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Hubby get's caught cheating..fun fiction..

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"Don't forget the corners!” Sharron called from the walnut Eames lounge chair, where she relaxed with her feet up on the ottoman, drinking the coffee that I had just given her.


 I didn’t answer; it didn’t need an answer; she didn’t like me to answer every statement she made. I was to take them as the instructions they were. So there I was on my knees, dusting the skirting and baseboards. I was lucky as she was letting me wear knee pads. I was dressed in a white shirt, tie, and slacks protected by a striped apron. These were the clothes that she insisted I wear daily. Smart and well-groomed was always the order of the day. She had made me grow a trim beard and insisted I work out daily. 


Early on in this FLR, Sharron had come across this picture on some websites, which showed a very smart man pushing a vacuum cleaner around as a lady sat on a chair, relaxing with a newspaper. It was like a eureka moment for her. This is how she wanted me dressed. Of course, there is a little crossover of styles, little touches designed to underpin her control over me, silk panties for one. I must wear her dirty ones, whatever she wore the day before. Also, on some occasions, when she was in a playful mood or entertaining, she made my face up. Bright lipstick, dark eye shadow. She said she loved the way it contrasted with my beard. On these days, I also had to wear a cravat instead of a tie. A black leather and chrome collar was also padlocked around my neck unless I had to go into the office or any other business meeting. Her ultimate form of control was, of course, the horrendous titanium chastity device that was securely locked over my shaved groin. So, how did we get to this point? Well, I guess I ***ted myself into his particular corner…….


We met at a mutual friend's dinner party; we were both single. She was a dainty-looking 5ft 5inch stunner, and I was a 6ft fit-looking (Her words) guy. We were both busy building our careers. Hers in law and me in business. We ended up chatting together. Dated for a while. Moved in together .. regular marriage, lovely house.. promising careers and all the trimmings, nice house, cars, etc. No kids or pets. Everything postcard wonderful except...Well, sex. Don’t get me wrong, she’s still gorgeous. A few extra pounds and inches, but they are all in the right places. I still keep myself fit with regular visits to the gym. Sex, though, was dull and unadventurous. Routine, I guess.


So, on one of my regular business trips away from home, a chance meeting at a  bar with a woman and a few too many drinks. Well, you get the picture...We ended up sleeping together. She was no better looking than my wife; she just wasn’t my wife. It was exciting, thrilling, and different. After the guilt had been put to the back of my mind, I decided to try and encourage my wife to try things a little different. That didn’t happen, though. Work was a bind, and she was swamped. So, we fell back into the same routines. 


On my next business trip, having gotten away with things on the last trip, I actively searched for adventure. I soon found that there always seemed to be a lady in the same position as me, working away from home, bored, looking for a change. I guess I thought, how could it hurt? So, three trips later, I had my fifth sexual partner outside of my marriage, and I felt like I was untouchable. 

I arrived home to my loving wife, and life was good till it wasn’t!  


Sharron was sitting at the dining room table with a glass of wine; some work papers from her latest case were spread about the tabletop. Final notes for an insurance fraud case she was working on. I put my bag down, put my hands on her shoulders, leaned over, and kissed her cheek. She leaned into my kiss.


“Good trip?” she asked.


“Not bad, usual stuff. Should be good for another month or so”, I answered.


“That’s good. Have you eaten?” she asked, still looking down at her work


“Grabbed a burger at the airport, you ?” I asked, moving my bags to the edge of the door


“That’s good because I have something. I need your thoughts on a case.”


“What kind of case? “I was intrigued; she very rarely went into much detail about the cases she was working on


“A potentially messy divorce”


“Oh yeah, let me get a coffee, and then I’m all ears; you want one?”


She held up her glass of wine as if to say she was fine. 


I put my bag at the bottom of the stairs and headed to the kitchen to plop a Nespresso pod in the machine. Returning to the dining room, I sat opposite her.


“I’m all yours,” I said. If I had been more astute, I might have noticed the wry smile on her face.


