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Don't really have a specific ideal person since I think everyone is unique in there own way. I think alot of guys think this site is some sort of casual hook up site. Wrong. Regardless whatever each party is looking for such as master/slave, owner/pet, etc its a long term relationship which each party does not enter lightly. For myself I'm very protective but not to the extent of be possesive. I do believe whats mine is mine and I do not share. Also the lady will not be humilated or embarassed. I do like things done in a certain way and I will not take any argument. I believe in a firm hand with discipline but will not abuse. If more is wanted behind closed doors we can discuss it at the beginning. Also I do believe in a mutual agreeable contract to protect both parties.
Kinky Dating21 to 50 years ● 200km around USA, Selma 10 months ago

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