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A Good Thrashing


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So, further to the recent posts, this provides some context:

Realisation of a fantasy.


Last week I experienced the most amazing, incredible realisation of a long held fantasy, played out with Bounty, with whom I had been engaged in conversation by text and phone for a few weeks. Her Dom, Pirate, had already given his permission for this, so I wasn’t standing on anybody’s toes. Well not too much, anyway. I’m unspeakably grateful for His permission to have this contact with His Bounty and also for the permission of Pirate and Bounty to post this piece. 


I thought it would be great to share my perspective of this amazing experience with other members of this site. Separately, Bounty will provide her perspective of the encounter too. Watch this space... I think it’ll be interesting to see both of our viewpoints on the same events. I really hope you enjoy reading this!


The first contact came from Bounty, having been somewhat curious about the posts I had made on the forum regarding breath play in particular. So a few private messages were exchanged on the fetish.com site before we got into chatting quite extensively on WhatsApp, and ultimately by phone, verbally. It quickly became clear to us both that we had something of a connection and that we would be capable of scratching each other’s itches, so to speak.


Certainly we had a lot of common ground, it seemed, although we both identified very much as being on the Sub side, but as per my profile, I have previously switched sometimes with the right people. It was the fact that I have had a recent desire to investigate my dominant side a bit more that led to us considering meeting up in person and to take it from there. There was never any indication that Bounty would have any kind of dominant role in any play that may have ensued between us, but it was expected that I would be exploring my dominant side.


I organised a suitable venue and booked a little cottage close to Bounty’s home. A quiet place, with no disturbance or interference, it ultimately proved to be ideal. In the lead up to the meeting, we chatted a bit by text and phone and talked out a few scenario ideas, albeit with some trepidation! As the day approached I sensed cold feet on Bounty’s part, a bit of hesitation, maybe. I can’t say I didn’t feel somewhat nervous myself, too, a little apprehensive, at least. Anyway, we agreed to meet up, even if it was just for a coffee, and to take it from there. We were both grown up enough to at least be able to do this.


I have previously talked on this forum about my modular restraint board system, designed to make bondage and restraint scenarios easily achievable, with a minimum of fuss or bother, and with a minimal knowledge of rope work or knots. I had arrived early in the morning and was able to check in to the cottage before 0830h. So I built up the timber and plywood “BDSM play theatre” in the lounge of the cottage. The thought of getting Bounty restrained and fastened into this was both very exciting and absolutely petrifying, in equal measure! I had brought a large range of ropes, cleats, metal strapping, screws and of course, my breath play equipment. Oh, and poppers!


I picked up Bounty from work on Tuesday afternoon and I recognised her immediately, from her profile pictures. I took her home and she grabbed some clothing and other things she needed. We went to the cottage, via the supermarket, where I bought some food to cook a meal.

Bounty had some stuff to sort out on the phone, so I busied myself cooking dinner: “Chicken breast stuffed with broccoli and Stilton, wrapped in smoked bacon with a creamy garlic white wine mushroom sauce, served with steamed vegetables and new potatoes”. We would eat later, but after Bounty had finished attending to her business, we addressed the issue of how did we now get from the sofa to the “play theatre”? It’s not the being there that’s difficult, it’s the transition, obviously.Tricky...


The solution was to have a bath. So I run her a hot soapy bath. At least that got her naked! A candle and a glass of wine next to the bath and she was well sorted! A few minutes later I stripped off and in a semi-aroused condition I gave Bounty a rub-down in the bath. Then I jumped in with her. Amazing: here were two strangers who had met only an hour or two earlier, in the bath together! Normally you’d expect to have a bath after any activity, not before, surely? Anyway, it felt right and led  very naturally to the next phase of our encounter. 


Bounty had never tried poppers, but was curious to do so. I facilitated her trying the effect of this quite powerful, though not long-lasting drug and she evidently liked it. Just a little at first, not to put her off. The relaxation it afforded led to a memorable session of mutual fun and play, with my dominating her and trying out some fairly basic (by her standards) whipping and slapping, this being something that didn’t come easily for me, I’ll admit. But it did cause a little frisson of excitement within me, a mini power-trip, something I hadn’t experienced before. Bounty absolutely loves impact play and I did feel a bit inadequate really, not having engaged in this before. The learning curve was steep for me. 


For a first meeting, it seemed unlikely to both of us that were going to get into very extreme bondage and breath play. We had to get to know where each other’s buttons were and how to push them. But we did get quite heavily into poppers and had some pretty good experiences with that, in conjunction with some fairly gentle (by my standards) restraint. Nothing about our first session was “vanilla”, but neither was it uber-extreme. Lots of aftercare and tenderness was the order after our play session, which was very comforting. After eating a little of the aforementioned, pre-preparedfood (very yummy, recipe available upon request!), we went to bed and spooned together in a warm comforting cuddle; certainly I expected to sleep: I was tired after a long drive and had had very little sleep the night before.