“My client, a woman, came to us to talk about divorcing her husband, who she suspects has been cheating on her. Well, to be precise, she came to see Tommy.”


“Tommy?” I asked.


“Oh yeah, sorry, he’s the private investigator attached to our office. He does a lot of the grunt work regarding fraudulent insurance claims and the like. He also does a side gig, when he's not busy with us, backgrounds for divorces, checking on spouses' whereabouts, etc.”


“Oh ok”. I got a little hot under the collar about this.


“Yeah, so she told him; she didn’t know for sure, but she had to know one way or the other. He pointed out the financial cost and all of that kind of thing. Believe it or not, he even tries to dissuade people from going this route unless they are at least 75% sure. This lady was adamant, so he took all of the details, and over the next six months, he got all the evidence she needed to proceed. “


“Six months, I bet that was expensive,” I said, getting a little nervous now.


She ignored that and went on.


“The outcome was that her husband had had at least four extramarital meetings, not counting the one she first suspected. Her following action was to engage us to conduct initial divorce proceedings. “


“Err so.. what is it you wanted to ask ?” I asked, a little shakily.


She tossed a folder to me, asking me to look.


There it was, that kick in the stomach. I was winded. The folder was full of pictures of me talking with ladies, me following them to their room, them following me to mine. 

Also, a smart drive which had room 221 handwritten on the side. I was fucked, and I knew it.


“Sharron,” I stuttered. “Let me explain; these mean nothing, please. “


“SHUT THE FUCK UP! ” was her short sharp reply. “You know what we do for a living. Don’t you think we’ve heard all this shit before? There is no explanation; you decided to dip your wick and thought you’d never get caught. I knew from what I assume was the first time. Remember the dirty clothes that you couldn’t be bothered to wash? I asked you to throw them in the washer and start the load. I guess you should have listened because when I went through them to separate your shirts, the smell of perfume and the errant hair I found were enough to raise my suspicions. Classic, stupid mistakes arseholes like you make.”


I looked at her, ashen-faced, dry mouth. I had nothing I could say. I was speechless.


“Don’t bother unpacking your bag; just get the fuck out of my sight and take that folder with you. It’s got papers in it you will have to go through with your lawyer.”


“Please, Sharron, please, can’t we talk about it? ”


“Get out now, I don’t want to call Tommy, but I will, now just fuck off.”


Three days later, after numerous unanswered calls, l returned to the hotel where I was staying to find suitcases containing the rest of my clothes had been deposited at the front desk. Apparently, Sharron was still using the skills of Tommy as I was using my own card. 


It was another three weeks before she answered my call.


“What do you want?”


“Sharron, can we talk a little? I’m so sorry. “


“Of course you are; you got caught!”


“Please, Sharron, can’t I just come around and talk about things? I know I’ve let you down and hurt you. Please, I’ll do anything; just let me come round and talk.”


“I’ll think about it,” she replied. “But don’t keep calling work; you're embarrassing yourself and me. Give me time, and I’ll get back to you.” 


That was it, the phone went dead.  


Another week and I had to go away on another trip. This time was different, of course. I had no interest in anybody else. I just had the mess I’d made with Sharron on my mind. The meetings went off okay, but I let my assistant do most of the heavy lifting. A couple of days after my return to the hotel, just when I was coming to terms with the possibility that there was no way back, then out of the blue, I received a text from Sharron.


“If you want to meet up to discuss where we go from here, I have booked a corner booth at Casa Toscana for tomorrow night at 8. If you are serious about what you said, meet me there.”


I, of course, replied that I would be there, and thanked her. I waited all night for some reply, but of course, there was none.


The next day crawled by, minute after minute, hour after hour. It was like walking through mud. The work day ended at six and I went back to my hotel to change. What should I wear? Suit and tie, all business, smart casual, too friendly. In the end, I went with a clean shirt, jacket, and pants, no tie.


