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Master types (a poem)

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Dominance verses domineering. Confidence

or arrogance. Master. Sir. Your Royal

McDomlipants. You hold the wheel, you

steer the boat. You set the course. Please,

though, remember. You prove yourself

to me as much as I prove myself to you.

Submission is a gift, you cannot take it. 

You cannot demand it. It is mine to offer.

When you come to me with a vision

of who I will be - who I should be -

already in your head, you do not see me.

And I will be seen. Submissive does not

make me a shadow, a flower clinging to

the wall. When you think of only who

you will mold me into, you negate all that

is me. You are a wall, not a harbor, and 

that give me no protection from the storm.


Thank you for your art char, your poetry. Honestly I resonate with most of your words. You go deep within and ***t ***, love, submission and more so artistically. Thank you 🙏 

This resonates with me as well. It sounds like revindication of self-love and self-worth which is really cool because all people care about is for others to value them. Ego's a helluva drug
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