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Jungle and Baby and Ronnie


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Daddy called from the kitchen. Veronica just texted and said she will be here shortly.


Ok Daddy, Baby called back as she set set the dining room table. 


Daddy, Baby said walking into the kitchen. How do you know Veronica?


She's a friend from the old days.


Did you all... um... ever.


No, Daddy said with a smile. No we did not.


The doorbell rang.


Come on, Daddy said and took Baby by the hand.


He opened the door.


Ronnie! He exclaimed.


Jungle! She called back.


Veronica was a gorgeous, MILFy looking brunette. Tan, skin, brown eyes, curves in a tight short red dress.


You got old, she said.

And you're still having weekly Botox appointments.


She gave Daddy a huge squeeze and kiss on both cheeks.


And this must be BABY!!! Jungle, she is gorgeous.

She took Baby by the hands kissed her on both cheeks and then one on the lips.


Look at those curves. Those big tits and plump ass.

Turn around for me Baby.


Baby looked at Daddy. He smile and nodded.


Ooooohhhh, and she listens.


Baby turned around. Her long form fitting dress twirled at the bottom.


Gorgeous.  Absolutely stunning. She is an absolute gem.


Daddy led them to the dining room. They sipped drinks and ate dinner. 


Veronica moved to sit right next to Baby. 

She talked close and touched as they laughed.


So Veronica, Baby started, I'm trying to place your accent.


Well, my mother is Italian,  my father is Spanish, I grew up in the south of France and was educated in England.


Wow.... so how did you meet Daddy?


Well, Jungle was traveling to London for business a lot. He started coming to the fetish club I managed. He has a magnetic personality and we became friends. 


And you call him Jungle, why?


She laughed. You never told her this story?


Daddy shook his head.


Well, Veronica started, Jungle  came into the club one night in one of THOSE moods. You know his famous 'need to get it all out through this cock moods.'


He was having a 3some with two delicious tarts on the main stage bed. Using them and making them cum over and over. It was an incredible site to see. When one finished cumming, he flipped to the next.

They both tapped out.




Yes. They both screamed Houston.


They brought in a 3rd girl to suck him off so he would cut.


He shot his fucking on on their 3 faces. Someone got a picture of them. That picture hung in one of the private rooms for a long while.


Jesus Fucking Christ, Baby said.


You're pussy, is soaked just from me telling you the story.  I still finger bang myself to the vision and moans of those tarts getting railed.


He fucks like an animal and his name starts with a 'J' so I started calling him Jungle. 


After dinner, they moved to the living room for more drinks. Baby and Daddy were on the couch, Veronica was in the chair next to them.


Jungle, I cannot get over how stunning Baby is.


She is my special good girl.


Think you and your special good girl want to put on a show for me?


Daddy laughed. I think we are good.


Oh, come on Jungle, don't be such a prude.


Baby jumped in, yeah Jungle, don't be such a prude, she said with a giggle.


Baby slid down to her knees infront of Daddy,  and started kissing his cock through his pants.


She undid his pants and slid them down.

Immediately taking his hard cock in her mouth. 


Veronica sat next to Daddy on the couch and watched Baby.


Mmmmm.... she is a good girl, Jungle. She looks so beautiful with your cock in her mouth.


Baby continued to suck on Daddy.

Veronica knelt next to Baby. 


Mmmm, look at this ass, she said as she pulled up Baby's dress.  


And no panties. Always ready for your Daddy. You are a good girl. 


Veronica rubbed Baby's ass and then kissed it.


Jungle, May I?


You may, but be careful, she's a squirter.


Oh my, she really is something special. Beautiful face, charming personality, incredible curves and...

Veronica slid her thumb into Baby's pushy.

...and a soaking wet pushy.


Baby moaned on Daddys cock as Veronica slid her thumb in and out of her pussy, while she rubbed her clit. 


So fucking wet. Such a good girl Veronica said.

She worked Baby's pussy faster and faster. 


Baby moaned louder and louder as she swallowed Daddys cock.


Baby came hard. Her body pulsed.  Daddy's cock in her mouth, Veronica working her pussy. 


Daddy pulled her up to him and kissed her on the mouth. Good girl he said. 


He dropped Baby's dress to the floor, turned her around and she sat on his cock with her back to Daddy.


She bounced up and down on Daddy. 

His hands on her hips guiding her.

She moaned out.


Veronica leaned over and sucked Babys nipples while she rubbed her clit.


Baby moaned louder.


Veronica sucked on Baby's nipples hard, pinched her nipples and rubber her clit while she rode Daddys cock.


Baby screamed out. She squirted and came.

Veronica yelped watching Baby squirt, rubbing Baby's clit harder.


Baby came again and squirted again.

Veronica cheered. That is a fantastic pussy.


I'm ready Daddy said.


Baby dropped to her knees and Daddy stood up.

Baby stroked Daddys cock and he shot his cum all over Baby's face and tits. Daddy made a huge mess all over Baby.


Baby then took Daddys cock in her mouth and sucked out the rest of his cum


Jungle, she really is a special good girl, Veronica  said.

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