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Brat's First Dom - 5


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My eyes are closed, I feel sticky between my legs.  My arms are sore from pulling on the cuffs.  I feel you get up.  "I'm going to get you cleaned up slut... but first..."  Your hand adjust the straps of y harnesses, smoothing and straightening.  Wiggling the butt plu, "Pretty little girl, now stay still."  And I hear you take a picture with your phone.  "No," I say, "please don't, Sir".  You just ignore me, pushing my legs wider apart. 

"Now there's a beautiful sight.  Cum is dripping out of my pussy.  That's called a cream pie"  More pictures... "Raise your hips up a bit."  I don't move, and you spank my ass hard with your hand.  "I said up, bitch."  I whimper, that hurt, different than the paddle, but it makes my clit twitch the same.  I obey, lifting my hips. "That's it, now I can see that swollen clit, all shiny with cum."  More pictures.  "Your plug has a purple rose on the end, I like the way it looks poking out of that pretty pink asshole."

I'm going to clean myself up and get something to clean you as well.  Just to the bathroom, no panicking this time."  I hear water running down the hall... my eyes are heavy and I close them again.  You come back with a warm washcloth and wipe between my legs, spreading my pussy lips, pushing a washcloth covered finger inside me.  "After tonight, this is your job.  You will clean up both of us and the toys after we play."  "Yes, my Sir.  I understand."  And the paddle cracks across my ass without warning.  Ow!  You keep spanking... up and down my back... my legs... a flurry on my ass... between my legs. 

I'm squirming and whimpering, but I feel my pussy growing warm, and my whimpers are becoming moans.  You turn on the plug again and twise it.  Oh damn that feels good.  "*** and pleasure, my slut.  My ***slut.  You're responding so well. Lovely marks from the paddle."  More pictures, what do you want them for?  Your hands, gently tracing over the marks.  Scratching them with your nails.  "I'm going to turn you over now." And I'm on my back.  The plug is being pushed deeper into me as I lay on it, still vibrating.  You adjust the harnesses again...straighten the blindfold.  I hear you in the bag again.  "One more toy tonight, I think."

Your mouth on my nipple, licking and sucking.  Oh I do like that... then the other, your fingers rolling my nipples.  "I love your tits, pretty pink nipples.  So bumpy and hard."  More pictures. 

I feel a hard pinch on my left nipple, but it doesn't fade, the *** is intensifying. Then my right nipple, hard pinch again.  Warm between my legs, it feels like my clit is connected to my tits.  "These are nipple clamps, princess.  Do you like them?"  "I don't know, Sir."  "Well, that wasn't a yes or a no, but I'll allow it this time.  Do you want me to stop?  Is it daisy?"  "No, Sir"

"Good girl, be still and stop squirming."  I hear you take more pictures.  I want to ask why you and what you are going to do with them, but I stay quiet.  "There's a chain connecting them, this is what it feels like when I pull on it."  "Ow!" I yell, "It hurts, it hurts!".  My back arches and you take another pic, laughing softly.  "I didn't hear daisy, my ***slut."   You drop the chain and your fingers are between my legs.  I'm wet again, one finger thrusting deep, pushing against the plug... that feels so good.  A jerk on the chain, hot ***.  Then your tongue is circling my clit.. oh, yes my Sir... you stop and I scream "NO".

"Do you want to cum for Sir again, slut?"  "Yes, please Sir".  I feel all fuzzy and warm.  Everything fades away... shrinks down to just my Sir and me.  All that matters is the way my body feels... your voice... pleasing my Sir.  I feel you take off one of the clamps, *** rushing back in.  Tingling and aching.  Your hot mouth captures my nipple.  God, that feels so fucking good!  Then the other.  I can feel my heartbeat in my nipples. 

You're between my legs again, pushing my knees up into my chest with the bar.  "Now we're going to play rough with my little pussy, slut.  Keep those legs up."  Pictures again.  Searing *** on my pussy lips, hurts too much.  I start to say "daisy", but your tongue is on me again... long, slow licks all the way up and down.  Then your tongue is gone again.  It hurts.... "The clamps are on your pretty lips, the chain is wrapped around the bar.  As long as you keep those knees up it won't pull any harder.  Do you understand?"  "Yes, my Sir", but I'm crying...throbbing, burning ***.  But I can also feel my clit twitching and swelling.  More pics. 

Your tongue licking around the clamps.  "I love the way this looks, slut, my pussy spread wide in front of me.  This tight hole open for me."  A finger rubbing at my opening, slipping insie, sliding over my sweet spot, tongue licking everywhere.  I can't help squirming, electric jolts from the clamps with every tiny movement.  Your tongue finally settling on my clit, steady rythm.  My legs are trembling.  "Sir, please, I can't hold them up."  

