Domme ready to empty every penny :)
sexy chocolate petite dominant woman, I love men that want to worship me & have $$! This ass is not going to kiss itself 🍑 You will always do as I say. I am open to a lot, but some examples of play I will do: • Customized videos • Criticism • Foot fetishes, etc. • Cam (with tribute first) • Cam with my girlfriend (with tribute for each of us) • Humiliation • Blackmailing • Texting • FaceTime/Skype calls
Kinky DatingUSA, Atlanta one hour ago
Want to play?
Looking for middle aged or older white women in the Atlanta GA area for water sports and anal play. Water sports would include enemas, giving and receiving. Discretion necessary and assured. I hope that there are some around who have simillar interests!
Kinky Dating45 to 75 years ● 50km around USA, Atlanta 2 weeks ago
I am a Submissive Boy located near Atlanta GA
Hello I would love to connect with some dominant females in the greater Atlanta area. I have a very open mind and a muscular body that can take a beating. Feel free to reach out to me here, or better yet my email leitleit2226 at gmail
Kinky Dating25km around USA, Alpharetta 4 weeks ago
18 virgin sub looking for the perfect dom
I am 18, new and looking for a confident, ambitious and attractive dom to learn and grow with. I still am exploring and very eager to learn. I will try almost anything once to see if I like it or not. I'm into the following dynamics: Master/slave, Daddy/babygirl, and Sir/sub. I also like the idea of being a doll/princess/barbie. I prefer someone between the ages of 25 and 35, but I'm flexible. I like fit men, who have dark hair, and nice eyes. I prefer busy type A business men. Your location isn't an issue, I am open to travel and to moving if I found the right partner. Feel free to message me with your questions and I will try my best to answer. I love cocky men so if you think you are the best Dominant for me, please message me!
Kinky Dating25 to 35 years USA, Atlanta one month ago
Master Wanted
I'm back into the scene after a long hiatus and a brief stint at that to begin with. I'm a submissive female with strong desires to be tethered, blindfolded, spanked, etc. physically but also able to relinquish all control on every level to my Dominant/Master - someone whose trust would obviously have been established first and foremost at great length. The two sides of the same coin in this relationship are what interest me the most in this dynamic and that is what I am looking for: the other half of my coin.I'm back into the scene after a long hiatus and a brief stint at that to begin with. I'm a submissive female with strong desires to be tethered, blindfolded, spanked, etc. physically but also able to relinquish all control on every level to my Dominant/Master - someone whose trust would obviously have been established first and foremost at great length. The two sides of the same coin in this relationship are what interest me the most in this dynamic and that is what I am looking for: the other half of my coin.
Kinky Dating50km around USA, Cumming one month ago
Pleasure starts with your obedience
I'm here to meet like minded people an a female play freind or possibly a new relationship. I'm a easy enough man to get to know only have to ask honesty truth loyalty careing is a must have I suck at writing and don't have the attention for it so ask me what you want to know here's 2 things that can tell you alot about me an how interesting person to know. I'm a Gemini an have ADHD... look it up..
Kinky Dating25 to 48 years ● 50km around USA, Jenkinsburg one month ago
Looking for some fun
If anyone is willing to come and show me my first good time, I have a lot of time free. I can promise you that it'll be fun. If it helps, I have no gag reflex and you can do with that whatever you will.
Kinky Dating18 to 25 years ● 10km around USA, Roswell one month ago
hi can serve you as your sub slave sissy
Kinky Dating30 to 49 years ● 100km around USA, Alpharetta 4 months ago
Any ladies looking for a house broke sissyboy?
Hello ladies, I am new to this lifestyle. I guess I would consider myself a baby sissyboy. I'm a shy man looking for some new friends to play with. I am up to try just about anything in the bedroom . Maybe there are few women out there that would be interested.
Kinky Dating18 to 50 years ● 10km around USA, Carrollton 4 months ago
Seeking detail oriented daddy, little arrangement.
Train me from infancy or desired age to belong to you. Must be gentle and caring. I want to play with you and please you. I want to be cared for and controlled by a confident, exciting daddy. I have memories of these sort of taboo act actually happening to me as a little girl by my stepdad and his chosen friends/family in different ways. I loved it, but didn't know how to express it.
