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LDR but not....


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What do you do when the dynamic is not quite long distance but seems like it because of life and schedules, not being able to be in His presence but a few times a month.
What do you do to help with distance/ time between in person visits? Friday can't come soon enough.
Just chill an let it build up. Because when you do touch it’s going to be incredible
Making plans, completing chores, tackling any challenges your dom may assign you. All things to help fill the time and space between you. Physical presence isn't required to be dominant or submissive, just willing souls making the best out of the short time we all have together.
Awhh, I felt this so much!!
I'm sorry you both can't see each other more often as you would like.
It's so hard to find the time or even means to fit anyone in to catch up when life is just so busy and naturally gets in the way with work schedules, too!
Is there any possibility of more online interaction? Maybe if you can't spend a night together, a quick videocall or phonecall shows effort on both sides to still want any form of contact as a little release for you both and destresser even!
There's some great little online games you's can try to do too as if you were in the same room if you use an online chat room or videocall alongside! Some have their own!
Maybe establishing a want/rule/need/requirements of a morning text or text in an evening of a short catchup kind of message debriefing on the day or with positive affirmations if the morning before your days?
I hope you's/you manage to figure something out to feel more secure with the circumstances and hope you enjoy anything new you may try that helps!!😊
If this is indeed so. I mean what kind of schedule would prevent this? I don't know the situation but unless someone is working 16 hours per day, then it shouldn't be a problem.
Esspresso2Go: Working different shifts in different cities and kids schedules... So yeah it happens
I am in a LDR and I can share some things that help me. A stuffie to cuddle with that he gave me. We send pics and videos back and forth (some spicy, some not). I enjoy receiving tasks from him and doing them makes me feel a connection even when he’s not around.
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