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Stressed out Daddy


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Daddy called Baby to tell her he was working late at the office.


Daddy, why don't you come home and work?


Why? Because you're a distraction. You will put on something slutty and find some excuse to ask me something.  Next thing I know, I've lost an hour and need to take a shower because I'm covered in your pussy juice.


Daddy, you say it like it's a bad thing. 


Daddy laughed. 


Can I bring you dinner?


Just dinner?


Just dinner. Baby said.




Baby walked to Daddy's office door and stood there.


His desk was raised to standing position and he was on the phone standing infront of his computer yelling at someone.  As he spoke he was making hand motions as though the person could see him.


Daddy was stressed out.


You need to get your shit together and stop making mistakes. Cause if you don't, you'll be making mistakes elsewhere, he yelled into the phone.


Then almost immediately, his tone changed.


Ok, good. Give my love to Elaine and the kids. Bye.


He looked at Baby. She smiled and held up a bag from Daddys favorite sushi restaurant. 


Daddy smiled


Baby then held up a bag with beers in it.


Now we are talking.


I know how much you like drinking Sapporos with your sushi, Baby said. Have time for a break? You are really stressed out.


No, Baby, I don't.  I have 10 minutes before my next call, and I have to review 30 pages of materials before the call.


10 minutes is a lot of time, Baby said as she walked up towards Daddy, placing the bags on his desk.


Baby. No. This is why I didn't come home.


Baby stood behind Daddy and hugged him. She took in a deep breath. Arms wrapped around his chest. Face buried in his back.


I just wanted a hug Daddy. I just wanted to feel you. Smell you.  You're my Daddy and I missed you.


Sorry Baby. I'm just really stressed and busy.


I know Daddy.  It's my job to take away your stress. That's why I brought over the sushi. And the beers. And me.


She hands ran down his chest and stomach.

She reached down and gripped his cock through his pants.


Baby, no


Shhhhhhh. I'll make it all disappear.


Baby unbuttoned Daddys pants and dropped them to the floor.


She gripped his underwear and pulled them down as she dropped to her knees behind him.


On her knees, she grabbed Daddys ass and spread his cheeks apart and rammed her tongue inside. 


Daddy moaned as Baby ate his ass. She grabbed his cock and stroked and she worked her tongue in and out of his ass.


She rubbed his cock with hard and long strokes.


He reached back and grabbed her head, pushing her further in his ass. She squeezed his cock.


Baby worked her tongue deeper and deeper into his ass.


He released her head and leaned on his desk as she worked him.


She stood up, and slide a finger in his ass. Daddy moaned out.


Standing behind Daddy, finger in is ass, stroking his cock, Baby whispered into his ear, let out all the stress.


Let it out.  Let it out.


Baby knew Daddy was getting to the edge, she worked her finger in his ass deeper and pressed on his prostate. 


She squeezed and stroked harder.


Daddys cock swelled in Baby's hand as he shot his load out and squirted him cum all over the floor.


Daddy panted and grunted with each squirt.


Baby squeezed out the rest of his cum onto her hand.


She licked his cum off her hands and then sucked on his cock head.


As Daddy composed himself, Baby laughed and said, only 8 minutes.


Thanks for dinner Daddy. She blew Daddy a kiss as she walked out his office door

That was beautiful and hot 🥵!
Baby is such a good girl when she wants to be.
15 hours ago, BrattyKei320 said:
Baby is such a good girl when she wants to be.

Seeeeeeeeee @DaddyDom1212…l can be good (sometimes) 😂😆😂😆

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