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Jane's BBC (fan request)


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Jane was in her late 50s. She had daughter her husband fucking a 20-something Insta-thot.


Jane took her husband to the cleaners in the divorce. 


She was ready to start her new life and her new her.


She always had curves and natural 42Gs. She had her body sculpted and tits lifted. She worked out a lot.


Blonde hair that was dyed. Pretty green eyes that were full of desire and just. Soft tan skin.


She had her MILF curves, but they were firm and thick. Her G cup tits sat up like she was 25 again.


She looked like a MILF pornstar.


She wanted something new and different.  


Jane wanted to be used by a BBC. She had never been with a black guy. She had never had a huge cock.


Her ex-husband was average. The only cock she had in over 20 years. 


She wanted huge.


She found James. James was in his early 40s. Tall. Muscular. Professional. Boasted having a BBC that would make Jane's eyes pop out of head.


She arranged their night in a hotel room. She wasn't sure if she just wanted one night or ongoing. But she craved a huge cock.


James knocked on the door.


Jane answered in a nighty with no panties. Her huge tits out on display.


She hugged him and he squeezed her back.


Ready? He asked.


She licked her lips and nodded.


He grabbed her and kissed her. Sucking on her tongue and lips. Deep. Wet. Sloppy kisses.


Hands all over her curves.


She was instantly soaked.


James pushed her back and grabbed her by the throat.


He looked her in the eyes.


You ready for my big black cock?


She nodded.


He squeezed her throat. I can't hear your head rattle.


He pushed her down to her knees.


He slowly unbuckled his pants.


She reached out to help him.


He slapped her hand away.


Greedy slut.


Jane smiled.


He dropped his pants, and squeezed his huge cock through his underwear. 


She was drooling.


James pulled out his BBC.


It was huge.  Looked bigger in person.


Kiss the tip James said.


Jane kissed the tip.


Lick it.


Jane licked the tip.


Suck the tip.


Jane opened her mouth as wide as she could.

His cock stuffed her mouth. She could barely move her tongue around with his BBC in her mouth.


He pulled it out and stroked it in front of her face.


Open your mouth he said.


Jane did.




She stretched her mouth out as wide as she could.


James grabbed Jane's head and shoved his cock down her throat.


She could barely take 1/3 of him. He was huge.


She gagged and gasped for air. 


James held her head and walked her on her knees to the bed with his cock down her throat.


Her eyes watered. She gasped for air. His massive cock blocked everything. 


She was feeling  light headed.


He pulled his cock out of her mouth and slapped it on her face.


That heavy slapping from his cock brought her back to reality. 


James stood Jane up and removed her nighty.

He grabbed her huge tits and sucked on her nipples.


She moaned.


He lifted up her G cups and flopped them down.


Tugged her nipples.


He pushed her on the bed and spreads her legs wide. Pushed them far apart.


His head between her thighs, he looked at her.


Eye contact.


1 hard long lick down her clit and onto her asshole.

Then another long hard lick up her asshole and onto her clit.


She moaned and twitched.




He sucked on her clit hard. Nippled on it.

She grabbed his head.  She screamed out 


James slapped Jane's hands away.


He rammed his tongue in her asshole.


Jane's eyes bugged out of her head and she moaned out. She hadn't felt anything new in ages and she loved the sensation of his tongue in her ass.


He sucked her asshole and rubbed her clip.


She came instantly. She screamed out and creamed.


James released her, but he body still pulsed and vibrated. 


He just watched her.


Oh my god, she panted, over and over.


He mounted her chest and flopped his BBC between her G cup tits.


He grabbed her boobs, and pushed them together, pressing this thumbs on her nipples.


He titty fucked her massive tits and fed her his cock. Rubbing her nipples with each thrust.


James filled Jane's mouth and throat with his BBC and worked her tits.


She felt like such a good whole.


He eyes  watered and as she used her mouth and tits.


He moved down again and put the tip of his cock on her pussy. He grabbed her throat with one hand and a bit with the other. 


Look at me, he commanded.


He slid his cock inside her tight pussy.


She screamed out. 


He pulled it out and worked it back in. Over and over.


James stretched out Jane's MILF pussy with his fat BBC.


Jane's body was on over load.loaf.


She came while he pumped her.

She came while he ***d her

She came while he groped her huge tits and tugged on her nipples.


She never felt pleasure like this. 

She never felt used like this.


Orgasm on top of organs.


He wasn't done.


He spread her legs wide and licked her ass and clit.


Janes body throbbed again 


He shoved his tongue in her asshole again.


She moaned out.


Legs spread wide open. James put the tip of his BBC against her asshole.


As soon as she felt the pressure, she yelled out, take it slow. We will get it in.


He worked the tip of his BBC in her ass. She yelled out Slow!


Like it?


Yes Daddy, she yelled back.


He worked more in


She screamed out, Slow!


He pulled back


She moaned


He pushed his BBC further into her ass.


She screamed, Fuck.


He pushed he legs back further and wider, opening her up.


Slow. Slow. Slow. She begged.


With one long, deep slow stroke, James worked his BBC deep in her ass.


Jane screamed out. He held it in.


That's my dick doing  that to you.


Yes Daddy!


Daddys dick is stretching out that ass.


Yes Daddy.


Who's ass is that?


Your ass Daddy. You're stretching me out.


He pumped her ass while she moaned and screamed.


Choking her

Slapped her

Tugging her nipples.

Squeezing her tits.


She came again. She came with a cock in her ass and nothing in her pussy. Her whole body exploded and vibrated.


James pulled out and stood over the bed over her.


He stroked his BBC while she rubbed her tits.


James big hot sticky load of cum shot out of his massive cock and covered Jane's face and huge G cups.


He stroked and squeezed out every drop.


Covered in his cum, Jane looked up and smiled.


Thank you for my first BBC

I feel like a had a stroke trying to read this..
Poor effort and a load of tosh.
As soon as I read that she fucked up her titties I was disgusted.
Posted (edited)

The overtones of racism isn't a good look and the formatting is atrocious. 

Edited by ThaliaV
This read itself so purely, definitely gotta put in the proper effort if u want to write sth like this

I couldn't make it past the first few lines.

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