I arrived at the restaurant, a cozy little local Italian place that we had enjoyed in the past. I told the hostess there was a table booked under our surname for 8 pm. She looked and said she couldn’t find one under that name, another perhaps. I asked her to look under Sharron’s maiden name and was hurt to find that that’s how it was booked. Not the start I had hoped for. 


I was led to the empty booth and was asked for a drink order. Did I order for Sharron, would that be too presumptuous? So I played safe and just ordered a jug of water and 2 glasses. 

I was twiddling my thumbs, looking at my phone for texts from Sharron when at 10 after 8 she was led to our booth. I stood to greet her, she looked fantastic. She certainly didn’t look like she was living under the strain I felt. I went to hug her, but she put her hand up and sat down.

She ordered a glass of her favorite red. Once the waiter had gone, she looked up at me. It wasn’t exactly a look of daggers, but it wasn’t warm and welcoming either. I went to speak and she interrupted me and said we should order before we talked as she was hungry.


Our orders came and we ate in heavy silence. After the meal, coffee was ordered, when the coffee came, Sharron slipped the waiter $10 and asked if he could leave us alone for the rest of the evening, as we had business to talk about. He nodded, stepped away, and then came back with a carafe of coffee and more milk sweeteners,  smiled at Sharron, and said


“Just in case you need more”


Sharron smiled and thanked him.  


“So” Sharron started, “I've been thinking about things”


“Listen Sharron”


She put her hand up to silence me


“Please don’t interrupt me. I’m meeting you out of respect for what I thought our marriage was, even if you have lost respect for it, I haven’t, so you will damn well listen to what I’m going to say or I’ll get up and leave now and file the papers”


I was shocked by her authoritative stance, but at the same time a little sense of hope as she hadn’t filed the divorce papers yet.


I closed my mouth and nodded. 


“I don’t know what made you do the shit you did and I don’t want to know. I just know that it destroyed everything I thought we had. I’ve got to be honest with you. If I could have signed all the paperwork to divorce you when I found out everything, I would have. Trouble is that for all of your faults, I still love you. I've spent the last few weeks trying to find a way to forgive you and maybe take you back so that we could start again.” She sighed as though in resignation.


I was lifted a little, I could see a little hope, maybe all was not lost. I bit my tongue. I wanted to shout out that I would do anything for that to happen. 


“Honestly” she continued, “I was thinking of cutting ties and moving on with my life and letting you do the same.. That was until I found this blog “This FLR Life “The more I listened to it and lady blogger describing her married life and how she and her husband have found a way to put all of their mistakes behind them and cut through all the normal bullshit that goes along with a marriage. Well I thought this might be a solution for us if you are willing to do as you say, “anything” to put things right”


She took a drink of coffee, looked at my puzzled face for a second then continued.


“FLR means Female Led Relationship. It does what it says on the tin. If you are ready to commit, then this is the way it has to be, but you have to be 100% committed to us or it just won’t work.”


I was just about to ask something when she put her hand up for the waiter to bring the bill.


“I will send you a link to the blog and I would suggest you do your research before you agree to anything “


She took the bill from the waiter gave it to me then got up and left, leaving me somewhat shell-shocked.


I spent all my spare time over the following week researching female-led relationships as suggested. There was plenty to be found ranging from what could just be described as henpecking to the more bizarre, which to be honest, was quite scary. By the time I clicked on the link that Sharron had texted, my mind was a little numb and so I just skimmed through some of the blogs and articles. Which, I would find out in a couple of days, was somewhat of a mistake. 


The text from Sharron came on Friday morning 

“Did you do your research?”


“Is this the kind of life you think you live with?”

“If it means us getting back together, then yes, I will do anything you ask”

“I’m warning you now that it will be all or nothing, you are either 100% committed to us starting again or we are just both wasting time.”


“Please Sharron, I told you I’d do anything for us to get back together, I know I have a lot to do to prove myself to you, and if this FLR is how I do it then so be it”


In the back of my mind, I would have to suffer a couple of weeks of being under Sharron's thumb, then things would slowly get back to how they were. Though for sure my cheating days were over. 