However, it was not to be, not immediately, anyway. I had, in my mind, “unfinished business” to deal with! And so after a few minutes I had to deal with this omission. Creaming Bounty all over with the favourite lotion of mine (Vaseline Intensive Care Aloe Soothe), I massaged her body all over and this led to the most intense poppers-fuelled sex session, with perineal massage and anal play featuring also. I climaxed in the most satisfying and powerful way, having had a buildup of many hours beforehand. Just amazing. And then we slept!


Morning came too soon and I dropped Bounty off at work, picking her up again in the afternoon of Wednesday. This time she had no business to attend to and I had no cooking to do; there was loads of food left. I had attended to business matters that I had had to do in the area and our afternoon and evening was free for us to play. Goody!


Knowing a bit more about each other now, it felt right to get into some more extreme restraint. So I strapped Bounty to the play theatre walls, with her wrists, ankles and knees screwed firmly to the walls. God, I was horny now! A bit of a giggle later, Bounty having had a “I need a wee!” moment (they never show that in a porn movie, do they?) and me having to unfasten her and then refasten her again, I had her in a completely submissive position, *** and immobile. It was a really big turn on for me: the feeling of total control, whilst always being respectful that in so many ways, it was actually Bounty who was in control as the Sub. This was also, paradoxically, a massive turn on.


Feeding Bounty poppers via a gag held in place by a wooden batten and ropes, with a rebreathing bag system attached, I took one of my huge home made toys and worked her pussy with it, stretching and going a little further each time. Loads of lube later, I was able to partially fist her, something I’ve wanted to do for ages. This needs more work but it was a good start. All the time, I had in the back of my mind that I still hardly knew Bounty and it was going to take time, time that I was very prepared to invest. This was fun like I hadn’t had in a very long time, and it was just about to get a whole lot better.


Having fully read my profile, of course, Bounty was aware of my kinks. I was so hesitant and nervous to raise the subject, but I saw in her the possibility of realising a long-held fantasy of mine, and I talked about the possibility of her penetrating me  anally with some of my large toys. Clearly, from my perspective, Bounty appeared to me to be somewhat nervous of damaging me with these monster toys! Much reassurance later, she was keen to “give it a go”. But it wasn’t ***d or under duress, she was just new to this and understandably cautious. She was as new to this as I was to impact play.


So having warmed up by sitting on a suitable toy myself, I “assumed the position” and having lubed up the toy properly, Bounty pushed it in between my buttocks. An inhalation of poppers caused my sphincter to relax and she was surprised to see this massive toy disappearing inside me. Encouragement from me led, a few minutes later, to her well and truly shafting me with the toy. It was incredibly pleasurable for me, and certainly it appeared to me that Bounty was getting into it. And then it happened.


The descent. The massive drop into a sub-space that I’ve never been to before. I can only describe it as like falling down a lift shaft. But I wasn’t pushed; I was lowered relatively gently, and furthermore I was accompanied by Bounty all the way down. I find this incredible: we hardly knew each other and yet the connection was so strong that she took me to the deepest part of that lift shaft, utterly destroying me in the process. A little hesitantly at first, but with growing confidence as time went on, she worked the toy inside me with aplomb. And then she fisted me, again, hesitantly at first, but with steadily growing confidence. This has to be one of the most intimate submissions anyone can give themselves up to and she confidently rendered me completely wrecked, emotionally. I had a full body orgasm that lasted for several minutes but I didn’t ejaculate and I was shaking uncontrollably, all over my body. This never happened to me before! What the fuck? What, why, and how? Confused? Totally!


The ascent. I was totally out of it and Bounty just hugged and cuddled me on the journey back up the lift shaft to the surface again. I started to talk again as we ascended. I cried. I sobbed. I couldn’t believe what had just happened to me and I started to vocalise my gratitude for this totally new experience, like I’d never known before. But she knew what I was experiencing and just held me and cared for me through the whole shuddering and shaking recovery, which took at least 15 minutes. It was the most intense experience of my life, probably on a par with an out-of-body experience I had with someone over 17 years ago, but that was a different place entirely, borne of vanilla-only activity.


We ate and I took her to the bed, where I just had to do the necessary to achieve finality and closure. But this time, Bounty used some poppers and it was clear that she was experiencing a substantial enhancement of the proceedings as a result. I had some poppers too and the climax was totally shattering for me. That was it, I was spent. 