Hard bite on my thigh, but your hand reaches up and holds the bar.  Tongue still lapping at my clit, you push the bar further up, I feel my lips stretching... that hurts so good.  "I love my Sir!" as I cum, intense, toes curling... it seems to go on forever, your mouth still devouring me, it's too much again.  "Daisy"I yell,  I'm panting, my body feels like one big bundle of nerves.  "Too much?  My fucktoy came hard for me.  Good girl."  You take off the clamps, licking my pussy lips... *** flowing back.  I feel so sensitive, every touch making my clit throb.  Warmth building again, "I love my Sir".  Your fingers mashing my clit, I cum again, thrashing and pulling at the cuffs... I want to touch you.  I can't take any more.  I'm a quivering mess.  You let go of the bar and my legs straighten.  You turn off the plug. Unbuckle the ankle cuffs.  I turn on my side and curl up, mewling softly.  You lay down next to me and take off the blindfold.  "Look at me, princess."  I'm still floating... I can't focus.  "Are you OK?"  I can only nod. "You did so well, my princess ***slut.  So much better than I expected for your first time."  You take the cuffs off my wrists, rubbing them gently.  "Stay right there, I'm going to start the shower."  

You pull me up to my feet and walk me down the hall.  Sit me on the toilet.  "We need to get the plug out, princess.  Push like you're going to the bathroom, hold on to it and push."  It hurts a little as I pull it out.  "Good girl, put it the sink.  Now wash it."  My legs are trembling and weak, I lean on the sink and wash the plug, dry it and set it off to the side.  I see the rabbit is on the edge of the sink, and I was and dry it as well.  It's pink and big and there is actually a rabbit on it!  The ears... that's what was on my clit.  You undo all of the straps on my harnesses, take my hand and help me into the shower.  I'm surprised when you follow me in.  I still feel floaty, mind fuzzy. 

"I'm so proud of you, princess.  You really were a very good little girl for me tonight."  You kiss me, gentle and sweet.  The hot water feels good, I'm sore and achy all over.  Your hands are in my hair, washing it.  "Tip your head back, let's get the shampoo rinsed out."  Then I smell my vanilla body wash... you're rubbing me all over with a washcloth.  I gasp when it strokes overy my tender nipples... between my legs.  You turn me around to wash my back.  Looking down I see your bite marks on my thighs, already purpling.  I start to cry.  I'm confused, ashamed of the things we did.  Ashamed that I loved every bit of it.  And a little afraid you won't visit me again now that you got what you wanted. 

"Oh baby, it's OK" you say, wrapping your arms around me.  "You're fine, Sir is right here.  I thought this might happen."  You turn off the shower, lift me out and sit me on the closed toilet lid.  Dry yourself.  I feel you dry me off, squeezing the water out of my hair with the towel.  Brushing it, working out the tangles.  You scoop me up and carry me back to my bed.  Hand me a glass, "Pedialyte, drink it all."  I empty the glass and hand it back to you.  You lay down and pull me towards you, my back against your chest... arms wrapped around me.. my head tucked under your chin.  I feel safe and warm, sleepy.  Still sniffling a bit, I close my eyes and sigh.  "Open your eyes, princess."  You're holding your phone in front of me.  "I want to show you how beautiful you look."  And we look at the pics you took together.  I see the paddle marks... my pussy leaking your cum... the clamps on my nipples and lips... the rose on the plug between my cheeks.  My face is hot, that looks like a rea slut, not like me.  "You look absolutely gorgeous, princess.  Don't be embarrassed, remember if your Sir wants it then it's not bad or wrong.  And sluts don't get choices.  You were almost perfect for me tonight.  You can speak freely now if you want."

I ask what you are going to do with the pictures.  "I am going to look at them, princess.  I want to be able to see my slut any time I want to.  They are only for me."  Oh..."You were a natural for me, princess.  Did you like tonight's training?  Tell Sir what you are thinking."  "Yes, Sir, I did like most of it.  I feel like I shouldn't though.  It hurt but also felt so good.  It's all mixed up in my head."  You put your phone on the nightstand and hold me tight.  "That's what I'm training you for, that's exactly what I want.  You're a natural ***slut, you respond so well.  Remember, you don't have to worry or think about anything except pleasing me, and tonight I am very pleased."  

I'm achy and exhausted.  Your fingers are stroking me everywhere, so gently.  "I'm going to stay with you till morning this time, princess, I'll be right here.  Go to sleep now, you need to rest up for tomorrow."  My eyes snap open.  Tomorrow?  No tomorrow, I think as I yawn and snuggle closer to you.  But sluts don't get choices, do they? 

14 hours ago, roughhands said:

Very nice indeed

Thank you, rumbly Sir

15 minutes ago, PrincessBrat1981 said:

Love your writings!!! 

Thanks princess!

21 hours ago, stoutepoes said:

Loved this, thank you for sharing

Glad you liked it

this one is my favourite so far, the way you write the aftercare is absolutely lovely. thank you for sharing!

That was very well written and the portrayal of aftercare was perfect 

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