“OK be at the house at 6 tonight we have a lot to talk about”


I texted back, but the conversation was over and I was left with my thoughts for the rest of the day. 


I arrived promptly at 6, having sat in the car for 15 minutes, not wanting to be too early. I stopped to get a bottle of her favorite wine and an expensive bouquet of peach roses, another of Sharron's favorites.


Next dilemma, I still had the keys to the house, do I use them or knock? I decided to knock. The wait seemed to take forever. The door opened and there was Sharron all 5ft 5 of her looking beautiful in her office suit and heels. She didn’t even greet me, she just turned and walked back into the house and turned into the dining room. I gulped and followed her in, closing the door behind me.


As I entered the dining room she was walking back from the kitchen with 2 wine glasses and a corkscrew in her hand. She motioned for me to sit down opposite. I offered her the flowers, and she smiled,  thanked me, and placed the glasses on the table.


“Can you open it and pour?” she asked “And I’ll put these in a vase, They are beautiful”


I felt like had scored some points, so far so good. 


I opened the wine and poured 2 glasses and after a couple of minutes, she came back with roses perfectly posed in a vase and placed it on the end of the table.


“How have you been” I asked as she sat down and reached for one of the glasses of wine. 


“Busy? You ?”


 I just shrugged.


“So you know why I asked you to come? You understand what I’m suggesting if we have any chance of us getting together again”


I gulped, she was all business.


“Yes” I replied, ” I think so”.


“I guess we’ll see” and with that, she slid a sheet of legal paper over to me. I looked at her quizzically 


“This is a contract stating that you agree to enter into a female-led relationship with me.”


“A contract, why do we need a contract?”


“Because I want you to be fully aware of what you are signing up for here. I have thought long and hard about this over the last few weeks, and honestly, this is the only way that I think things can work out between us. My trust in you is negligible and you are going to work hard to earn that back, This contract, though may not be legally binding, does show that you are at least willing to try. You can take time to read it before you sign it, but it states that on all household decisions, my word is final. I will have full control over our finances. You will carry out chores that I assign to you, as I assign them. You will take care of small maintenance projects around the house. On those times that I am home later than you from work, then a meal will be waiting for me. I will continue to do all other cooking unless I decide otherwise.

Steps will be taken so that you will never be able to stray on those times when you are away from the house. “


I just looked at her, what the fuck was this.


“Are you serious?” I asked “This is so fucked up”


“I thought you wanted it to work, I should have known better” was her reply


“Look, I miss you so much, and I know I messed up big time, and I do want to work things out, but this… this is just crazy.”


“You told me you would do anything,” She said raising her voice a little “ But it seems you are just full of shit “ She looked at me with daggers. “ I’m sorry I wasted both our times, you might as well go now and I’ll file the divorce papers on Monday.”


“Wait Sharon, can’t we at least discuss this a little more?” I pleaded.


“Discuss what. I told you what I expected and advised you to do some research before agreeing to anything. I guess this was just more of your bullshit. Well, no more get the fuck out.” She pointed to the door.


“Sharron, please? “ I begged


She stood her ground. I was lost, I didn’t know what to do. I loved/ love her so much. Shakily I picked up the pen and signed my life away. The signed document was picked up and placed in the locking, portable file cabinet she used for work.


There I was, sitting, head bowed. Sharron surprised me when she walked behind me and gave me a huge hug


“Thank you, my love,” she said between kissing the top of my head. “You don’t know how much this means to me”


She moved around to the side, gently took my chin, and turned my head. Her lips brushed mine, the her tongue gently probed till I opened my mouth and soon we were engaged in a passionate kiss, her hands stroked the back of my hair, gently pulling now and then. I leaned into her and slid my arms around her waist. 


Suddenly she pushed away,  took my hands in her hands, and guided me to stand up. 


