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Extreme Kink. Be warned!

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We'd eaten food. Not too much. He'd ordered her drinks and food without any consulting.  It was her favourite drink but not her favourite food, and the smallest of portions.
As she ate she considered it was so she would sick up too much food on him. Besides that they acted like a rather normal couple. Though every now and then he glare into her eyes, not aggressive, just a way to remind her he was dominant and she was not, she was as low as the food on the table.
She finished on a double and he an espressso.
They walked to their room, laughed and joked. All the while the butterlied in her stomach rising.
He opened the door for her. A real gentlemen. She steps in. Into his hunting ground. The door clicks shut and he locks it from the inside.
'Stay' he commands. Firm but absolute.
He walks past and into the bathroom. You stay as told. Standing in front of the door.
After several minutes, he doesn't care if you wait, he returns. He's undressed. Just wearing boxers. Abs and shoulders in the dull light and a look of ambivalence. He's holding something but you're not too sure what.  He comes up behind you. The butterflies are doing loops.
He lightly and gently places a collar around your neck. It's a snug fit. You hear a chain rattle and it clips to the collar. A leash.
Your button up dress is wrenched from your body. You stagger as you lose your balance with the ***. He's surprisingly strong.
Your body flushes with the cold and goose pimples give you away. Your thin red lingerie not helping.
'Cold are we?' Said with almost amusement.
'Walk on all fours like the whore bitch you are'
He speaks level and calm but with complete control. A mix of dread and *** hits you, what annoys you is it hits your pussy hardest.
Without delay you're on all fours
'Heal' he commands.
You crawl by his side, if you fall behind he gives a correcting tug that makes you briefly ***.
You heal beside him like commanded.
He stops and grabs a fistful of hair, wrenching your head back to look at him.
'Good girl'
He spits a large wod over your face, some is in your eye and you blink repeatedly.
You stick it out feeling like nothing. Spit is stinging your eye and your necks aching from being ***d back.
He rests the chain lead on your back and placed a peg on the left tip of your tongue. It grips you so tightly and you half squeal at the ***. He puts another on the other side of your tongue and you make a pathetic wimper. He spits in your face again for good measure. Most of this hits your nose and your outstretched tongue.
He drops your head and leads you round. You've sodden your thong. You're pathetic and you know it.

He leads you to the bathroom.
'Tonight, you're a toilet whore'
'Yeth thir' you try to say with 2 pegs on your tongue.
A long spindrell of saliva is hanging from your chin. Your saliva glands working over time.
You're led to the toilet and he leans down to your face.
'Clean it, you little slut'
The seats up, you lick the edge of the toilet. You feel worthless. You spit onto the pan and lick it up. All the while he watches intently.
The pegs make it difficult and your tongue throbs.
He grabs your hair and pushes your head deep into the bowl. You smell urine and shame. This is new. It feels wrong. Your cunt aches deceiving you.

He pulls your head out roughly
'You stink, you can't touch me in this state'
'Thorry thir'
He starts the shower and unclipped the leash. He removes the pegs from your aching tongue.
The shower is a walk in job. It's 2 metres away. He raises his foot and puts it to your side and ***fully pushes you to the shower. You fly over. Sliding on the tiles. He does it a second time and you slide under the stream of the shower.
The biggest shock is the water. Its ice cold.
You try to escape the water thinking there's been a huge mistake but he kicks you back.
Ice cold water flows over you and you shiver instantly.
'Take off your underwear'
You remove your skimpy red underwear. Revealing erect nipples and cold shivering skin. Lastly you remove your stocking. Sat under a steam of cold water. The shivering becomes uncontrollable and you look up with pleading eyes.
This is a control you've not considered.
He watches you a little while.
'Would you like warm water?'
You nod enthusiastically.
You're still laying, half on your side. Knees up trying compressive some kind of body heat.
He reaches to the shower. He doesn't change the temperature but turns it off.
'I'll give you warm'
He pulls his semi erect penis. He pisses on you. Firstly on your face and then down your body.
To your horror and shame the warmth feels glorious.
He stops.
'Sit up like a begging dog'
You obey
'You're still cold. You need hot fluids to warm you up, swallow everybdrop'
He moves closer, you look at his fat penis as he pisses into.your mouth. It's filling up. You swallow. Your obedience over powering your ***.
Three large mouthfuls and he's losing power.
He makes sure the last goes over your face.
He holds your head and slaps your left cheek hard. Spits on your face.
He adjusts the shower temp and daringly washes you clean with shower gel and more importantly lovely warm water.
Washed with care and intimacy. Will he let you rest now? No. He clips the chain lead back on......

