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**TW** Breast play

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**Trigger Warning - Reason: Knife Play**


I walk in to your room, and kiss your lips. You are dressed as I asked, flowing dress, hold ups and blue lingerie which brings out the colour of your eyes.

On the table are my apparatus, cable ties in a loose hoop, gator clamps and a trouser hanger. At least if anyone walked in it looks like the scene from a Blue Peter advent calendar special.

I sit on the edge of the bed, remove your dress I growl. Your eyes fixed on me you obey, seductively unzipping and letting the dress fall to the ground.

I growl looking at you body, given to me by you to explore.

I walk to you biting your neck, the first bite sending you in to a trance, sweet journey my dear in to sub space. Removing your bra, cupoing your breaats gently. Soft nibbles on your flesh, your nipples pulsating between my finger tips. I pinch, then harder flttening them, turning white.

You are wriggling, a darker shade of blue showing in your panties as I smirk knowing.

I hold the cable ties lasooing your left breast then right, tightening and tightening. The *** trapped your breasts turn 50 shades of purple.

You eyes fixed on my, glazed but knowing as I suckle on your erect nipples, so sensitive you wriggle and moan. The pleasure of a nipple orgasm so close for you.

I take the gator clamps teasing you, opening and closing them. Attaching the first one you yelp, then bite your lip. Then the second. Biting your flesh purple tied breast as they dig in to you.

I remove the clamps, suckling again, the pleasure sending messages to your groin. You wriggle then shout my name. Pleasure etched accross your face.

I remove the ties with a cold steel knife, on your knees. You obey taking the trouser hanger, attaching to your over sensitive nipples, attaching to the door handle, your breasts suspended by the hanger.

I sit watching intensly as you obey.

I told you nipple orgasms were not a myth as you nod and agree.

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