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Helping Out Mum's Friend (part5)

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She wore a long rubber dress with zippers from the collar to the floor. It accentuated every curve of her body, and on her feet were impossibly high heels. Her face was perfection. Brett would have gasped if he had been able to. Ms Audrey ignored them and talked to the lady sitting on the lounger opposite her.  


She was an older lady, perhaps 60 or so. She was dressed in a tight rubber blouse with a frilled collar. Her breasts were large and hung low. Her nipples were showing proudly through the blouse. A long rubber dress over black stockings and finished in black lace-up high-heeled shoes. She looked like a kinky school teacher. Her silver hair was done up in a bun. In her gloved hands, she was holding a glass of wine. 



“Is this him?” The older lady asked, looking at Brett


“Yes,” said Ms Audrey.


“How is he taking to all this?”


“He’s a natural, just like his father.”


This last remark by Ms Audrey made Brett look up in shock.


“Cindy, take him over to Ms. Sandra. Then come and kneel between my legs. “


Without hesitation, Ms. Cindy pulled on the leash and deposited Brett with Miss Sandra. Miss Sandra positioned him so he stood beside her lounge chair, legs apart and facing her. 


She looked him up and down, poked his stomach, and was pleased to see that although he had no six-pack, it was nice and firm. She thought his chest needed shaving to remove his slight growth. The same was true of his testicles; in her view, they should be cleanly shaved. All of her slaves were shaved head to foot, except eyebrows. 


She cupped his balls and asked when they were last emptied.


“Yesterday,” Said Ms Audrey





The older lady continued to stroke Brett. He closed his eyes and felt his knees weaken as he edged closer. She knew what she was doing as she relaxed her grip in time to prevent any accidents. 


“Has he been measured yet? ” Miss Sandra continued as she played him like a top.


There was a feint gasp in Ms. Audrey's answer, “ Not yet, I’m waiting on the say-so; you know how she is.”


Brett turned his head as much as the restrictive collar would allow. He was surprised to see The zipper on Miss Audrey’s dress was undone from the floor to just below her stomach. He was more shocked to see Ms. Cindy on her knees with her head between Ms. Audrey’s legs and Ms. Audrey's hand pulling at her hair, holding her tight where she was. 


He grunted into his gag as a sharp *** emanated from the head of his erection.


“Pay attention to me, boy,” Ms Sandra admonished.


The older lady continued to stroke him gently as she drank her wine and looked on at the spectacle before her. She put her drink down on the table beside her, parted her legs slightly, and let her free hand wander up to her pantyless crotch.  She stroked herself, exploring with expert fingers, watching as Miss Cindy brought Miss Audrey to a noisy climax. She continued stroking Brett, still managing to control him as she pleasured herself. She was a master of her game. 


“Send that bitch over here when you’ve done with her,” She called to Ms. Audrey. 


Ms Audrey looked through half-closed eyes, enjoying the afterglow of orgasm. She let go of her captor's hair and pushed her away with orders to crawl over to the older woman. As Cindy turned to crawl, she let out a yelp as Ms Audrey planted her stiletto heel on her butt cheek and pushed. She managed to keep her balance as she crawled over to Ms Sandra. 


The older lady looked down upon the submissive Cindy; she liked seeing her face glistening with Ms Audrey’s pussy juices. She pulled her fingers from her crotch, bent forward, and put them near Cindy’s mouth. Without being told what to do, a hungry tongue licked at the wet fingers.


“Look at this slut, boy,” she said to Brett as she squeezed him tightly, preventing his oncoming orgasm.  “To think you let this thing control you. It shows you the pecking order around here, doesn’t it.” He grunted as the squeeze became ***ful. More drool dripped from his gagged mouth. 


Ms Sandra grabbed Cindy’s hair and pulled her ***fully between her legs. 


“Get to work slut, and you better make it a good one.” Miss Sandra ordered. 



Brett bent forward a little to enable him to look upon the subdued Ms. Cindy buckle to the whims of the older dominant lady who was now stroking his cock. He was so taken by the scene in front of him and the sensation in his groin that he didn’t notice Ms. Audrey stand and walk over to him.  He shuddered as hot lips kissed his neck. A tongue licked him, then teeth gently nipped him. The gloved hands playing with his cock moved to his balls and squeezed gently. 


