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Time for coffee


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I sparked up my morning cigarette and awaited a text. Sure enough she had clearly heard me get up. The text came through “coffee?” “Yes” I replied!
I put my slippers on and quietly left my house and opened her back door that she always left unlocked for me.
She had clearly had a shower, wet long hair that smelt lovely!, a jumper and leggings. The morning hug was a long one! She pulled me in tight as tight as she could……thoughts were clearly racing through our heads and I felt it start to swell between my legs…..so did she.
She turned around and grabbed the mugs from the cupboard. I stood behind her and ran my hand up the inside of her leg. “Fuck” she mumbled and collapsed on the worktop. “Don’t stop making the coffee!” I said as I ran two fingers between her legs.
Her back arched as she moaned.
“No seriously………concentrate on making the coffee…..you can do this” I said.
At this point my finger had made its way between her legs with only the thin layer of leggings separating my finger and her wet lips. She was struggling to concentrate or stand still, with every stroke becoming like an electric shock through her body. The more she tried to resist it the more I played with my fingers. Lightly, softly then every now and then more pressure exploring her through the thin layer of fabric. She reached for the jar of coffee as I found her clit through her leggings, she collapsed again onto the worktop down on her forearms. “Fuck I can’t do this” she she shouted again. “shhhhhhhhh…….your being a good girl” I replied. I continued to play with her while she struggled. She carried on trying to make the coffee, spooning the coffee and sugar into the mugs. I stood behind her and parted her legs with me feet, my finger sliding up and down between her lips which had made her leggings wet. I stopped as she poured the hot water in the mugs with a shaking hand, pulled her hair to one side and started to kiss down her neck………I tapped her lips with two of my fingers when she poured the milk, she spilt it all over the worktop as a slid my finger from her lips up to her clit and with just enough pressure on my finger tip circled it. I could feel her legs starting to shake to the point of giving way as I lent forward resting my swollen groin against her bum cheek whispering “you’re such a good girl”.
I slide my finger from between her wet leggings and place it in my mouth when she turns around to face me. I know she wanted more………but wasn’t going to get it. After all I only went round for a coffee!
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