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NYE Out with a Bang (trigger warning)


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No answer.


Baby! Daddy called again from the kitchen.




Do you want a drink while we get dresses?


No response.




Baby came down the stairs in a loosely tied silky robe , with a matching bra and panty set.


Do you want a drink?


I'm not going.


What? Why?


I'm not going. You're not going. We're not going.


Baby. These tickets for tonight were $200 each. We are meeting people there.


I don't care. Fuck the tickets.  Fuck your ***.

What does Daddy always say? It's just ***, Daddy will make more.


Daddy grabbed Baby by the hair and dragged her over to the couch.  He sat on the couch and put her over his lap.


He slapped her ass cheek.


She giggled.... on no Daddys mad now.


He slapped her other ass cheek.


She giggled again. Yawn. You're going to put me to sleep.


Daddy growled and proceeded to slap her ass hard and fast. 


She yelped and screamed out. 


He smacked her ass until his hand stung.


Her ass was red and welted. 


Daddy kissed it.


Go get dressed.


No she whispered. 




I'm not getting dressed.


Daddy grabbed Baby by the hair and dragged her up the stairs to the bedroom. 


He cuffed her hands behind her back and pushed her on her knees and tied her ankles to the cuffs.


Daddy put Baby's long blacj hair in a ponytail.

He stood infront of her and pulled out his semi hard cock. He slapped her face with his cock.

Daddy rubbed his cock all over Baby's face.

He slapped her face with his hand.


Open your mouth, bitch.


She didn't.


He slapped her hard with his cock, then slapped her with his hand.


Open your fucking mouth.


Baby opened her mouth. 


Daddy rammed his cock in her mouth and down her throat. He held the back of her head with both hands. She squirmed and struggled.  Gagging on his cock, but no relief. 


Daddy held her head tight. His cock blocking her airflow. Her eyes watered. Baby was feeling lightheaded.


Daddy let her go.


She coughed. She gasped for air.


Daddy slapped her.


She yelped.


Daddy slapped his cock on Baby's face.


She opened her mouth wide.


Daddy shoved his cock in her mouth. She sucked on him hard.


She swallowed all of him.


She fucked her face on Daddys cock.

Her mouth moved up and down on his cock.


She was a greedy cock slut. Swallowing him. Sucking him hard. 


Daddy pulled out his cock and stroked it.

He shot his load all over Baby's face.

He squeezed his cock and dripped his Daddy juice all over her face.




He ignored her.


Daddy, am I your good girl?


He ignored her and walked into the bathroom.




He came back and pushed her over on her side.


He leaned over her cum covered face. You still need to learn you little fucking brat.


Daddy lubed up the anal plug and worked it slowly into her ass.


She moaned and grunted as Daddy put the plug in her ass.


I'm going to undo the restraints. You are going to get ready.  I'm going to lay out what you are wearing. You are going to be dressed and ready holding a bourbon in your hand for me in 30 minutes in the kitchen. If not, oooooohhhhh, if not.... you'll reconsider all of your life choices. 

Do you understand?


Yes Daddy.



Baby was perfection at the party. 


She was wearing a long tight silky dress that left nothing to the imagination.  Her 34DDDs were out on display. If she took too deep of of breath, her tits would pop out. No bra on. No panties on either. 


Every woman in the room wanted to be her.

Every man in the room wanted to fuck her.


But, she was Daddy's.




On the way home, Daddy and Baby were in the back of the car. The driver was quiet.


Daddy unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and put Baby's hand on it.


He whispered to her, just hold it.


Baby squirmed with Daddys hard cock in her hand.

She wanted to suck it. She wanted to stroke it. She wanted to ride it.  She kept a tight grip on it.


Baby knew she just needed to hold it like Daddy said. She wanted to be Daddys Special Good Girl.


Every minute felt like and hour on the way home.


She was soaked.




When they walked into the house Daddy told Baby to go up to the bedroom.


Baby hurried up the stairs and waited for him.


Daddy walked into the bedroom with a glass of bourbon and a flute of champagne. 


He handed the flute to Baby.


Cheers, Happy New Year, Baby.


Happy New Year, Daddy.


They each took a sip. 


Daddy took the flute from Baby. His took a large gulp of his bourbon and finished it.


Baby stood infront of Daddy.


He put his hands on her waist, and gently kissed her on the lips.


He slid his hands up her body, where they both came to rest on her tits.


He grabbed the dress and ripped it in two at the bustline splitting it down the middle.


Oooppps. Guess we will just use Daddys *** and buy a new one, right?


Baby didn't respond.


The dress dropped to the floor.


He slapped her tits and pinched her nipples. 


Those are Daddys too.


He slapped her face. 


She grunted and stood there.


Daddy grabbed Baby, pushed her onto the bed and pulled her up on all 4s with her ass up in the air.


He rubbed her pussy from behind. It was dripping wet.


He slowly pulled the plug out of her ass until it came all the way out with a little pop.


Daddy mounted Baby and rammed his cock in her ask all the way until he bottomed out.


Baby screamed out.


Daddy pulled his cock out with one long withdrawal. 


Baby yelped.


Daddy slapped her ass, and grabbed her by the hips and rammed his cock all the way in her ass.


She screamed out.


He pulled all the way out.


Slapped her ass and then rammed his cock back in her ass.


Daddy did it over and over.


Baby screamed out with each slap and stroke, over and over.


Daddy shoved his cock in Baby's ass and held it in deep.


Rub your pussy, he moaned.


Baby rubbed her clutch, and came right away. She squirted all over Daddys legs. 


She moaned out over and over as she rubbed her clit and Daddy fucked her ask.


Daddy pumped harder and deeper and faster as Baby rubbed her clip harder.


Baby continued to cum and squirt. One orgasm on top of another. Not knowing where one ended and the other began.


Daddys cock swelled in Baby's ass right before he came. He grabbed Baby's hips and pulled her back harder as he exploded in her ass.


She yelled out as Daddy came and moaned.


He collapsed on her.


Breathing heavily in her ear as he gathered himself.

His bit on her shoulder and sucked hard on it.


Baby moaned... Happy Fucking New Year Daddy

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