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Game Night


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“Where have you two been?”

“Jim wanted to stop and buy some new dice,” Rachel said.

“I got new dice too! Check ‘em out.”

“Nobody wants to see your sexual position dice, Glen.”

“Sexual position dice? Hand them over,” Jim said.

“Seriously,” Rachel scoffed.

“They may give me some new ideas,” her husband grinned.  “Besides, Sam isn’t here yet.”

“We can start without him,” Larry said.  “I’ve got a great scenario…”

“That you want to inflict on us when we don’t have our healer,” Denise interrupted.  “I think I’d rather look at Glen’s sex dice.”

“We can do more than that with them later if you want,” Glen said, trying to raise his eyebrows suggestively and only looking creepy while trying.

“What are they doing on this one?” Rachel asked.

“That would depend on which stick figure is the man and which is the woman,” Jim said after a little thought.

“They do leave a lot up to interpretation,” Rachel replied looking at another face of the die she was studying.

“Makes them more fun to play with,” Glen said.  “Nudge nudge.  Wink wink.”

“As if you could find a girl who would play with you,” Denise snorted.

“Consider yourself having an open invitation.  What are you up to?”

Denise had pulled out her notebook and was making some sort of a list.  “I knew you’d get around to making some sort of proposal like that, so I’m designing my own game.  You’ve all suspected that I, hmmm, shall we say that I live a secret lifestyle.  In my game you roll a handful of d20s and it tells what all I get to lock you up in for an hour.”

“Aha! So this is a sort of confession that we were right about you,” Jim pointed out.

“You got me there.”

“Guys,” Larry said to those ignoring him.  “It is game night.

“Not to play rules lawyer,” Rachel said setting aside the dice and taking interest in the list being made.

“Because we all know you never rules lawyer,” her husband said sarcastically.

Rachel punched his arm but otherwise continued as if she hadn’t been interrupted.  “Someone rolls a two and they have to wear handcuffs.  If they roll double twos then they wear two sets of handcuffs? I mean, I guess that’s doable, but a three is a ball gag.  What if they roll double threes? I’m no expert, but how does someone wear two gags?”

 Denise sighed.  Then turned to a new page.  “Gonna make some sub-tables.  Anything that you can wear only one of you’ll have to wear for a longer period of time if you roll doubles.”

“Oh, extend the penalty for the number rolled,” Jim said excitedly.  “One is an hour, two is one plus one hours, three is one plus one plus two hours.  Three is one plus one plus two plus three hours…”

“I get the idea,” Denise said rapidly making notes.

“Hang on,” Larry said.  “Are you telling me that if Glen rolls enough threes then he’ll be gagged for an entire gaming session.”

Sam entered and dumped his gaming supplies on the table.  “Sorry I’m late.  I got held up at…”

“Quiet, we’re on to something interesting here,” Larry demanded.

“I never said I was playing her game,” Glen protested, leaving the newcomer Sam even more confused about what was going on here.

“I like the idea that the extension of time grows by increasingly larger amounts the more you roll,” Denise said.  “But the extension should be relevant to the device in question.  Ball gags aren’t meant to be worn for too long.  For gear meant to be worn for longer then the extended time will be longer and increase more drastically the more you roll them.”

“I didn’t agree to this,” Glen repeated.

“You just changed a nat one to casti-“ Rachel started with a giggle.

“Shhhh!” Rolling two ones would jump the wearer to twelve hours by the new system and it jumped by days from there.  Letting that out might stop this game before it got started.

“I didn’t agree to this,” Glen repeated.

“You’re always talking a big game,” Denise said as she continued adding to her die tables.  “You always seem interested when people speculate about my… extracurricular activities.”

“Yeah but…”

How many dice does he roll?” Larry asked.  “I think ten sounds fair.”

“I always thought you would enjoy my handling you,” Denise continued to needle at Glen.

“Yeah but…”

“If you roll a twenty I’ll play with your dice later.”

“Yeah but… You will?”

“I think we can get him to roll fif*** dice,” Jim said as Glen’s will weakened.

“Really,” Sam who had yet to see any of the lists that were being made.  “What are you guys talking about? Why aren’t we playing now?”

“What if he rolls more than one twenty…”


so cute! i love ttrpg and kink combos
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