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Hi i wanna be friends if you don't mind
I'm just a regular guy with sincere intentions of finding a good partner like i said,i'm fun to be with,i have a good sense of humour,i love to play a lot and when i am serious i am serious,when i love i love unconditionally,i love with my whole heart,i'm a kind of person who is filled with emotions so i don't like to be broken hearted,i have my heart filled with love just waiting on the right woman so i can shower her with much love care and affection,i just wanted to try out this site and see how my luck goes here,i hope i find the woman of my dreams here .
Kinky Dating40 to 99 years ● 500km around USA, Austin 10 months ago
Vanilla Female Led Relationship
I’m interested in a female-led relationship with a pretty, polite, service-oriented guy. Here’s the thing—sexually speaking, I am vanilla as fuck. My relationships are monogamous. My libido is unexceptional. Group sex turns me off. Not a sadist or interested in ritualized dominance or discipline. I’m not interested in restraints, or pegging/flogging/abusing dudes, or anyone, for that matter. I've been told that I have a masculine energy about me (often intended as an insult by men with very narrow ideas of gender expression) but my appearance is femme. So why am I even on here? Because a feminine-presenting woman who is confident and aggressive and aloof is consistently read by vanilla society as a subversive hypersexual being. My track record on popular dating apps is abysmal, especially since I live in Texas. I'm viewed by men as either an enemy to patriarchy who must be put in her place OR as one of patriarchy's niche sexual fetishes who wants her feet licked.
Kinky Dating25 to 40 years ● 25km around USA, Austin 3 months ago

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