A little later, after some tender aftercare, I dropped her off at home and returned to the cottage to sleep. In the morning I set about clearing the equipment and tidying up. I was still in the afterglow however, and I was so tearful. I kept crying, but it wasn’t because I was upset: quite the opposite, actually. I was elated, but I was so incredibly emotional. I was listening to a song and the words jumped out at me and slapped me around the face. I cried again. Why was I in this completely wrecked state, yet so incredibly happy? This was new to me...


Fast forward to today, Sunday, and I read Bounty’s post about her experience with Pirate at the swingers’ club. Instant response? Fury! Jealousy! Anger! How could she do that, after our incredible experiences in the two days before? But then my feelings totally changed, within a minute or two, and I found myself blubbering again! I was crying my eyes out, but not because of anything bad. I was insanely happy and thrilled that she’d had such a great time with Pirate, with one of her fantasies being realised in the same way that she’d helped me realise one of mine a couple of days earlier. And as I posted above, I was destroyed by this in the most incredible way. I’m back from the sub-space place I’ve been to now, but it’s taken since Wednesday night until Sunday evening to return. And what a journey! It’s been incredible. 


The whole experience has been truly life-changing for me. I think that by allowing myself to be taken by Bounty to somewhere I’d never been before, to cede control of my body and emotions in such an intimate way, has enabled me to be more understanding and empathetic in the future. I’ve always considered myself to be considerate and caring, but from now on I’ll be even more in tune with the need for all that, together with comprehensive aftercare and gentle post-play loving, kissing and cuddling.


Now I can’t wait for the next time. I’m hungry for the next chapter to be revealed in our journey. We have barely scratched the surface and it’s incredibly exciting for me to contemplate the level we’ll get to next time, now we understand a bit more about each other. I really enjoyed my first foray into the world of dominance in a BDSM type setting, and I think Bounty did too, her never having ever taken a dominant role before. The journey back from sub-space has been long and quite tearful, but I think I’m back “home” again now.


Finally, I need to express my gratitude in the strongest terms possible. Firstly, of course to Bounty, for her unbelievable trust and confidence in me, and her willingness and enthusiastic participation in our play. Just... wow! Thank you. THANK YOU! But thank you also to Pirate, who has, with some very reasonable common-sense preconditions, given His permission and blessing to our play. We couldn’t have done it without this. This is a big deal and I don’t underestimate it. Thank you, Sir. And last but not least, I have to thank you, the readers, the community that is fetish.com, without whom this platform wouldn’t exist, and without that I wouldn’t have met Bounty in the first place. Thank you all. You’ve made  me incredibly happy and fulfilled. 


So happy and thrilled for you all!  Fredddy, you and Bounty and Pirate could collaborate on a book and get this experience out there because it'd help so many people on many, many levels!  Good luck to you all.


9 hours ago, Vandalslut said:

So happy and thrilled for you all!  Fredddy, you and Bounty and Pirate could collaborate on a book and get this experience out there because it'd help so many people on many, many levels!  Good luck to you all.


Honestly, I’m more into irl teaching than written words, so for me actual mentoring/teaching safe methods are likely to be my next things, as well as learning rope work in a bigger way than I currently do (as I am very much a novice at that)


I have learnt so much over the last few days and had some incredible expriences.

Meeting Fredddy has shed some light on how i feel about the whole poly/mono thing. I have a better understanding now.

I also discovered my dominant side, that was totally new to me, and quite the revelation.


This whole thing has been a learning curve and i am beginning to understand, and enjoy, who i am.



It's like everything i thought i believed in, or wanted, has been shook up. It's not bad, in fact it's a good thing. I feel like Pirate has disassembled me so that i can rearrange myself into who i really am. I feel freer than i've ever felt, i don't understand a lot of it but i'm just riding it out.

It's like Pirate is taking me apart and helping me understand each bit so i can be whole.


Bounty, I feel an incredible sense of indebtedness, especially to you, but also to Pirate. I had what were unquestionably the best kink experiences of my life with you last week and I’m absolutely in awe of you. But I respect Pirate also for allowing it to happen. Thank you.

Better start a new paragraph to avoid risking incurring the wrath of the prose formatting police! Just a little joke, Pirate! Ha ha, funny guy I am...

Bounty you are so real as a person; there’s nothing plastic about you! So embrace who you are, have confidence in your inner beauty, your confidence and abilities. Don’t change for anyone except yourself. To me, you’re the brightest star... ️ 



bounty. I saw you and pirate have been online.

message me babe, I can't message for 90 days and it's important.


bounty hunni.

pirate isn't being honest with you babe. he arranged to meet someone a few days ago, he appears invisible yet claims he can't be invisible because he hasn't upgraded and he spends a lot of time on here for someone who claims he has only spoken to me and fredddy. we both knowthat's not true. he saysyou're aware of who he talks to. are you? what does he do on here if not message?

message me babe, i'llhelpyou figure it all out.



