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Accepting *** - A Mistress Alice and David story - Chapter 4


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Two weeks after his profound experience with vulnerability, David received another message from Mistress Alice. This time, the instructions were brief and clear: "Meet me at the park near my apartment at dusk. Wear something comfortable."

As the sun began to set, casting a warm glow over the city, David arrived at the park, dressed in casual clothes as instructed. The park was serene, the soft chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves creating a tranquil atmosphere. He spotted Alice sitting on a bench beneath a large oak tree, her elegance and commanding presence unmistakable even in this informal setting.

"Good evening, Mistress," David greeted, bowing his head slightly as he approached.

"Good evening, David," she replied, her eyes meeting his with a blend of warmth and authority. "Tonight, we will explore a different aspect of your submission. Follow me."

She led him through the park, the path winding deeper into a secluded area where the sounds of the city faded away, leaving only the whisper of nature around them. They arrived at a small clearing with a wooden gazebo, its structure providing a sense of privacy and intimacy.

"Sit," Alice instructed, pointing to a bench inside the gazebo.

David obeyed, the wooden seat cool against his skin. Alice stood before him, her presence both comforting and commanding.

"Tonight's lesson is about acceptance and endurance," she began. "You have shown me your vulnerability and your trust. Now, you will learn to accept discomfort and to endure it for me."

She reached into her bag and pulled out a length of soft, white rope. David's pulse quickened, but he remained still, his trust in her unwavering.

"Place your hands behind your back," she commanded gently.

David complied, feeling the smooth texture of the rope as she began to bind his wrists together. Her movements were precise and careful, ensuring the knots were secure but not ***ful.

"Discomfort can be a powerful teacher," she said as she worked. "It reveals our limits and teaches us resilience. Do you trust me to guide you through this?"

"Yes, Mistress," David replied, his voice steady.

Once his wrists were securely bound, Alice stepped back, her eyes assessing his reaction. "Good. Now, stand up."

David rose to his feet, the bindings restricting his movements but not causing ***. The sensation of being bound heightened his awareness, each movement a reminder of his submission.

"Walk with me," Alice instructed, leading him out of the gazebo and along a narrow path through the trees.

As they walked, the ropes around his wrists began to chafe slightly, a subtle discomfort that grew with each step. Yet, the act of following Alice, of enduring the discomfort for her, brought a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

They reached a small, quiet pond, the water reflecting the last rays of the setting sun. Alice stopped and turned to face him, her expression soft yet firm.

"Tell me how you feel," she commanded.

"The ropes are starting to hurt, Mistress," David admitted, his voice low. "But I trust you. I want to endure this for you."

She nodded, a hint of a smile playing at her lips. "Endurance is not just about physical discomfort. It’s about mental strength, about pushing through and finding strength in your submission. You are doing well, David."

Alice gestured for him to kneel by the pond, the grass soft beneath his knees. She sat beside him, her presence a calming ***.

"Close your eyes," she instructed. "Focus on your breathing. Let the discomfort fade into the background."

David obeyed, closing his eyes and taking deep, steady breaths. The *** in his wrists began to dull as he centered his thoughts on the sound of the water, the rustle of leaves, and the soft cadence of Alice’s breathing beside him.

After a few minutes, Alice spoke again, her voice a gentle murmur. "Discomfort and *** can teach us much about ourselves. They reveal our limits, but they also show us how much we can endure. You have shown great resilience tonight."

"Thank you, Mistress," David whispered, feeling a deep sense of gratitude.

She reached out and gently untied the ropes, the relief immediate but the lesson lingering. She massaged his wrists, her touch soothing and tender.

"You did well, David," she said, looking into his eyes. "Remember this feeling of endurance and acceptance. It will serve you well in your journey of submission."

As they stood up and began the walk back to the entrance of the park, David felt a profound sense of accomplishment. Each step with Mistress Alice brought him closer to understanding the depths of his submission, teaching him not only about trust and vulnerability but also about resilience and acceptance.

"Your journey is progressing beautifully," Alice said as they reached the park's entrance. "Our next meeting will challenge you further. Be prepared."

"I will be, Mistress," David replied, his heart swelling with a mix of anticipation and fulfillment.

As he watched her walk away, David knew that his path with Mistress Alice was leading him to places he had never imagined. With each lesson, he discovered new facets of himself, his trust in her guiding him through every challenge and triumph.

I really love this, thank you for sharing it.

This is fantastic. Thank you!


I've been enjoying this series so far. It may help me with my journey as well. Thank you!

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