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Jessica’s Mistakes: Part 6

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He pulled out ever so slightly, then thrusted in again and pressed his bush against her anus. She hissed, gritting her teeth, but she also groaned with growing pleasure.

"How do you feel?"

"It..." she grimaced, "hurts, Sir. A bit too much. Could you give me a moment to catch my breath, please, Sir?"

"Of course."

She fidgeted, flinching as his penis was shifted inside her. She stayed still and breathed.

"You are a good girl for taking this."

"Thank you, Sir. I endure for you, Sir, but it is also a good feeling. I just need to relax a bit more, Sir."

"Well, when you are ready to continue, I will let you set the pace."

"Thank you, Sir."


A few moments of silence passed, followed by deep breaths as she lifted and dropped her head, preparing herself. Finally, she placed her cheek on the sheets, looked back at him and pulled her butt cheeks apart. She moved her hips slowly, clenching her eyes shut but groaning as she pulled off of his penis. It was a slow process, and she paused a couple of times with a hitch in her breath. Finally his hands grabbed her hips to stop her from coming all the way off.

"Back in, now."

"Yes," she buried her face in the sheets, "Sir."

Her body relaxed, she let her buttocks sink down onto his stiff shaft, and she only groaned now. The more she relaxed, the more she hummed into the ***, and slowly it became pleasure.

"Sir, would you please grab my hair?"

He took a fistful of her bright red hair and gently pulled it back, lifting her head off the bed. His movements remained slow, but with one hand on her rear end, he began to assist her momentum. They continued to go slow, but she picked up speed as well as volume, and soon she was humming marvellously at the delightful heat in her ass.

"Yes!" she squeaked. "Keep going!" They were now at a moderate speed, his penis bouncing inside her tight ass, and then she got louder. "Sir!" she nearly screamed. "Oh yes! Please! Fuck me harder!" she begged through gritted teeth.


His jaw tensed, his fist clenched her hair to make sure he would not lose his grip, and he slammed into her from behind. She head-butted the sheets in ***, but it was sweet *** mixing with a phenomenal desire to have him buried as hard as he could inside her backside.

"Please! Yes! Fu-" he shoved her knickers into her mouth and cupped his palm over her lips to silence her. She screamed into his hand with jolting humming as he slammed her body over and over again, tugging her hair back so hard she thought he might rip her hair out entirely. His voice became a growl,

"Lay on your back, legs in the air, do not make a sound." He pulled out and threw his condom in the bin; fetching a new one.


He was extremely displeased with her, but he would enjoy her body first; then he would discipline her.

31 minutes ago, BrattySub said:

I'd love to be fucked like this, but with more ***..

I hope that you will read to the very end of this story @BrattySub, and remember this comment that you have made

Yeah I’ve read Jessicas mistakes and I think I’d like a tad more ***. I might look innocent but am far from it. I had a threesome once and the two guys weren’t giving it to me hard enough even though it was two doms!!
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I really prefer not to speak. I'd be such a good girl. Better than Jessica. 

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Definitely more *** required. A bit tame at this stage...

11 minutes ago, Fredddy said:

Definitely more *** required. A bit tame at this stage...

Tension-building is a writing technique not enjoyed by everyone.

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