I have  no idea what your game is but I can tell you now that Pirate is totally honest with me about everything. He sent me a screenshot as I have you on block, I know who he messages as we sat down this weekend and talked about it. I know any meets or potential meets he has planned, he fits meeting me around them. 

I know he logs in here, as for being invisible I don't see the significance? Maybe he wants to just come on and read stuff without being bothered? I'm not even sure if can be invisible with his membership level.

So He spends a lot of time here? So do i. I have no problem with the amount of time he spends on here nor with him messaging people if he wishes. I trust him.

You said you were poly so surely you understand that means having more than one partner and that it only works with complete honesty?

I have nothing to figure out quirkyface and if I did Pirate would be the first person I'd ask.


6 minutes ago, LazyPiratesBounty said:

I know any meets or potential meets he has planned, he fits meeting me around them. 

Proof of this was from the messages received I was actually reminded to tell her that I have a potential meet with a couple in the New Year from another site that I happen to be a part of. I’d only not told her because I exchanged messages with them whilst she was asleep and although I haven’t got any finite plans arranged it’s likely to happen and when it is sorted she will be one of the multiple people I will let know.


and he can be invisible. he was when he was messaging me today.


This will be my last response, quirkyface is still, and will remain, blocked. I'm posting just in case anyone has any doubts.

Pirate told me he was messaging you, he gave me screenshots of your posts, I really don't see the significance of the invisible thing.


I've known Pirate 6 months now and in that time we chat pretty much every day, meet regularly, and talk... a lot. He has never lied to me or hidden anything. I seriously doubt he's going to start now.


And for the record Pirate has never hidden anything from me unless you include the fact he hasn't gone into detail about his possible medical play sessions with someone because he knows that it's a trigger, an absolute hard limit. I loathe it, to the point that I feel I'll talking about it (I lost 4 babies, I've had my fill of intimate exams and anything related to it) He knows this and respects it.

There are things that he doesn't do, and won't do, with me because they're something I don't want to do. He may or may not find other people to do that with and the last thing he's going to do is talk to me in detail about is something that genuinely upsets me. I absolutely adore him for that.


Kudos to you both. This is a beautiful thread 💙

On 12/16/2019 at 8:17 AM, LazyPirate said:

Honestly, I’m more into irl teaching than written words, so for me actual mentoring/teaching safe methods are likely to be my next things, as well as learning rope work in a bigger way than I currently do (as I am very much a novice at that)

Hiya :)

I tried to message you but my photo needs approving first apparently 😈

I'm interested in the mentoring/teaching thing

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I don’t understand why anybody would get Ito this trolling shit behaviour. It’s not nice and in my opinion the moderators should step in a lot sooner with this kind of thing. It can be very damaging. Hope it’s all sorted out now, for everyone’s sake. 

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A hint of you lingers after you've left,

Dragon tail marks upon my breast.

I trace the bruises and scratch the welts,

Remember the bite and how it felt.

Close my eyes, remember the dance,

Lashes of the whip making me prance.

Riding the waves, ready for the drop.

Letting the tears fall until they stop.

Recall his voice saying it's ok to feel this,

He is mine, and i am his.

This fall is normal after the high,

It's all ok, it's fine to cry.

The drop and the high, sides of a coin,

Sadist and masochist, two souls joined.

Remembering the caresses after the stings,

The bond, the trust, all those things.

Revel in the story the dragon tail told,

In his hands, forever now bold.

A bite of fire on my skin,

The marks of the skill of him.



Each whip feels different. I love them all... 

I started thinking about the whips Pirate uses with me. Thought i'd share...


Riding crop: 

This smarts, and when i say smart i mean SMART. This is the one that makes me prance and stamp.

There is a delicious swoosh and a resounding slap and it doesn't take many strikes in the same spot to get me to "gimme a minute"



This stings, it's the one that leaves the welts. This one is another "prance" whip. More of a short, sharp sting that can feel cutting.


Dragon tongue quirt:

Oh dear god!

This demon of a whip can literally take my breath away. It's intense, sharp and focused.


Dragon tail whip:

My favourite!

Probably, actually definitely, the most ***ful, this is a beast of a whip. This doesn't make me prance, it brings me to my knees.

Depending on where, and how, Pirate uses this i can be squirming at the delicacy of it or sinking to my knees in a world of fire. 


Weighted Flogger:

This one is way "softer" but can still pack a punch. This one calms stuff down.

It can be anything from a massaging type of flogging to a deeper, thumpier flogging.



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