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Sunflowers and Butterflies Master-Z part 2


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Master tapped the black leather flogger on the palm of his hand as it echoed parallel to the wind's whistles. He looked down upon his subs glistening naked pussy dripping pearly white. "Use your safe words, and we will go slow, tell me from 1-10 what the *** feels like, okay Babygirl?" She nods yes as he proceeds to strike lightly on her clit, then increases her tolerance as she continues for another couple of strikes. "Excellent, my slut," as he leans down to kiss her clit and licks all the cum that had squirted out onto his tongue. He keeps an eye on her delightful face and listens to her moans while he sticks his finger in her pussy to press within her core more pleasure. 

"Please don't stop Master!" she cries out in the field of Sunflowers on the blanket she lay down with her naked body for his surprise birthday gift. 

As he continues to please her with his finger, he gently strikes her breasts with his free hand. "Master, it's a 5, please go on." He strikes a little harder across her breasts as the sweat bounces off them from the hot sun. "I felt that one Master, it's an 8," she informs him. "Oh my God, Master!! Ooooh, yes. Mmmmm." His fingers get her to cum more as they are drenched in her juices. He pulls them out and feeds his fingers inside her mouth as she swallows her own cum down her throat. then licks her lips and give him the most desirable eye contact. 

At that moment Master flips her over and positions her on her knees and palms of hands as he grabs her ponytail and kisses her neck, whispering, "Master craves you, Master owns this pussy, you slut." With that he pulled his pants off and struck her ass with the flogger while stroking his big cock. She nods for more and he strikes a little harder. She wails. "Master has you, Babygirl. You okay." She nods, and he puts the flogger on the blanket, then thrusts his hard cock in her while using his hands to guide her hips with rocking motion. He pays attention to her moans and groans whilst knowing how he is pleasing his slut. What a good slut too, always is ready for her service to him. Deeper his cock goes inside her core as the intensity bubbles in the heat. Sweat is dripping off them as he collapses her on her belly, then spreads her legs more while pounding her against her ass. She screamed so loudly it scared some birds nearby. Her back arches as she orgasms all over his cock. He pulls off her and flips her over to see the makeup running down her face, such a sight to behold. As he gets ready to place his cock in her pussy, he notices a figure pushing their way through the field of sunflowers towards them. She is tall, slender, nice rack, with brown hair and green eyes wearing a shear silking white see through cover only. He took a double take as she ran her fingers through her hair smiling at him. 

Babygirl looks at him and replies, "Master, here is gift number 2, " licks her lips and thrusts his cock in her, then winks. 

Master looks at her in surprise, "You are a filthy slut, aren't you Babygirl. Master is very happy. I love you, Babygirl. Thank you for this gift." As the woman kneels down and kisses Babygirls lips, they both look at Master. May the threesome games begin.  *insert wink emoji*

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