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Playtime, pt1

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The door closed behind me with a solid click, my hand quickly turning the lock, before wrapping around her waist, pulling her close. Her deep red lips met mine, then parted, our tongues met, twisting, turning playing across each other. Her full breasts crushed against my chest. My hand moved up to her hair, before making a fist and pulling back.

Her eyes were wide, her lips parted as she gasped. I smiled and told her to remove the dress, helping her by sliding the zip down.

Within a seconds she stood before me, her matching underwear perfectly accentuating her figure. Her legs, stocking clad, her calves given a beautiful shape by the high heeled shoes. She looked incredible.

I slowly walked around her, letting my finger tips gently brush against her soft skin, trailing over the soft material. I moved close behind her, my body pressed against her back, my lips close to her ear as I whispered exactly what I planned to do to her over the next couple of hours. Her breathing getting deeper with each word.

With barely a flick of my fingers the bra strap came apart and I slowly eased the straps from her shoulders and withdrew the lace, letting it fall to the floor.

Telling her not to move I removed my jacket, and rolled my sleeves up a little. I walked over to the dressing table and and took a long length of black rope, unwinding it and running it through my hands as I walked back to stand before her. I smiled once more, letting my fingers stroke her cheek, brushing across her lips, making her smile too.

I slipped the doubled up rope around her waist and looped it into place, shuffling it higher so that it sat just below her beautiful, rose tipped breasts. I took the separate strands and wound them over her shoulders, looping in and out of each other, and around her body until the pattern was complete, the rope securely tied behind her back. Her breasts intimately encased in the black rope. Her long hair cascading over her shoulders, she looked perfect.

I took my phone from my pocket, adjusted the camera settings and took several angled, artful and very sexy shots. Phone away once more I let me warm hands play across the rope, and her breasts. Her proud prominent nipples reaching out for my touch.

Rolling them between finger and thumb I slowly increased the pressure until her lips parted and her eyes closed just for a second. I released them, letting the *** flow back in, before repeating the action, this time a little firmer then the last. I repeated the action again, making sure to look into her beautiful eyes as I did.

I could see the determination there, the hint of defiance. It took two more repeats, and increases in pressure, before she let out the soft cry that I was craving. And she earned a long deep kiss as her reward.

I released the rope, unwinding it slowly before letting it too fall to the floor. I gave her the next instruction, and without a word she slide her underwear down to the floor, walked across the room, her stride slow and purposeful in the beautiful shoes before bending down at the hips, resting her elbows on the bed.

I walked past, letting my fingers trail gently across her exposed backside as I made way to the dressing table and paused to select my first item...
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