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ShareaBULL (trigger warning)


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I want to suck Bulls cock tonight she said to her husband. 

I'm going to ask him to meet me tonight and just suck his cock. Do you want to watch?


Aside from the obvious,  what's so great about Bulls cock?


The obvious being its huge, right? Well, it tastes fantastic.  Meaty flesh that smells fresh. It's what I crave and how it uses me. 


When he slaps his cock on my face, it feels loving and fierce at the same time. Claiming me as his to use and knowing how thick and long it is.


He fucks my mouth and throat to the edge of me passing out from a lack of oxygen, but keeps me light headed on the edge. Almost like an out of body experience.


You cannot give me that, she said.


Can I suck it with you? Her husband asked




Bull came over and made himself comfortable on the couch 


She came into the living room just wearing panties. Her huge tits were out on display. 42Es. They were massive and fire.


She handed Bull a glass of bourbon. He reached up with two hands.  One hand taking the glass, the other grabbing her tit and tugging on her nipple.


Mmm, she moaned as she dropped to her knees in front of him and rubbed her face on his crotch,  watching his cock swell in his boxers.


She rubbed her tits on his crotch as well.


Honey, get in here, she yelled.


Her husband crawled into the room on all 4s.


Bull, my cuck husband wants to suck your cock with me.


Bull took a sip of his bourbon. 


Swallow my cock, he said to her. 


She deep throated his cock, and gagged.  He held her head down. His whole cock filling her mouth and throat.


I will let you suck it with her. BUT, if you do a bad job, I'm going to ass fuck your wife, and you have to eat my cum out of her ask.


Yes bull he said.


He let her head go. She gasped for air.


Bull slapped his cock on her face. Bull pulled her up and had his straddle him. Her huge tits in his face.

Bull played with her firm Es, tugged on her nipples and squeezed them.


Her husband crawled up to Bull and started sucking on his cock. Lightly and sucking just the head.


Suck it said Bull.


He tried sucking more, and gagged.


It's so big her husband said.


Bull grabbed her nipples and tugged on them. 

She yelped.


Help him said Bull.


She pushed his head down to swallow Bulls cock


He ***d and gagged. I can't. It's too big.


She pushed her husband's head down again. He gagged and sc***d Bulls cock with his teeth.


Get the fuck off me Bull yelled.

They both jumped back.


Bull grabber her by the hair, and pushed her onto her knees.


He fucked her mouth mercilessly.


See! Bull yelled. This is a cock whore you worthless cuck!


Bull slapped his cock  on her face.


Bull put her on all 4s facing her husband. 

Now, her ass is going to please me since your mouth couldn't.


Bull spread her ass apart and spit into it.


Bull rammed his cock in her asshole with 1 long hard thrust.


She screamed out.


There we go, Bull said as he pumped her ass deep and hard



She moaned out while Bull pumped her.


Her husband watched squeezing his cock as Bulls fucked his wife's ass.


Your husband is playing with his little cock Bull said. Suck it for him whore.where.


He laid out infront of his wife and she sucked him. 


Bull pumped her harder and faster as she sucked her husband. She moaned on his cock.


Her husband came in her mouth with a long moan and grunt. 


Keep his cum in your mouth Bull told her.


She moaned with a mouth full of her husband's cum as Bull continued to fuck her asshole, stretching it out. Filling her up. Owning her infront of her husband.


His cum leaked out of the corner of her mouth


Bull fucked her harder as she moaned louder.

Bull shoved his cock all the way in her ass and held it.


Put your hand out, Bull said to her husband.


Spit his cum into his hand.


She spit out her husband's cum into her husband's hand.


Now eat it, Bull told her husband.


Her husband ate up his cup from his own hand.


Bull laughed as he pumped her ass, hard and fast. 

He kept pumping her, harder and faster.


Bull came deep in her ass with a loud grunt as he grabbed her huge tits and squeezed. She moaned out and bucked as his cock swelled and shot his load in her ass. He pulled out his cock as squeezed her, dropping cum on the rim of her asshole.


She stayed on all 4s panting.


Eat my cum out of her ass Bull said.


Her husband crawled over and licked Bulls cut off the rim of her ass hole. Then, he rammed his tongue in her ass and ate it. Eating up all of Bulls cum. His face was buried in his wife's ass, slurping all of the cum out.


When he finished, his face was glazed with cut and ass juice. 


Bull said with a smile, now give that bitch a French kiss.


Husband and wife proceeded to kiss as Bull got dressed. 

Would love to also try 😈😈
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