I have been with about 200 women over my lifetime. The vast majority of them was before 1990. I love to be oral especially want do a lot of anal play with toys and orally, besides a lot of foreplay and play with her pussy. Am also though very kinky in some ways. I have been a Cross-dressing sissy because Dominate young women like me that way and give me attention, like to believe in Female Supremacy, Feminism, and would love to be in a Female Led Relationship and like to be Dominated by a woman I like many aspects of B&D, Fetishes, Corporal Punishment, Domestic Servitude, love to be submissive and even hope to be a slave to the right woman. Love to wear wigs, makeup, dress/skirts and sissy panties in private to include a Maid uniforms. Love sissification, feminization, would love to be pegged. I like to be your domestic servant and even willing to be a slave with right person. My reward is pleasing you and doing things for you. Like it (but not a deal breaker if you don't ) if you are able to use Corporal Punishment such as spanking with bare hands, paddle, whip, cane or crop. Strangely as much as I like to know you might use that on me, I will do all I can to avoid it too. Love to be cuckolded. II have done about 20 2 on 1's with 2 women and love doing those. I love to be in a cuckold relationship. I am very kinky in that I a have a few times in the past given some ex girl friends oral sex while they were being screwed when they told me I would have to do it that way if I wanted sex with them any more and love it as much as they did. I even cleaned them up afterwards orally. I also had to take it in the butt one time to fuck a guys wife and found out I really like that and another time had to suck a black guys dick to fuck his wife at the same time. I did it 2 more times after that and love it to. 1 girl friend used to fuck her ex husband then have me eat her out afterwards. We did that for 9 months and I loved it. All these instances was 20 years or more ago, but I still fantasize about it. Hope to find a Mistress who might make me do these kind of things with her and her sissies, man friends or servants at times. Is this weird? I hope Not.
Kinky Dating18 to 68 years ● 500km around USA, Des Moines one year ago

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