“Let’s take this upstairs” She suggested, pulling me behind her.


 A 6ft guy being led upstairs by a 5ft 5 lady, feeling like a kid in a candy store. I didn’t know it then, but my life was just about to change in ways I couldn’t imagine.


We entered the bedroom, and she reached up took my head in her hands, and kissed me. 


“Undress me” she whispered in my ear, then kissed me again before pulling away


I looked down at her, she had never asked me to do this before. I smiled and undid her jacket button by button then slid it off her shoulders. I kissed her neck and she moaned, then her blouse again button by button. I brushed her breasts as I parted her blouse and slid it off her shoulders, she closed her eyes. I gently kissed her mouth. I walked behind her and unclipped her bra. I slid the straps down her arms and let it fall to the floor. I reached around under her arms and cupped each breast in my hands at the same time kissing her neck. I gently rolled her nipples between my fingers and pulled her into me pressing my erection against her. I fooled myself into thinking I was taking back control. She ground herself against me. 


My hands moved to the button of her suit pants and let them drop to the floor. She pulled away and turned to face me. She reached up, put her hands on my shoulders, and gently pushed down on them. I dropped to my knees and she lifted her leg to allow me to slip her pants over her heels. I threw them to the side and started on the buckle of her shoes, but she stopped me and told me to leave them on. I removed her small panties to reveal a neatly trimmed glistening pussy. I slid them down her legs and she stepped out and kept her legs wide. Her hand reached for the top of my head and pulled it into her. My lips met with her sex and her hand tightened in my hair, taking back some of that control. 


Sharon ground herself against me, now 2 hands grabbing handfuls of hair. I kissed, licked, and sucked till she exploded against my face with a guttural scream. She held me there till the aftershocks had subsided then gently pushed my head away. 


I went to stand and she told me to stay there on my knees for a second. She walked around behind me and I heard a drawer open, then close. Then a black scarf was tied around my head tightly. I was shocked, who was this woman and what had she done to my wife? Not that I was complaining. My cock was harder than it had been for some time, almost ***ful in my trousers.


“Stand up!” she said. 

I did as I was told 


“What’s going on?” I asked. 


She kissed me gently on the lips and told me not to speak, just enjoy. She stripped me down kissing my body as she did. Just little kisses here and there. She sucked a little on each nipple. I nearly exploded as I felt her tongue dart across the head of my erection. She stroked it back and forth then gently squeezed my hard balls. Taking my hand, she led me to the bed and had me lie down. I felt my way onto the bed. As I lay there she bent over and kissed me on the lips, pulling away before I could respond. She took my left arm and pulled it to the side and up. There was rustling then I felt cool leather around my wrist, some pulling and then it was allowed to drop. I pulled against it, but the movement was restricted. She walked around the bed and within seconds my right arm was in a similar position. Her hand slid down my chest, tight stomach then up and down rock hard cock. I groaned a raised my hips, trying to take more pleasure, but was disappointed as she let go. Leaving it twitching in the air. 


Next came some kind of restraint that bound my legs together at the ankles. 


“What’s going on? “ I asked.


“I told you not to talk! “ she told me sternly.


My mouth was ***d open and wet panties were pushed in. I mumbled something and she tapped the end of my twitching cock. That got my attention real quick. 


The bed dipped slightly as she got on. She kissed my chest as she positioned herself above me. Her hand reached for my cock and guided it to her welcoming pussy. We both gasped as she slid down onto it slowly. 


She moved slowly up and down, pushing down on my chest, her nails digging in.


“God” She gasped “ I should have done this years ago” 


I wanted to tell her that, maybe I wouldn’t have strayed if it had always been like this. But even if I could speak, I’m not sure that that would have been too helpful.


She moved faster and faster, up and down, up and down. I moaned in pleasure and a little *** as her nails dug into my chest. In all our years together I had never felt so much passion and pure sexual energy. One hand moved up to my neck and she pushed up under my jaw making my head lean back into the pillow


“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Ah” 


She slammed herself down onto my cock and pushed as though trying to get another inch or 2 out of it. She came in shudders. Slowly she leaned forward. Breathing heavily.


