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Sunflowers and Butterflies Master


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"What a beautiful day Master! Good morning, Master, " as Babygirl kisses him on the mouth passionately. "Your coffee is on the table ready, Master."

"Thank you, Babygirl," Kisses her on the forehead, "Master appreciates how you take care of me," as he lifts the blanket cover to reveal his elongated throbbing cock with an eyebrow raised. God, she loved those nonverbal cues they communicated with so easily. With that her kisses traveled down his neck, to his nipples, then down his ribcage until she reached his cock wrapping her mouth around his shaft and sliding it down her throat feeling every pulse, he gave her...until the cell phone rang when she looked up at Master as he was motioning her to keep going. As she continued working her magic, he reaches down to grab her head to *** her to gag deeper. Sounds of gurgling and his voice on the phone filled the room as daybreak peered through the window. 

"Sure, I'll be in the office in as soon as I can," a slight pause, as Master continues, "oh, the noise in the background? My faucet is dripping. Be there soon." As he hung up the phone his body starts convulsing. "Oh my slut, suck Master good. That's it. OOOOOHHHH! I'm cumming. Lick every drop of Master's juices." With that she swallowed every last drop, looked up with a proud grin, and a twinkle in her eye. "Good girl, that's my slut."

She watched as Master got out of bed and hit the shower. Today was his birthday and she had a surprise for him later. She crawled out of bed and opened the dresser draw with the present hidden in the back behind the crisp folded shirts. Not sure if she could ever repay him for all the support and love he gave her in her submissive and personal growth, she opens the box to reveal her purchase. She peeks over her shoulder as she hears the faucet turn off and quickly puts it back in the drawer to rush to the bathroom handing him the towel.

"Thank you, Babygirl. What were you doing? You were not in place."

Nervous in her voice, she replies, "I thought I heard a noise outside the bedroom, so I checked. It was nothing." He raises a questionable eyebrow, she's not a good liar. "Okay okay, I was finalizing a surprise I have for you Master, a birthday surprise. You will make it, won't you?"

"Of course, Babygirl." 

As she dries him off and finishes details of later that afternoon.


Its 3pm on a sunny afternoon, as Babygirl waits on a picnic blanket in the middle of a field of sunflowers waiting for Master to arrive. They had their first date years back in the same spot, a most memorable day that sparked their dynamic. As she looked in the distance, a male figure in a suit approaches her bringing with him butterflies flapping around him. The sight was beautiful as if he commanded them to fly. He smiles at her naked tanned glistening body lying on the blanket exposed to the natural elements. In between her legs brushed up against her crouch is the gift wrapped in a bow. 

In a sultry voice, Babygirl says, "Happy Birthday Master," she licks her lips and widens her legs, "got you something special."

His cock gets hard as he eyes that pussy in front of him, "Bon Appetite my slut." With that he took off his suit jacket and knelt down to get the gift which he unwrapped keeping an eye on the prize. Inside the box is a brand-new flogger with words inscribed on the handle that says, "Master, loves Babygirl." 

"Wow, you are ready for the flogger."

"Yes, Master, I trust you and love you with all my heart," then Babygirl bites her lips, rolls over and spreads her legs.

And with that...may the flogger games begin among the sunflowers and the butterflies.

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