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Fantasy or experience? part 2


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*Check my profile for part 1*

Leading you by your hair like a makeshift leash, you crawl after me into the living room.

"You're in big trouble slut" You hear me say. Something about those words remind you of the taste of my cum lingering on your tongue, and you shiver inside, wondering what is going to happen.

In the corner of the room, I pull you up onto your feet and tell you to place your hands behind your head, facing the corner. You feel my body so close behind you as I slip a blindfold over your eyes.

I grab your hips and pull them to mine so you can feel my hard cock pressed up against you. You feel my hands run up your sides ever so lightly until my fingers are caressing your breasts. You bite your lip to stifle your moan as my fingers find your nipples.

I slide a hand around your neck and pull your head back so I can nibble your ear. "you've been a very naughty girl" I whisper.

Suddenly you feel a sharp slap on each of your butt cheeks as I gruffly order you to spread your legs. I feel you tremble as you obey and subtly try to back up to my hard cock pressed into you.

But then you feel me pull away, leaving you there. You can still feel my eyes on you, my breathing as I look over that perfect body that drives me wild. I can see your cheeks start to go pink from the spanks and I fight the primal urge to take you right there.

My gaze makes you quiver, inside and out, and just as you pluck up the courage to ask me something, you hear me tell you to stay as I leave the room.

You feel the slight burn and tingle from your ass as you wonder again what is going to happen. You gasp as your nipples brush the wall and you realise you must have been breathing hard.

You hear me come back into the room and start moving things around the room. You feel my hands run up your legs and then slowly rub something around your wet pussy lips and then over your hard clit. You bite down again on your lip, trying to keep from moaning. Slowly I slide it back down to your pussy and insert what feels like a smallish ball.

"That should keep you occupied while I set things up. Don't let that fall out, understand me slut?" You hear as you feel my breath over your arse cheeks.

A moan escapes despite your best efforts. Then you feel several sharp slaps on your butt again, and you feel the ball move inside you and almost slip out. Desperately you clench onto it and are shocked by the wave of pleasure that radiates through you when you do.

"I asked you a question slut" My voice bringing your attention back.

"Y..yes daddy" you moan out

You hear rustling behind you and then feel my hands sliding rope under your breasts, sliding around you as I tie a chest harness. I pull your hands down from your head and behind your back. You feel my warm hard cock brush against your palm as I place the leather cuffs on your hands. And just as quickly I move away.

You focus again on the ball that seems to be shifting inside of you as you hold it in. You hear me moving things about when suddenly you feel the ball start to vibrate. The unexpected pleasure almost brings you to your knees and you struggle hard to keep it from slipping out of your needy pussy. But everytime you tense, the feeling only gets more intense.

You hear me chuckle to myself as I sit back and watch you struggle. I can see your legs shiver and strain from time to time, trying to find the balance between pleasure and keeping the ball in. I slowly stroke my hard cock as I lustfully gaze as your arse clenches and wetness starts to run from that naughty pussy down your succulent thigh.

It seems like forever to you, clenching to stop the ball sliding, and struggling not to cum when you do. Until finally the vibrations stop and you hear me step up behind you. You feel me run my fingers along your wetness before slowly pulling the ball out. You start to miss the feeling now that it's out but before you can finish your thought you feel my face pressed into your arse and my tongue taking long, agonisingly slow licks, from your clit all the way up through your sopping wet pussy lips to your asshole.

"Oh fuck" I hear you moan as you thrust your butt back at me, your face and tits pressed into the wall.

With a final lick and a playful bite on your butt cheek, I grab a handful of hair on the back of your head and pull you to the middle of the room and onto your knees. As you straddle what feels like a small bench, you feel the head of a dildo on your wet pussy. Gasping you instictively try to back off it, but my hand on your shoulder ***s you down on to it slowly, until it's deep inside you. Just as you take it all and you open your mouth to moan, you feel my big cock pressed into your mouth.

Slowly I start to fuck the head of my cock in and out of your mouth, my hands holding your head, revelling in the feel of your moaning lips and tongue on my cock as it slowly fills your mouth. My warm hard cock slowly fucking in and out of your pretty mouth, every thrust moving you on the cock in your pussy, making it feel as if you were being slowly fucked at both ends of your body. Every movement you make shifting the cock deep inside you, driving you wilder and wilder.

I slowly and reluctantly remove my throbbing cock, your suddenly loud moans and gasps making me almost regret my withdrawal.

You start to rock up and down on that cock, slowly fucking yourself faster and faster on it, your moans getting more and more desperate as a huge orgasm builds deep inside you.