He closed his eyes, aware of his grunts and the drool dripping onto his chest. The kissing continued, and a hand reached to his chest. Slowly rubbing his nipples, then pinching, gently at first, then harder. He could feel them being pulled outward and twisted. It was ***ful, but also, there was a weird sense of pleasure. It was a strange feeling, but he slipped into it wanting more.


“Does our little boy want to come?” Ms Audrey teasingly whispered into his ear. The mixture of her hot breath, her heady perfume, and her tongue exploring his ear was almost too much.


There was a loud groan below him as Ms Cindy brought Ms Sandra to climax. Brett cried into the gag as the hands that were gently massaging his balls squeezed hard. Tears welled in his eyes, and he bent forward. This *** was far beyond pleasurable. A rough hand grabbed his hair, and he was pulled back up.


“Stand straight, boy,” Ms Audrey ordered. 

The *** in his squeezed balls ebbed a little as Ms. Sandra came down from her orgasm. If he could have looked down, he would have seen Ms. Sandra stroke Cindy’s head like she was a puppy licking up the remnants of a wonderful meal. He could hear the sighs from both participants as Cindy was pushed to the floor. 


Ms. Audrey went back to stroking Brett's aching erection and kissing his neck and ears, telling him he was being a very good boy. She was equally skilled at keeping him on the edge. 


Ms. Sandra ordered Cindy to stand in the middle of the room before standing up and whispering something to Ms. Audrey that Brett couldn’t hear.  The next thing he knew, Brett was guided to stand before Cindy.  Something was then tied to his cock, just below the head, and it was pulled toward his stomach and tied off to the rings on his corset, trapping it against him. 


Ms Sandra strapped a leather cuff to each of Cindy’s wrists and then ordered her to hug Brett tightly. She did as she was ordered, and clips from the cuffs were attached to two of the wrings on his corset, locking them together in a parody of a lover's hug. Bret could do nothing but stand here with his arms still strapped behind him. 


“Well, give the boy a nice sloppy kiss,” Miss Audrey ordered Cindy, “Use plenty of tongue”.


Cindy had to look up, and Brett couldn’t look down, so the kiss was awkward, mainly because the ball gag was still stuffed in his mouth. He closed his eyes and tried to imagine their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. As he opened his eyes and focused beyond Cindy’s head, he saw Ms. Sandra and Ms Audrey in a similar embrace, except they were free to explore each other, making the kiss so much more passionate.  As they broke their kiss, Brett noticed they were both holding riding crops. 



“Keep kissing him, show him how much you love him,” Ms Sandra ordered Cindy.


“Look at you two, you just don’t care who’s watching, do you?” Laughed Ms. Audrey


Ms. Audrey picked up a small key fob from one of the tables and pressed a button. 

Cindy moaned aloud as the dildo locked inside her started to vibrate. She gripped Brett more tightly to support herself as her knees became weak; she began to rub herself against him, Sending more pulses through his trapped cock. 


They both jumped as Ms. Sandra and Ms. Audrey laid the first blow of the crops on their exposed behind. Two powerful ladies were circling their captives like Sharks and striking their butts, rubber-clad legs, and torsos. The vibrations in Cindy’s pussy pushed her over the edge, and she climaxed with a loud groan. Brett had to use all of his strength to hold them both up. 


Eventually, the beatings stopped. The vibrations were turned down to a steady light hum, and Cindy was released. Brett still stood in the middle of the room.  Drool from the gag and drool from Cindy’s kisses smother his lower jaw. His cock was still erect and throbbed against it’s bondage.  Ms Audrey hugged  Cindy and stroked her hair gently. Ms Sandra looked on, smiling.  As Ms. Audrey kissed Cindy full on the lips, Ms Sandra pulled her arms gently behind her and manacled them together. Ms Audrey attached a leash to Cindy’s collar, and Ms Cindy did the same to Brett. The two captives were led to the playroom. 


dude this story is so hot, 🥵 im eagerly awaiting the next part
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