Let's have fun,let's explore the bdsm lifestyle together,have got a lot of kinks to explore,the dungeon should be a place to make us happy I just need that one slave who would be perfect for me,like I said let's have fun
Kinky Dating25 to 70 years ● 5km around USA, Norwalk one week ago
Lets get weird ;)
I like to get weird haha! I enjoy role play of all sorts, usually the more kink or taboo the better, interested in meeting someone whos not afraid to share there wild side I love to please 18+ All Ages Welcome
Kinky Dating18 to 50 years ● 25km around USA, Des Moines 3 months ago
DDLG switch looking for female partner
I'm primarily looking for a female partner between 18 and 29. I'm a switch, so if you're a switch or wouldn't mind the occasional role swap, then we should get along! The daddy side of me likes to spoil and guide my little princess, making her feel special and loved. Loves to help get her dressed and changed if she needs protection, but also to punish her if she's naughty. Punish as in time-outs, spankings, writing lines, no desserts, or an earlier bedtime. The little side of me likes to color, play pretend, cuddle, help bake in the kitchen, and read stories. Would love to be told I'm too little for things, forced into diapers, potty training help, punishments (see above punishments), and being lightly humiliated. == Results from == 100% Brat 100% Switch 100% Boy/Girl 99% Degradee 99% Daddy/Mommy 94% Degrader 92% Master/Mistress 84% Dominant 74% Owner 68% Submissive 63% Sadist 60% Primal (Hunter) 56% Experimentalist 53% Slave 51% Rope bunny 51% Rigger 50% Masochist 47% Ageplayer
Kinky Dating18 to 29 years ● 200km around USA, Cedar Rapids 3 months ago
Looking for an energetic sub /slave for BDSM sex
Looking for a sub/slave for get togethers. Where we BDSM as well as enjoy each other's pleasures so if you think you might be her and wanna find out or your open to new experiences wanna poke around in my yard hit me up
Kinky Dating18 to 50 years ● 10km around USA, Fort Dodge 4 months ago
Submissive beta male
Always submissive beta male interested in worshiping alpha females. Also very attracted to trans and gender fluid. I am bi curious and would like to suck cock as well. Limped dick sissy highly motivated to please others. My pleasure is secondary.
Kinky Dating40 to 80 years ● 50km around USA, Des Moines 5 months ago
Teach me
In looking to learn the lifestyle. I'm willing to try and do anything. Interested in pegging and prostate play. Hope to find a don female that wants to train someone eager to learn! I never have been dominated and really wamt to experiace the price of sexual pleasure and pain
Kinky Dating18 to 60 years ● 50km around USA, Ankeny 6 months ago
So I'm verybnew to this and trying to figure out tje ropes. I'm thinking more of a sub at this moment because i loke antisapastion and then thought of being punished for things Hope somwone will give me a place onto this lifestyle.
Kinky Dating20 to 60 years ● 50km around USA, Ankeny 7 months ago
hot and sexy
looking for a girls that have her fingernails painted and her toenails painted to give me footjobs and handjobs and blowjobs. than I could stick hard cook in her pussy and give her a creampie. and than put my cum all over her pretty toes.
Kinky Dating25 to 45 years ● 5km around USA, Ames 10 months ago
sissy CD for Female Domm, sub, slave or Couple
I have been with about 200 women over my lifetime. The vast majority of them was before 1990. I love to be oral especially want do a lot of anal play with toys and orally, besides a lot of foreplay and play with her pussy. Am also though very kinky in some ways. I have been a Cross-dressing sissy because Dominate young women like me that way and give me attention, like to believe in Female Supremacy, Feminism, and would love to be in a Female Led Relationship and like to be Dominated by a woman I like many aspects of B&D, Fetishes, Corporal Punishment, Domestic Servitude, love to be submissive and even hope to be a slave to the right woman. Love to wear wigs, makeup, dress/skirts and sissy panties in private to include a Maid uniforms. Love sissification, feminization, would love to be pegged. I like to be your domestic servant and even willing to be a slave with right person. My reward is pleasing you and doing things for you. Like it (but not a deal breaker if you don't ) if you are able to use Corporal Punishment such as spanking with bare hands, paddle, whip, cane or crop. Strangely as much as I like to know you might use that on me, I will do all I can to avoid it too. Love to be cuckolded. II have done about 20 2 on 1's with 2 women and love doing those. I love to be in a cuckold relationship. I am very kinky in that I a have a few times in the past given some ex girl friends oral sex while they were being screwed when they told me I would have to do it that way if I wanted sex with them any more and love it as much as they did. I even cleaned them up afterwards orally. I also had to take it in the butt one time to fuck a guys wife and found out I really like that and another time had to suck a black guys dick to fuck his wife at the same time. I did it 2 more times after that and love it to. 1 girl friend used to fuck her ex husband then have me eat her out afterwards. We did that for 9 months and I loved it. All these instances was 20 years or more ago, but I still fantasize about it. Hope to find a Mistress who might make me do these kind of things with her and her sissies, man friends or servants at times. Is this weird? I hope Not.
Kinky Dating18 to 68 years ● 500km around USA, Des Moines 10 months ago

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