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Golden Dreams & Fae Nightmares


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Her long honey brown hair was pooled across his abdomen, soft and silky against his skin. Her lips were wrapped around his cock as she greedily swallowed him again and again. His arms were tied somewhere over his head and he strained against the bonds and groaned in pleasure.
She flipped her hair back in one smooth motion so that she could look up at him with smoldering eyes. The infuriating mage rose up and straddled him. Everything about her was golden; her almost blonde hair, her amber eyes, her glistening tan skin. She was like a treasure come to life. A very naked treasure. His treasure.
She undulated her hips, rubbing her warm wet labia over his hard shaft. “Do you like that?”
He wanted to say yes but he couldn’t speak, the words were trapped in the back of his throat. She spider crawled her nails up his ribs. They felt just shy of sharp, dangerous, amazing. She traced one of his nipples with a single nail.
“You like that don’t you?” she purred never stopping the movement of her hips as she slid up and down his cock. She reached up with the hand that had been circling his nipple and grabbed his throat. “Do you want to be mine?”
Yes, he thought.
“Do you want to belong to me? Only me?”
“All you have to do is say my name.”
He opened his mouth to say it but it was like he couldn’t remember how to speak could not form words. Her fingers tightened.
“Say it,” Lissa urged. Her fingers grew even tighter. He couldn’t say it, couldn’t even shape her name with his lips and tongue.
Suddenly she bent nose to nose with him, no longer the soft golden mage, but the Fae queen, all white and ephemeral and terrifying. “You are mine!” she growled. Her fingers around his throat ***d him and were tipped with sharp claws that bit into his skin.
She released his throat and raked both clawed hands down his chest, opening his flesh in ***y lines from neck to belly button, he could see the white of his ribs and the pink of his intestines peeking out. He screamed but no sound came out.

He awoke with a shout, rolling up onto his elbows. His heart was in his throat, chest heaving, a cold sweat on his brow. He examined his chest but it was untouched, whole. His eyes fell upon a dark stain on the front of his pants.
“Fuck,” he hissed below his breath. He had cum in his sleep. Again. Dreaming of her. Again.

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