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Daddy, I broke a rule


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Daddy was sitting on the couch sipping bourbon watching TV when Baby came home.


How was your night out?


Baby didn't answer.






How was your night out with the girls?


Daddy.... I... Daddy. I... ummm...


Just tell me.


Daddy, I broke a rule.


Oh? Daddy said sternly.


We were all drinking and all the girls were bitching about their boyfriends a day husbands.  I didn't say anything and then got called out for not joining in.




I know the rule of our life is our life and no one gets to hear about. And I'm never to complain about Daddy.


What did you say?


I said you travel too much for work sometimes and I get lonely.




But then they all flipped it on me. You travel and take me with you. You travel and bring me presents and spoil me. You're the best Daddy and all the girls are jealous of what they see.




Daddy, I want my punishment now. I want to take my punishment,  and then snuggle in bed, learn from my mistake and forget that it happened.


You know what the punishment is right?


Yes Daddy. I know what the punishment is for speaking badly about you in public.


Ok then....


Baby pulled down Daddys shorts and spread his legs.


She sucked on his cock until is was rock hard and rubbed it all over her face. She slapped his cock on her face, then proceeded to suck his balls.


One by one.


Both in her mouth.


Daddys cock d***d over her face as she looked up at him. 


Staring in his eyes, sucking on his ball.


She spread Daddys legs wide and shoved her tongue in his ass.


He moaned out. Fuuuck.


She sucked his ass hole and stroked his cock. Licked all over his rim. Tongue in and out.


She squeezed his cock hard as she stroked. 

Squeezed his cock tighter as she buried her tongue in his ass.


He grabbed the back of her head and held it.


You're mine 


Mmmmm Hmmm she moaned through this ass. The vibrations felt so good.


You're my whore. My slut.  All mine.


Mmmm hmmmm she moaned


Stop. He said.


She was panicked. 


Go get your suction cup dildo that I had modeled from my cock.


Baby smiled and ran up to get it.


For Baby's birthday, Daddy had a dildo made from a mold of his cock so when Baby missed Daddy, she could use it.


Baby returned and rode it while she ate Daddys ass and stroked his cock.


She moaned as she quickly got to the edge.


Hold it.


She grinded her pussy on the dildo slowly.


Daddy tugged on her nipple.


She moaned out... Daddy.


She kept grinding away.




Baby squeezed Daddys cock hard as she held onto the edge of her orgasm.


Daddys grabbed her by the hair as he stood up.


You're mine.


Yes Daddy.


Only mine.


Yes Daddy.


Baby's pussy was vibrating and pulsing, but she couldn't go over the edge without permission 


You're going to be my good girl?


Yes Daddy


My special good girl?


That's all I want Daddy.


Then cum for me.


Baby came hard. She screamed out as her pussy exploded on the dildo.


Daddy held her hair and tilted her head back.


He stroked his cock and shot his load all over Baby's face while she came.


He fed her his cock to suck out all the cum.


She panted and groaned as she rode out the end of her orgasm.


Give me the dildo.


Baby pulled it out of her pussy, soaked with pussy juice.


He put the dildo in her mouth and made her suck it.


He stood her up and slapped her ass.


Ok special good girl, let's go shower.

Oh my!! Excellent story
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