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Anything below this line is coded to be invisible to bots IN OTHER WORDS IF YOU DONT READ MY INFO AND THEN ASK THE QUESTIONS THAT ARE ALREADY ANSWERED I HAVE NO INTEREST IN TALKING TO YOU Hey everyone, i am Genderfluid Bondage Submissive/Pup looking for owner(s) and handler(s), my experience so far has not been so stable in the mono relations so i wouldnt mind trying Poly I dont know what else to really to write being that i suck with this dating stuff Mainly i am here to get to know people and find people that i can possibly get into a serious relationship with as their mate and pet maybe slave. One idea i really like is always on a leash and silent and even with my pup hood on with a dog muzzle sorta thing and i have a fantasy to maybe even go as far as getting an ear tattoo or ear tag for that perfect someone or couple to rub in the mornings to remind me i belong to them. (And i am actually afraid of needles or generally anything that penetrates skin) i also fantasize about a nearly 24/7 in depth role as a pup (learn to track hunt do show and agility)... but i do understand that it is not 100% possible as life is a thing. I am really weird in alot of ways, and many have said they like that about me. willing to try new things and some crazy things. but i am really touchy on trust and honesty, meaning they are EXTREMELY important to me and it does sometime take a while for me to get comfortable with anyone. i try not to hide things. but i also have a tendancy to say exactly whats on my mind with no filter or hesitation. so meeting as friends and doing vanilla people stuff (lol) is a good start like going for a drive exploring, coffee, helping you do things like work or beating that over powered boss on your video game I do live in Aldergrove quite a ways from main roads or malls and do not go out much currently (at least until i can pass my damn roadtest) but i can host. == Results from == 99% Bondage receiver 87% Pet 85% Submissive 68% Primal (Prey) 65% Experimentalist 65% Masochist 62% Slave 57% Non-monogamist 57% Exhibitionist 56% Degradation receiver 53% Brat 53% girl/boy 39% Vanilla 31% Switch 24% Voyeur 24% Ageplayer 18% Sadist 17% Dominant 17% Bondage giver 13% Primal (Hunter) 12% Owner 11% Brat tamer 9% Master/Mistress 6% Degradation giver 6% All-Rounder 5% Daddy/Mommy
Kinky Date25 to 45 years ● 50km around Canada, Langley 11 months ago

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