“You're a fucking arsehole” she panted in my ear. 


I had no answer, so desperate for my completion I pushed up into her. She leaned and kissed my neck. 


“Cum for me now, I want to feel it, show me how much you need me.” 


I complied, and within a few thrusts, I exploded and groaned heavily into the panties.


We lay together for a while. My cock gradually wilted inside of her and my spent cum mixed with her juices came seeping out. I moaned as she lifted herself off. She got off the bed and kissed me on the forehead. I was expecting to be released, but that didn’t happen. Sharron left the room, went downstairs and I heard doors open and close. I had no idea what she was up to now. 


“Just one more little thing to take care of, She told me.


I jumped when the freezing cloth touched my cock. She wiped me off, squeezed the remaining droplets of cum from my now very placid prick. She patted me dry, then I felt some oil being rubbed into it. She opened a drawer in the bedside cabinet.


“This is the bit I’ve been waiting for,” She told me

 Was that excitement I heard in her voice? 


Something cold and hard and metallic was clipped around the base of my cock underneath my balls. Then something cold was slid over my dick. I started to struggle as I realized what was happening. She squeezed my balls hard and told me to stop. I growled into the panties but stopped struggling. Then I heard the click. 


“There, that wasn’t too bad was it? This is the way it has to be, I’m not going to risk you playing away from home anymore. “ 



She pulled the panties out of my mouth and undid the scarf around my eyes.


“Sharon, what the fuck ?” I screamed ”Get that thing off me right now. I never agreed to that at all, now get it off”

“I told you I was going to take steps to stop you wandering didn’t I?” She replied


“Not this, get it off right now”


“I should have known you were all fucking bullshit.  You’ve had your goodies, now you want to go back on your word. Fucking typical, why should I expect any different from a cheating arsehole like you?”


“Sharron, come on be reasonable”


“Me letting you back into my bed was being reasonable. Me giving you a way to put things right is being reasonable. Clearly,  you have no real interest in a future together”


She undid my legs, then my cuffs picked up my clothes, and threw them at me.


“The keys over there” She pointed to the bedside table.”Now get the fuck out, you’ll hear from a lawyer on Monday” 


She had tears in her eyes as she turned away and walked out of the bedroom. I stood, stunned, take except for the metal thing on my cock. I picked up the key and struggled to unlock it. It was not designed for ease of access by the wearer. I dressed and stomped out of the house, slamming the door behind me.


I lay on the bed of my hotel room, looking up at the ceiling. The TV was going off in the background and an untouched piazza lying on the small table in the corner of the room. I had no interest in either. The day had dragged by, my mind kept going back to the previous evening. I was in turmoil. Was what Sharon was asking for unreasonable, after all, I did the cheating, not her. Then I thought of Sharon, how damned hot she was, how she had so easily controlled me. The more I thought about it the harder I became. I wish that this Sharron had been present earlier in our marriage. Maybe she was and I just didn’t notice or encourage her. Taking her too much for granted. 


I tossed and turned, I had to masturbate to get rid of the ache. My thoughts went to me kneeling in front of her. Her taste, her controlling me, and even the hated device she locked on me. I came in my hand with the thought of the metallic click from the lock and the smile of satisfaction that I imagined to be on Sharron's face. 


Sunday came around and I still had Sharron on my mind with little room for thoughts of anything else. I decided to go for a run to clear my head. The rhythmic pounding of my feet did little to ease my mind. I completed a five-mile run, showered, and tried to do some work on my laptop. I couldn’t concentrate and I found myself looking up Female Led Relationship sites once more. The day went on and about 5 pm I found myself standing by the door of the house that used to be our home. I knew I just couldn’t live without her in my life and I knew at that point that I would do anything she wanted if she’d only let me back into my life.