Part 2

You're ***d to heal like an obedient dog again. This time the yanking on the leash is mixed with a riding crop to your buttocks.
The intense stinging of the whip stiring your  pussy. You feel you're leaking down your thighs. You hope he won't notice. You're healing alongside him as best you can. Being led. An obedient slave. Laps around the room. The reason? He's commanded it. Nothing else matters. The whipping from the crop is getting more intense. You're starting to feel welts. He holts you. You remain on all fours anticipating his next request.
He wraps the metal lead around your throat. Slowly tightens it until your completely asphyxiating.
He walks around you. Is he off? No. He's watching you. Your face is turning red. He's behind you.
The riding crop clatters remorseless onto your pussy. You buckle and half collapse but sheer determination makes you resume your all fours position.
Swiftly he removes the chain and you gasp for air. Desperately sucking some life back into your body.
He stands over you. Like a cowboy above a bucking bull. His weights not on you but his thighs are pinned against the sides of your stomach.
No chance to resist. You'd not if you could anyway.
Reaching he grabs your elbows and ***s them behind your back.
Ties ratchet around your elbows and then your wrists too. He drops your face onto the floor, your shoulders aching as your arms are ***d so tightly behind your back.
He steps off and moves away. You turn your head and see him disappear to the toilet.
Again he let's you wait. Only your imagination as company.
He returns empty handed. But comes straight for you. Grabbing a fistful of hair he drags you face down. Your feel your nipples getting strong carpet burn as well as your knees. The *** from your hair intense. Tears well in your eyes. Your boobs taking your weight, the friction burn is almost unbearable.
You're pulled to the bathroom once more.
Once there he spins you round. Pulls your knees up under you exposing your ass and sodden pussy to the mirrored wall.
He stands over you and guides something, you think to your pussy. You feel the bendy rubber form of your suction cup dildo rub up your wet cunt.
A shimmer of hope. You need that in your pussy so bad.
But it runs past your pussy and to your ass which he slips the tip in, making you gasp.
'Don't let that fall out'
You push back slightly keeping a tension.
He moves in front and removes his boxers.
Your shoulders are burning as you lay on your chest, face down, ass up.
He kneels in front. Grabs your hair. Pulls your head back. You're expecting cock but first uses this moment to spit on your face.
You really are a pathetic whore.  His favourite little fuck slut.
He guides his cock to your mouth. You lick out at the tip as he does, then press it against the underside of his shaft as he enters.
He pushes his fat dick to the back of your throat. You're ***fully aware it's got a long way to go yet.
He lifts your head by your hair a little then ***fully drives it down your throat. Neck bulging. He doesn't stop until your nose is tight to his pelvic bone.
You gag and retch, he leaves it all the way in enjoying the feeling of you choking on him.
He pulls out maybe 2 inches then drives back in.
Along with retching you feel the dildo stretching your ass. Its trying to bend with the pressure but it's firm and your ass starts to envelope it.
You're pussy oozes.
What's wrong with you?
He pulls back then slams in again. And again. Your tiny little ass conforming to the dildo 7 inches deep.
Now when he pulls out he also pulls you forward, only to slam his cock back down your throat and the dildo in your ass. Your pussy leaving the mirror with your juices dribbling down.
When did you last breath? Your face is going red again. He pulls out and allows you air. You will only breath when he permits it.
After 2 or three breaths he's back in. Using your throat as his personal flesh light. It's one of your few uses.
The retching intensifies, he notices and pulls a clear plastic bowl under your chin. Your nose is getting hammered on his pelvic bone, he pulls out fast and you sick up thick saliva.
He spit what you can into the bowl.
He does this over and over again. You're becoming weak with the effort and limited oxygen. All the while the bowl filling. He intermittently spits on you and slaps your face.
Completely his to do with as he wishes.

He pulls out, you spit more sicked up saliva, this time he pulls all the way out and wipes the thick saliva stringing off your chin into the bowl and moves it to the side
Will you be made to drink it now?
He turns you round and you face the suction cup dildo that's just slid from your ass.
He guides it to your mouth and you flinch as the bitter taste hits your tongue.
He ***s you onto your raw knees once more and stuffs his fat cock into your still gaping ass hole.
It's the same reversed.
Each hard and brutal thrust ***s the 7 inch dildo deeper and deeper into your throat. You didn't think you could physically take it. He slides the bowl under your chin as an afterthought then hammers into your ass. Hard. Until your nose is against the mirror. Staring at yourself through your own tears.  Shamefully and without control you think you're crying between the retching and gagging. His fucking intensifies. He starts to grunt and as you suffocate while he ejaculates deep in your arsehole.  You feel a huge warm load inside you and he doesn't stop until he's filled you with every drop. All the while growling an ***istic growl.
He pulls your head from the dildo and holds you in a kneeling upright position while sliding the bowl beneath you.
He swiftly and expertly cuts your ties and your shoulders are flooded with relief.

'Push out every drop into that bowl, and only when you have it all out can you join me in the bed. And bring your desert'

He walks away like you're absolutely nothing.

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