Suddenly you feel a sharp whack on your quivering butt as I lightly hit you with a cane. The *** mixing with oddly with the pleasure radiating from the cock inside you. "Such a naughty little slut" you hear me say "Slowly. Up...."

You raise your wet pussy slowly off that cock, your pussy clutching at it, begging it come back, until only the head is left in

"And down." You hear

Slowly the cock fills you again, each inch making you quiver more and more inside. Over and over I slowly make you fuck yourself onto that big cock, your wetness spilling all over it's length, your clit pressing into the leather bench each time it fills you so completely.

"Oh God, please let me fuck it faster", you beg me. "Please, daddy I'm so close"

"Only good girls get to cum, not naughty sluts who can't control themselves" you hear me say, as you groan in frustration.

You feel me take your blindfold off and sit in front of you stroking my hard cock, inches from your panting face. You bite your lip and groan watching my hand slowly jerk off my big cock that you long to have inside you. You shiver all over with the need to cum and the cock inside you almost pushes you over the edge.

"Keep going. And slowly. Slut" you slowly fuck yourself up and down on the cock inside you, every inch threatening to push you over into a massive orgasm, as you gaze at daddy's big hard cock, throbbing in front of you.

"A little faster now slut" I say as lightly hit your tits with the cane. You fuck your needy pussy onto that big cock over and over, your desperation urging you to take it faster and faster. Trying so hard not to cum in front of daddy like a naughty little slut but you need it so bad.

"D..daddy...PLEAAASSEE" you almost scream out as the cock fills you again

"Please what slut? What are you begging for?"

"Please! let me cum daddy! I'll be good! I promise! PLEASE DADDY!"

"Are you going to be a good girl and do whatever daddy says?"

"YES! ANYTHING! PLEASE DADDY!" Your pussy slamming back onto that cock.

I stand up and push your head down to the floor as the cock fills your pussy and your clit rubs against the leather almost sending you over the edge. My hand forcing you down as you pant and desperately fight the urge to cum.

"Good girl, daddy is going to fuck your ass because I want to see how loud you scream with two cocks in you" i say before teasing your asshole with my tongue.

"Oh fuck, yes daddy. YES"

Lubing my cock thoroughly, I slowly press my hard cock against your asshole, until it surrenders. Just the head of daddy's cock feels so big in you, bigger than it's ever felt. And as it slowly fucks deeper into you, you can feel it rubbing against the other cock inside your wet pussy.

Your moans become screams as daddy's cock finally fills you up and slowly starts fucking you. Every thrust threatening to rip a massive orgasm from you.


"When I finish my countdown you can cum slut" as I thrust faster and faster. Your screams getting louder and make my big cock throb inside you.

"10" I say as I grab your hair and pull your body up to me as I fuck you hard

"9" I say as I grab both of your tits and pull you back onto those two cocks

"8" I say as I lick up your neck

"7" I pinch your nipples

"6" you feel my cock swelling inside of you

"5" I bite your ear lobe

"4" I slide one hand down to your clit

"3" one hand grabs your breast as my fingers rub your clit

"2" you're so close, desperately trying to hold on

"1..." oh please oh please you silently beg even as you scream

"Cum for me slut, cum all over daddy's cock"

You scream as you let go and a tidal wave of ecstasy rolls over your body, consuming you, over and over again. Daddy's cock is still fucking you, hard and fast, sending crashing waves of orgasm rushing through your body over and over again. You feel hot cum pour into you as daddy moans into your ear "Good girl". You let out one final ecstatic scream and pass out.

To be continued?

11 hours ago, LazyPiratesBounty said:

Yes! Yes please!

Please what slut? What are you begging for? 😉

9 hours ago, TheMikeDaddy said:

Please what slut? What are you begging for? 😉

With respect, I am an owned submissive. Only my Dom has earned the right to call me slut.

1 hour ago, LazyPiratesBounty said:

With respect, I am an owned submissive. Only my Dom has earned the right to call me slut.

My apologies for any offense. I was merely quoting the story in good fun

1 minute ago, TheMikeDaddy said:

My apologies for any offense. I was merely quoting the story in good fun

In that case...


More please.....

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Due to my... Methods, I find this a little bit vulgar. You will understand what I mean if you read my stories. That said, it was passionate and filled with a lot of pleasurable details. It could have done with some grammatical and punctual modification, but I did like the count down. A good story, @TheMikeDaddy


Do you not intend to post part 1 on here, instead of having it on your profile?

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