I knocked and waited. I knew she could see me on the doorbell camera. Then her voice came through the tiny speaker of the bell.


“What do you want?”


”Please Sharron, let me in”


“Why, you made your position very clear”


“Please Sharon, I made a terrible mistake and didn’t recognize the chance you were giving me, Please I’ll do anything”


“Yeah yeah, I’ve heard all the BS before from you “


“I know, but the last couple of days have been hell, I can’t get you out of my mind, please just give me another chance.”


Sighing through the speaker, she said “I will give you one last chance, if you fuck it up we’re done. Do you understand ?”


“Yes Sharron, you have my word “


“I’m going to buzz you in, Once you are in I want you to strip and get on your knees and wait for me in the hallway. Do you understand ?”


“Yes Sharron”


The door buzzed and the lock disengaged. I walked through, closed it behind me did as I was told, and waited nervously for Sharron. A minute or so she came walking into the hallway. She looked down on me with a look that could have easily been taken for disdain. Looking a lot taller than her 5ft 5, she looked me up and down.


‘Come with me” she said and turned to walk upstairs toward the bedroom.


I stood and followed, feeling like an errant school kid who was being taken to see the headmaster. Instead of entering what used to be our bedroom, she led me into one of the spare bedrooms. This wasn’t much smaller than the main, but only had a single bed and no walk-in bathroom. She turned and crossed her arms. I looked at her quizzically. She looked at the floor and I took that as an instruction and fell to my knees.  


“If you choose to stay, this will be your room until I feel like you have earned a place back in our bed. Nod if you understand, I don’t want to hear you talk unless I tell you “ 


I nodded and gulped. 


“I know you have read and I thought you understand what I need from you” She continued. “I was hoping that you would understand and you would be able to grow into the role I was asking you to take. I was hoping that you loved me enough to trust me.”


I looked up at her pitifully, I wanted to speak, but I didn’t want to cross her. So I listened as she continued to lay out our future together.


“I was hoping to get to this point slowly and make a celebration of your acceptance of our new life. Now I think that I was being naive and so I see now that I must accelerate things a little. “


She turned to the bedside cabinet a picked up what looked like a metal dog collar. I looked up at her, gulping.


“I'm going to put this around your neck now and lock it in place with a padlock. If you choose to stay, you will wear it at all times when you are at home. You will have to ask for me to remove it daily before you go to work or any other appointment. Nod if you understand, or stand up and leave if you are not willing to accept this”


There was silence for what seemed like an hour. I nodded and lowered my head. She stepped forward and secured the cold collar around my neck. I heard a click of a padlock at the same time Sharron kissed me on the forehead. I felt a tingle in my groin and my cock started to take on a life of its own.  


Sharron’s foot slowly stroked underneath my balls gently. My cock grew and twitched. 


She walked away and came back seconds later. She threw a pair of her used panties and they landed on the end of my twitching dick. 


“You need to get rid of that,” She said tapping me with her foot. 


I looked up, not fully understanding


She tutted. 


“I need your dick soft” she did the wanking sign with her hand.


I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked up at her.


“ Now. I need you to make the hard-on go away Now!”


I gulped in *** and started to rub myself off in her dirty panties with her looking on. It was the most humiliated I have ever been in my life. She left the room again as I continued to pump away on my knees. I don’t know how long she was gone, but she returned with an ice bucket and cloth and then left the room again. I was pumping my cum into her dirty panties when she came back in. 


She let me get my breath before saying


“Good boy, that’s a good start. Show me”


I unwrapped my panties from my softening dick. She kicked the bucket of what turned out to be ice water and told me to clean myself off with the ice water and cloth. When she was happy she threw down the hated chastity device.


Put that on, and then the panties, and meet me in my room. 


I looked up as she left and sighed. Our new life together had just begun. 

jesus fucking christ, this is so hot 😳 thank you for sharing, this just gave me a lot of joy and pleasure to read. i could have easily read another hundred pages of this ☺️
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