Looking for a new sub. My new sub will be "baby diaper girl" and wear a diaper and onesie while with me if she is allowed to be clothed. She will be completely taken care of and not need to or be allowed to make any decisions or do anything without my say so. No water sports, no one is pissing on you, playing with any poop etc. Not into that, no branding no blood no marks bruises only safe play with safe word but with the baby diaper girl twist. I'm a formally trained Dom have been for 20 years. I enjoy teaching about the lifestyle as much as living it and really enjoy pushing subs to their limits so they can learn about themselves and come out as better stronger people. I'm a respectful Master but a non tolerant one. I don't like disobedience and it's not my choice but a fact that punishment follows disobedience. Will never cross the prearranged limits ever and always have safety at the top of my priority list before the fun comes into play. If you don't understand what the lifestyle is about and that sex is very low on the priority list in a Master/slave Dom/sub relationship then we're not a fit from the start. It's all about power control pushing limits exploring your wants desires likes you never new you had but having fun and getting close to someone you trust along the way. Don't get me wrong I love sex very much so as a matter of fact but thats not why I want a sub/slave if I wanted just sex there are much easier ways- buy a couple drinks at a local bar for a cutie impress her with my sense of humor then later with everything else 😁😁 just kidding. Baby Diaper Girl where are you? Your daddy needs to find you he is worried about you and is bored with no one to take care of.

BDSM Play Partner21 to 60 years ● 50km around USA, Glenarden 8 months ago

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