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Daddy's night at last.

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*Her breasts, not large but enough for a hand and mouth full rose evenly with her soft, sleeping breaths. Her crimson curls fanned out over her pillow like a halo while her soft, creamy sun kissed skin appeared to glow in the light that shone in her room from the moon.

He groaned quietly. He really shouldn't be here. He shouldn't have even entertained a single dirty thought about his wife's ***aged daughter. He had harbored these secret feelings from the first time he'd laid eyes on his step daughter to be. With his wife away on business for three days he had told himself he was not going to touch her. Catching her pleasuring herself in the backyard by the pool when she thought she was alone proved to be too much for him.

He inched closer to her bed, just barely able to make out her sleeping form on the bed. He knew she was wearing what she usually wore to bed. A spaghetti strapped T-shirt, usually white with what looked to be black lace boy cut lace panties. His already rock hard dick jumped in his boxers just looking down at her.

She was eigh*** as of two week ago and he'd had a much harder time talking himself out of not touching her since then. He'd almost swear at times she went out of her way to tease and *** him. She certainly wasn't shy about letting him "accidentally" catching her playing with herself, or fresh from the shower or nude tanning.

As he reached a hand out to gently glide along a leg that was thrown out of the covers, he tossed out one last plea to stop himself. She was a virgin. Could he really be the man to take his step daughters virginity? A soft, sleepy moan from the bed decided their fates. He had to have her. This eternal fight within himself was too hard. With a soft sigh he sat gingerly on the bed and the hand touching her skin slid higher, reaching her panty line. She was laid on her back, one leg straight and the other bent with her knee out. Her silken skin was so soft and warm to his palms and he couldn't believe he was finally touching her.

His thumb slid over the silk that hid what he knew was a smooth, pink pussy and he almost lost his calm. He ached to just pull the fabric to the side and bury himself but she deserved better and if he was going to talk her into any of this it would have to be a gentle seduction. The Daddy in him would have to be patient and loving. His thumb began to rub in a soft, circular pattern over where her clit would be and he added just a tiny bit of pressure. She suddenly made a small, adorable and alluring noise and rolled over, facing away from him but kicked out one of her legs making her ass raise higher in the air as she laid now on her side. He waited a moment before his entire palm began caressing her lace covered ass and what a nice ass she had. He figured her for maybe a c cup breasts but that ass, oh that ass made up for it. She was a curvy girl by all standards, just like he liked them and her ass was his favorite part. Full, juicy and bouncy he had longed to sink his teeth into it for two years and now he finally held it in his hand.

His hand slid up under the lace, his warm palm feeling the flesh of her ass for the first time and his body jerked with need. He barely contained a groan as his hands, growing bolder, slid across the silky flesh of that delectable booty and dipped downward, toward that honey hole he knew he had to have. His middle finger slid against her lips just as he heard..

"Oh my gosh! What are you doing Keith? Have you lost your mind!!

"Shh baby. It's Daddy to you. Don't be scared. I promise I won't hurt you. You can't tell me you haven't thought about this. I know you have. Just relax and Daddy will take care of you.

B-but you're married to my mother and my step fath-"

She had tried to turn toward him but his free hand held tight down on her back, keeping her from moving and her breath had whooshed from her just as he slid his middle finger into her tight pink hole. She was so damn tight and soft he knew he would have to use every ounce of self control he had.

As his finger slid completely out of her body, he added another finger and they both delved deeper into her. He could feel her moistening, her body reacting to him as a gasp ripped from her mouth. Her hips pushed upward toward him and he began to plunge his fingers in deeper, harder.

"Ohhh yes baby. There you go. Just like that. Show Daddy you enjoy his fingers inside that pretty little kitty of yours..

Y-yes Daddy! Ple-please!"

He worked his fingers deeper, harder and faster. He knew he should slow down. He knew that making her squirt could scare her off but he was too far into it. His fingers took over as he cupped his fingers upward, reaching for the part of her he knew would *** her to noisily squirt all over them both. He hadn't meant to do it this way, he had meant to ease her into it gently but the wait and *** and *** after two years had proven too much.

With a loud shriek, and her hips bucking hard he felt her release as her juices soaked them. Him, the bed, her.

"Yesssss good girl! Good girl! What a pretty little pussy you have baby girl. So tight and wet and all for me. Rest for a few moments sweet girl. We're only getting started.."
Why does this sound familiar 🤔🤣
And Keith....what kinda name is that ? Who the world would admit to being named that 🤣🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
I like this story is that anymore
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