her waist.  She was having trouble keeping this combo from getting her tangled to the vacuum cleaner and Bev expected her to believe that whatever else Carol threw at her would be easier.

“It hardly hurt at all when I was spanked for getting your knots uneven last night.  From time to time we will be expected to help Carol tie up her clients which is why she had me practice on you.”  Margie tried to ignore this.  “You seemed to enjoy being used as my test dummy.”

Margie shut off the vacuum and unplugged it.  Damn chains got in the way as she started winding the cord.  Being tied up by Bev had reminded her of when they had first found the strait jackets.  A little excited.  A little giddy.  Watching Carol take Bev over her knee and spank her had been amusing as well.

“If I ask real nice maybe Carol will skip tonight’s training session so I can practice my rope bondage some more.  But I wouldn’t want to bring it up if I couldn’t find someone to practice on.”  Bev fake pouted.

Like Margie was going to fall for that.  Her roommates teamed up to keep her locked up for over a week now and she was supposed to sympathize with one of them? And for what – the sensual pleasure of being tied in soft nylon rope?  The satisfying sound of bare hand on Bev’s ass? Knowing that if she started training she would probably get to use Bev as a test dummy?

“I bet if we both knelt when we ask her Carol will let you practice on me tonight.”

Bev hugged her friend.

“That was three.”

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