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Based on two first time meeting scenes I’d love to recreate: Part 1

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First Meeting.

The sun had set on an oddly balmy winter day. The faint sound of old soul music filled the darkening porch of the creaky house with overgrown foliage and an equally overgrown collection of garden curios. Thick d***s in the windows prevented any glimpse of what awaited the unsuspecting inside. And as the music grew louder, a whiff of incense and candle wax seeped out through the slender crack of dark, red light glowing from behind the front door.

The ornately-carved door slowly creaked open. When it closed with a loud thunk, a barely audible gasp came from the other side of the room.

The dank darkness of the room was filled with the musk of anticipation. Candlelight tried in vain to reflect off the dark wood paneling and the darker-still plankwood floor. From across the room, rapid, shallow breaths drew blinking eyes.

Kneeling on a heavily-padded chair, face pressed into the tall back, there she was. Black cocktail dress hiked up around her waist. Fishnet pantyhose pulled down to the tops of black knee-high boots. And trembling hands presented a puckering anus to greet whoever happened in from the street.

To be continued….
Part 2:

…. With slow, deliberate thuds, heavy boots crossed the uneven wooden floor, eliciting loud creaks that echoed off the walls. She began to visibly quiver with lust and ***. Her body, flush from the excitement of being exposed to the unknown.

As he drew close, he dropped a handful of loose roses onto the chair around her knees. She gasped and shook as she felt the thorns scratch her thighs and the sweet perfume of the flowers fill her senses.

He knelt at her altar of deviant invitation, skin glistening with feral lust and her sphincter, puckering and un-puckering involuntarily. Slowly, he leaned in and touched her anus with the tip of his tongue. She inhaled sharply. And as he swirled his tongue around her starfish, his hand reached between her legs and caressed her firm belly, sticky-warm from excitement. Droplets of perspiration ran down, through her nether regions, and onto her thighs. She was ready….

To be continued.
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