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First time couple

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I arrive at your house the door is open, one knock and I enter. My eyes narrow the primal taking over, seeing you there in your black clinging dress. Nothing to hide showing with pride your lumps ad bump, I growl and involuntary sound.

I see your husband, your soulmate but your cuck kneeling beside you, giving me his love to pleasure.

I snarl by black shoes echoing around the room as smell your scent, the smell of attraction, anticipation and knowing.

The first kiss setting fireworks off in you body and mind. Cuck looks up knowingly, my hands caressing and exploring you.

Lead me us upstairs cuck I snarl, to the bedroom dimly lit. Chair in the corner, cable ties ready.

We both look at him, strip now, his body pale, scrawny, good size dick erect at the prospect of our triage.

Sit, he obeys wrists and ankles secured, cock pulsating, breath heavy.

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