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Ok where’s all the Primals at? Let’s hear your best primal experience


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So I got married in August of 1999 but my sex life had all but stopped with my now X wife.
I July of 2000 my younger “adopted” *** introduced me to her best friend, she was 18, I was 29.

My ***s friend asked if i would help her and her family move to a new house but it would take 2-4 days of my time to do so. I asked my wife if she minded and she said she would spend those three days at the farm with her family and the horses. So I said I would help.

The first day we finished the packing and all grabbed some food but land the girl and I stayed up to watch a movie while her mom and brother went to bed. She ended up with an upset stomach and asked if I would rub her tummy., I thought nothing of it as she knew I was just starting into my second year of marriage, her mother was just down the hall and I had zero intent as I do not cheat. That being said….

That night as I was rubbing her stomach, now she actually had a six pack started. Im not either and ass nor boob guy, my thing are abs. I found myself slipping into my primal state and I non intentionally ran my nails across her stomach. The sound of pleasure that she had made tipped me over the edge and I was triggered. From there I started to fully massage her stomach and breasts. This went on for a few minutes with her letting out subtle moans and gasps of pleasure. I suddenly snapped out of my primal state and stopped.
I reaffirmed that I was married and that I don’t believe in cheating and apologize for what happened. She said she understood and that what happened was fun and not normal for her as well as she was still a virgin and wished to stay that way so no harm, no fowl. She went to her room and I changed into my sweats and crashed on the couch.

Day two, I again apologized for what happened and again she said not to worry as nothing happened more than what happened.
All day her and I joked about it and played it off as nothing, even her mother saying we’d make a great couple together if I wasn’t already married. I was planning on actually going home that night but we pushed till late, we were all exhausted and the drive home would have taken an hour and a half so her mother convinced me to again stay the night this time at the new house. We had put a mattress on the living room floor so I had a place to crash as the furniture was still in the truck. I changed into my sweats as everyone went to their rooms and went to bed and I crashed on the mattress in just a few minutes.

I was awoken suddenly by feeling *** on my chest and then my nipple. I then felt long nails being raked down my chest to the top of my waist, then an even harder bite to my other nipple… I woke triggered into a full Primal mindset.

For nearly two hours we bit and scratched all other each other’s upper bodies and pulled each other’s hair taking control over one another. If either of us tried to remove the others sweats we would immediately take control and deny them, driving each other further down the Primal frenzy hole.
At around the two hour mark, both driven to the near edge of losing ourselves completely to the total passion we were both feeling and giving towards each other, she had wrestled control over me and in the pure heat of the moment, moved down biting from my neck to my stomach and she grabbed the string of my sweats with her teeth and pulled until they untied loosening the sweats. As she grabbed ahold of the top of my sweats and began to try and pull them down, I had a quick flash of my wife’s face run across my mind.

I immediately grabbed her wrists and snapped completely back into a more normal mind set. I had told her that we were both about to do something that we would both regretted and that we needed to stop. She groaned and growled in disappointment but agreed and came back up so we were both laying face to face. For the next 10-15 minutes we both just kissed and held each other biting each other’s lips at times both trying to calm ourselves down. We held each other until we both fell asleep.

The next morning we awaken and made breakfast and coffee together, her mother waking up shortly after. Her and I didn’t say a word about that night the entire day while we finished unloading the truck. We finished around five and I was invited by her mother to stay another night but I declined and returned home.

A few weeks later she had called my *** and asked if I was upset or mad at her because I hadn’t called or tried returned hers and my *** called me and asked what was the issue. I didn’t tell her, all I said was I couldn’t as my wife would get upset if I were to start speaking to another woman and it was left at that.

I have had several primal encounters prior to then, one even more aggressive than we had gotten but it’s that night with her that for the first time I had an almost identical match to myself. The passion alone was something I hadn’t experienced before or even after, not even with my X wife.

Flash forward 13 years and I catch my wife cheating on me and she had been for three years with multiple different partners while I was stuck in a wheelchair due to a fall that fractured my back and ruptured three disks in my lower back and partially collapsed another in my mid back. I should also state my marriage was just one of convenience for her (as she had actually told me) and we barely had sex but maybe twice to three times a year and I never cheated with the exception of almost with the girl in my story. After my separation I contacted my adopted *** and asked if she still was friends with her and if she knew if she was dating anyone. She told me that she had been engaged but that she ended that for reasons she couldn’t tell me. She asked me why and I told her what had happened and it clicked to her on why her friend was so upset that I ended any possible friendship or relationship with her.
She gave me her number but told me to not to expect a reply, not because she was upset with me but because she was ill.
It took several days before she returned my call and she and I spoke for five or six hours on the phone. I told her that the reason I had stopped communicating with her after that night was truthfully that if she had asked, I might have left my wife to be with her but I could not do that to my wife as I believe in being faithful and I took my vows seriously even though my wife did not.
Unfortunately, her and I had never gotten back together and we took this day still have not spoken since as her illness kept getting worse. It’s that connection that her and I had that passion that primal release that I have been looking for ever since my separation nine years ago, and just cannot find .

So, my fellow, primal, chime in with your best story!! Can’t wait to read some interesting stories from other people.
I understand that feeling completely
So anyone want to share?
Come on people, just don’t hit the heart to say you like this post, actually share and let’s start conversations get to know each other a little bit so we can see where the other Primals our located see if anybody is near each other and would like to get together and get to know each other personally. 
@JimtheBear2 not everyone is such a good writer 😅. Loved your story! And I hope you find that connection again! I really recognize this. I had the most primal connection years and years ago. We lost contact and I ended up in a relationship with someone else. At some point my primal came back and tried to wrestle himself back into my bed, literally. I almost gave in but ended up pushing out my front door. Now single again I find myself searching for that connection. Someone I can completely lose myself with. It's easier said than done though 😅
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