Kinky Dating30 to 99 years ● 200km around USA, Athens 6 months ago
My type of kinky date
So . . . the first meeting starts out based on your experience. Most importantly, we’ll go over safety. In particular, safety words or if you’re gagged, safety gestures that when used, I will know to immediately untie you because something is wrong. In all my years of bondage, I’ve only had a safety word used twice and both times was because the sub forgot to use the bathroom and had to pee (no kidding). We’ll go over your hard-limits or things you absolutely don’t want to do. I’ll go over exactly what type of position and scenario we’re going to do before we do it. I’ll answer any questions prior to play-time – there are seriously, no stupid questions. That will be about as serious as it will get the whole night – the point is to enjoy the experience and have fun. Now play-time will start. As I said, it is based on the sub's (your) experience level. We will for sure do a straight tie (literally, you are tied while laying straight down on the bed or floor). Depending on how you do with that, we’ll go to a spread eagle (four limbs tied to the four corners of the bed). From there we would go to . . . there has got to be some surprise positions (I can’t tell you everything up front :). When tied-up in any position, you will be secure. That is, you won’t be able to get out of the tie. Most ties will be uncomfortable, but absolutely nothing will be painful. You won’t be in any one position for more than 15 or so minutes (I don’t want your hands or feet to fall asleep). While you are tied and only if you’re interested, I can make you orgasm. There are a few different ways this could happen – vibrator, my fingers, or my cock. If this is something you’re interested in (about 99% of my subs are), I would suggest starting with a vibrator. Being tied down and not being able to move is a new experience for some. Unless you’ve done it before, it is best to do it for the first time with something that can be removed quickly. I also have a butt-plug that I use (it stays in while you’re tied). BTW, all my bondage gear is new for each sub – I don’t reuse vibrators or butt-plugs . . . yuck. Speaking of equipment, I have the following items or toys that I regularly use: ropes (soft, but very strong), plastic tape, duct tape, medical tape (all mostly for covering talkative sub’s mouths), ball-gag, o-ring gag, dental gag, penis gag, bit gag, leather straps (for bondage, not spanking), hoods, blindfolds, hogtie cross tie, wrists-to-neck restraint, straight jacket, saran wrap, ace bandage wrap, vet wrap, leather paddle (for spanking), leather flogger (also for spanking), steel (real) handcuffs, shackles (real, wrists to ankles), zip ties, and nipple clamps. And “yes”, I bring it all with me. After years and years of experience, I’ve learned to pack pretty well. As I said, I like scenarios or role-playing – Damsel-In-Distress, cosplay (wearing a sexy costume), kidnapping (“sneaking” into the room while the sub is “sleeping” and FAKE chloroforming then tying-up the sub – you need to be good at acting (just kidding). Most women love the loss of control and helplessness that role-playing offers - even if it's just temporary, they get to do stuff they’d never do otherwise – even if it’s super cheesy :). Or we could save the scenarios for later if everything goes well. I’ll bet you’re thinking, “well that’s great, I don’t have to bring anything but myself”. Not so fast, baby-girl. I do have some clothing requirements that you will wear. You don’t have to wear them when we first meet (although that would be extra points :), you can, obviously, change into them later. You will bring the following items: black thigh-highs (stay-up on their own type), black, bikini panties with the full bottom (thongs are ok, but I prefer the full bottoms) and I like silky (preferably not cotton or lace). The bra needs to be black but doesn’t need to match (in style) the panties. The clothing requirements aren’t negotiable. Also, I know this is a lot to take in. I’ve done this a lot, but about half the women I’ve met have very little or no experience with bondage. When we meet, you are welcome to take a pic of my driver’s license and send it to someone for safety reasons – I don’t kid around when it comes to safety – I have to be comfortable with the people I meet also. If that isn’t enough, to make a sub feel safe and more comfortable, I’ve suggested they bring a friend or two (only females, obviously and whomever you bring needs to be of like attractiveness as you) with them. Their friend(s) can either watch or participate. About 75% of the women I suggest this to, bring a friend or two with them. None of those just watched. Usually (if not right at the beginning), the friend(s) want to participate after seeing their you tied-up. True story – about 6 months ago I went to Columbia, SC to meet someone and suggested they bring a friend or friends because they felt a bit nervous. So . . . I met her and her 5 friends, “yes, 5 friends” at a restaurant for dinner before going to the hotel. When we got to the hotel all 6 wanted to be tied-up, first separately then they asked me to think of a creative way to tie them up in pairs. It was funny and very stimulating to watch all 6 of them squirming around while drooling through gags. At first, I didn’t think I could do 6, but it worked . . . and worked well. Three of them still call me every once in a while for play-times. I’m not telling you to bring 5 friends (although you can). All I’m saying is if you’re going to bring anyone, please let me know as it effects how much gear I bring. And, you don’t have to bring anyone – I can satisfy you and tie you up very effectively with or without a friend – it’s whatever you prefer. BTW, if you do bring someone, they will wear the same clothing requirements as you. Lastly, and I want to this to be very clear, you are in-charge (throughout the whole session). You can say “stop” or you don’t want to use a certain toy or you don’t want to be tied in a certain way and it’s done. Likewise, you can say “more” and tell me what position you want to try and we’ll do that. I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself – the reason is because when you do, you will call back and we can do it again :)! Sorry this was so long – what questions do you have?
Kinky Dating21 to 50 years ● 300km around USA, Macon 6 months ago
New to this...
So I am new to all of this and am mainly looking for someone to help me figure out what is out there. There is something about all of this that I can’t shake from my mind and just need someone to help me understand and maybe figure out my likes and dislikes. I always up for trying new things even if I don’t think I’ll like it. Is there anyone who can help?
Kinky Dating20 to 30 years ● 25km around USA, Fort Stewart 7 months ago

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