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Casino Cuck ***


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Sometimes things align for what everyone wants and needs and CRAVES.


I was in Vegas for business and staying on the Strip at the Luxor Hotel.


I had returned from a business dinner. Drunk and horn, but knew going out to find something wouldn't yield the results I wanted.


I took a picture of my cock and posted an ad for a woman to come play at the Luxor.


Flurry of responses, but one was almost too good to be true.


Cuck couple heading out for a night on the town. 

She wanted to wear my cum for the evening. 

He wanted to watch her suck cock.


They were a very good looking couple on their 20s.

He was medium build and dresses in a suit.


She was a blonde with dark brown eyes. Very very pretty. Fit curves on her body and a tight form fitting dress.


I was dressed in a t-shirt and gym shorts.


He sat at the desk while I positioned myself in the chair by the window.


She walked up and knelt before me and rubbed my cock through my short


Just sit back and relax, she started.


Let me be the good cock where that I am. But, let me know before you cum. You can jerk it off on my face or I can do it for you. But I want you to cut on my face.


She pulled down my shorts and started stroking my cock and rubbing it on her face.


She sucked and swallowed it as it swelled more.


She worked her mouth on my cock. Head moving up and down.


He moved over to the bed for a closer look.


He watched as his girl sucked on my cock like a good little whore.


He pulled out his phone. Will you take pictures or video?


Brian, will you just let the man enjoy his blowjob?

You're such a needy little bitch.


It's fine I said, as I motioned for the phone.


She looked up at me and posed with my cock as I took photos. 


She looked absolutely gorgeous with my cock in her mouth.


I took video clips of her sucking and swallowing my cock.


I took video clips of her sucking my balls and stroking my cock.


I was ready to cum and told her.


I stood up and started to video. 


She held the tip of my cock on her lips and stroked hard and fast while looking at me.


She squeezed as she stroked taking right to the edge and pulling me over.


I grunted as I came.


My  first squirter shot out and streaked across her face landing on her forehead.  More squirts shot out as she stroked me and I came.


My load made a huge cummy mess all over her face.


She squeezed out my cut from my cock as I cut off the video and slumped back into the chair.


I tossed him the phone.


She stood up and looked over his shoulder as the looked through the videos and photos.


They both said thank you over and over as left left my hotel room and headed through the casino as her face was still covered with my cum.

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