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I have been playing with a few sub's over the last 5 years or so & now looking to train my own sub, little or brat, though I have been curious and looking into it for much longer. Who am I? I am a dominant man based in the centre of England hence the name Midlands Dom. I am evolving out of a box that no longer fits me and never will again. I am a dominant man and I am more than that, I am a Daddy and a coach/mentor though not for everyone. I don't fit in a pure dominant box, or a pure daddy box or a pure master box as there is part of all of them within me which will vary according to who I am with and what her needs and desires are. I am on a journey through life mind, body and soul I approach my friendships from a place of love as I desire to see the very best for everyone even when it does not include me. I came here through my personal development journey because some of my needs and experiences on this journey can not be fulfilled and satisfied down the traditional relationship path. What first made me curious about kink? The lyrics to a song when I was a teenager - Guns N Roses "Pretty Tied Up" "I know this chick she lives down on Melrose She ain't satisfied without some pain Friday night is goin' up inside her...again Well crack the whip 'Cause that bitch is just insane I'm serious She's pretty tied up hangin' upside down She's pretty tied up an you can ride her She's pretty tied up hangin' upside down I can't tell you she's the right one" I wondered if women were actually liked that or if it was completely made up! What is in surrender for me as a dominant? in that moment she fully surrenders and is fully in her sub space I feel its the greatest gift she can give me, as in that moment I know she has fully let herself go into her body & soul trusting me to allow herself to leave her head & any fears & hurts she may have. In that moment I feel like I am her superman there to protect the world more than that her world, in that moment I feel I have an unbreakable strength yet still feel the love & compassion to serve & protect & meet her needs. The way she looks at me & I look at her what the rest of the world thinks & what is happening doesn't matter, just that moment just us, her superman and her being my world to protect. I like the anticipation and build up over the days before we get together also whilst we talk about some of the fun stuff we can do when we get together, and I love taking the time to care for her afterwards also, even just lying together resting with her head on my chest and her body held tight in my arms feeling proud of the good girl she has been. Life is too short to hide from all the pleasures in life for the fear of what could go wrong... "So Understand Don't waste your time searching for those wasted years, Face up Make your Stand and realise you're living in the golden years" (Adrian Smith - Iron Maiden) I give honesty and expect it in return, this is a must for me, without honesty there is no trust without trust there is no relationship. That little girl inside her that she may have built barriers and walls around to "protect her" and limit her growth into who she really could be, I will break through these walls, and make sure she feels wanted, desired, loved, safe and protected not just the girl on the outside. I am on a journey of growth and she will grow to out of her own choice as she knows we will grow apart if she doesn't. Whilst her body maybe restrained at times her spirit is still free. Her inner slut and whore will be revealed to me, fully surrendered in the moment. At this time I have no interest in knife play, scat or blood sports at this time pretty much all other things negotiable. So who are you and what is it you seek in a dominant man? and why is that important to you? == Results from == 100% Rigger 90% Daddy/Mommy 89% Dominant 83% Master/Mistress 76% Degrader 76% Owner 59% Voyeur 58% Sadist 58% Experimentalist 53% Non-monogamist 50% Exhibitionist 48% Primal (Hunter) 47% Ageplayer 42% Vanilla 25% Switch
Kinky Dating24 to 34 years ● 100km around UK, Hartshill 9 months ago

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