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Play things for my Sub

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Photo of play things

Collar, because I will put your nylon face mask in place and fasten it below the collar, and then add a leach.

The see-through pantyhose masks are brown, because it’s a dull and geeky colour. In the masks I will tear an opening for your mouth and mine. Add to that crotch-less teddy that will stretch around your swollen pussylips. This teddy model will wrap like a clam around your pussy as you take my big cock; enhancing your orgasms. (I've seen a girl come harder when she wore this model and I fucked her.) Maybe a teddy for me too; I have several colors, and I like feeling my cock wrapped except for my shaft.

Mirror: because after fucking you like a good little sub for an hour, I will ask you to hold the mirror in your hand and watch how I sprinkle mint tasting white spit over your nyloned head. I will fuck you deep from the side at the same time. And we can talk; even with your face messy with spit you can relax and talk with me as I fuck you.

Finally, body stockings for that hot-fetish-couple-working-it-out-in-bed-look. —All that is missing is the anal plug, a beautiful thing that will stretch your asshole as I do you from behind...

Masked girl and masked man, clad in lingerie: she with an anal plug in her asshole, on all four and taking it both ways. I will curb your ***s and explore your darkest sides and tell you all you need to know.

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