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Wondering where ya are in your quest in sounding. Tips, techniques, lubes,etc. 


I'm currently sounding daily up to a 10mm. Plateaued at 10 for now b

Silicone lube works better than water based which gums up. Recently started trying sounding on my husband.
Someone I knew was using the sharpie marker and ***t brush handles and finger tips which were slightly bigger than that. Start out small and work your way up. He enjoyed being watched and dominated into stretching him out

KY is always my favorite lube. Also, the different sized beaded flexible sounding tools are the best. The rigid rods don't flow nearly as well with the contours of most penis.

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I always use Istem HydroTouch lube,

It comes in a small, sterile syringe so it is easy to apply and safe

Also HydroTouch does not include any lidocaine, so you can still feel everything

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Hard to sound with a Prince Albert but I still enjoy it at times, just need to find a new toy

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