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I'm a submissive Asian (more specifically Chinese) guy from Sydney Australia. I've been interested in the whole femdom area/topic for about 3-4 years now and would love to commit to a FLR, preferably in person, or otherwise an online arrangement can work also. A bit about me: I'm currently 22 years old. In terms of my kinks, I'm interested in chastity, orgasm denial, teasing, edging, strapon-anal (receiving), bondage, cunnilingus being the main ones with some others along the side. My limits include findom, scat, blood. Within an FLR relationship, I think the ideal theme is to allow the girlfriend/wife feel COMFORTABLE and of course empowered. The last thing I would want is to make my domme feel pressured to maintain a dominant composure without enjoying it. As a couple, during the early stages we can learn about each other's limits, expectations and adjust accordingly to have a consensual exchange of power that allows you to feel like a princess/queen, while I learn more about the main, and even smaller things I can do in our relationship to satisfy your desires and meet the expectations that you have bestowed upon me. An idea of me outside of the kink/femdom domain: For work I'm a technical consultant, specialising within the Azure cloud space. I work for a company that is a Microsoft Partner I'm loving my job after understanding the expansive capabilities that can be offered by cloud solutions In the future I aspire to fulfill the role of a principal consultant within the cloud space, or other domains that have massive technological influence (namely big data, AI and Machine Learning). I would consider myself fairly ambitious, sporty and outgoing. In terms of sports and exercise, my favourite at the moment is long distance running (Ran the Blackmore marathon :), swimming and weights. Completing a 100km super marathon and an Ironman Triathlon are two major fitness related bucket list goals that I'm working hard on achieving right now. Outside of sports, I like to read, listen to music (primarily Asian music, chillstep etc.). When hanging out with friends I like eating out, going to karaoke, picnics, hiking and so forth. I'm not the kind of person who indulges in alcohol drinking much at all, primarily for health reasons and also to the fact that I can't handle my alcohol for shit, so hope that's not an issue to you :p In terms of what I'm looking for in a domme: I'm expecting a slow, gentle and easy start into the femdom aspect within the relationship. This will give us time to really understand each other on a deeper level. It will also allow me time to adjust into the sub that fits with your expectations. Therefore, I'm totally ok with a domme/mistress figure who's inexperienced or simply just curious to test things out. I'd much prefer that than a full on hardcore domination experience right from the start. Honesty is also highly valued. If there are certain things within the femdom scene that you find uncomfortable, or want to try out, I expect you to speak up, and you should expect me to listen so we can have a proper discussion together on the expectations and limits. The femdom aspects also needn't only exist within the sex scene. The idea is to make you feel comfortable as the leader within the relationship! In terms of age preference, 18-30 would be ideal. I'd prefer to be with someone of similar age as me. It would also be good if you have similar interests as me so we have other things to talk and do together outside of purely the femdom aspect alone. Being Asian would also be a plus :) If this is something that interests you, or you simply want to discuss together in a bit more detail before considering it (those new to femdom, or don't know what it is exactly), feel free to message me so we can discuss it in more detail :D PS. I'd be willing to exchange pictures of Snapchat during the early stages of communication before connecting through other social medium platforms.
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