Look up types of body modification, and you’ll be astonished! There’s everything from the simplest piercings to complex scarification and extreme body mod. Curious? Sienna Saint-Cyr checked out the popular bmezine (the body mod ezine) and is here to share!

Body modifications: Whether a simple statement about personal identity or some kinkier more fetishistic yearning, body mods can be empowering. Sometimes such alterations are controversial and non-consensual, but we trust that any you choose to practice will be just plain fun!


The ABCs of body mod



Anal Stretching: Enlarging the anus can be achieved by inserting a small anal plug and slowly moving up to larger ones. This is temporary body mod, and the anus will return to normal in a few hours.


Breast Surgery: Whether you want gigantic boobs or your breasts completely removed, this body mod fetish is for you!

corset piercing 
Corset piercings are a type of body modification. Image via Flickr with CC BY 2.0 license



Corset Piercings: These lovelies are created by piercing a line of rings down each side of the back. Once the rings are in place, they are laced together to create the look of a corset.


Deformity: From a third nipple to a missing pinky finger, altering the body in this manner is far more popular than I had realised. Surgeons (who swear Primum non-nocere "first, do no harm") often require a psych evaluation before proceeding.


Extraocular Implant: Desire a piercing in the white of your eye? Though this sounded quite painful to me, the eye is astonishingly resilient, and it apparently causes only mild discomfort.


Foreskin Restoration: This is a process that recreates a foreskin likely removed in childhood. This might be done to enhance pleasure for one’s self or partner/s, or maybe just to anger a mohel…


Genital Bisection: Splitting the penis in half vertically to create a snake-like tip. This can also include genital inversion; a process often used to create a vagina in the case of M to F transitions.


Horns: Also known as subdermal implants are inserted under the skin to resemble horns, spikes, or bumps. A great ice-breaker at church socials!


Injections of Saline: Some people enjoy the sensation of injecting salt water under the skin, which lasts 1-6 hours until the saline spreads out through the body.

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Jelqing: The process of permanently enlarging the penis through complex surgeries.


Kinky Branding: Any type of branding - permanent or not - that is done as part of marking ownership.


Lingual Frenectomy: The cutting or removal of the skin connecting the bottom of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth. This is often done to remove a “tongue-tie” and effectively elongate the tongue. One can also create a forked tongue!


Microdermal Implants: Unlike regular piercings, this implant has an anchor under the skin. Then a piece of jewellery can be screwed or snapped into place and is either raised from the skin or flush with it.


Nipple Surgery: Removing or simply ‘moving’ the nipple. The former is a serious fetish, and the latter is practised in almost any surgical breast re-sizing.


Orchiectomy: Removal of the testicles. Really.


Pearling: The implantation of pearl-like objects beneath the surface of the shaft or foreskin of the penis. It can be done to increase sexual pleasure for the partner and is said to be a hallmark of imprisoned Yakuza who sometimes used sharpened chopsticks to pierce and insert the pearls.


Quim Modification: Altering the vagina - removing the clitoral hood, labia removal, or labia stretching. They are done for various reasons and often as a coming of age tradition for girls in certain countries.


Rhinoplasty: While a nose job can be done for medical reasons, the fetish we’re talking about is by choice to alter the appearance for aesthetic purposes. But watch out - this surgery could make or break your career (see: Jennifer Grey).


Scarification: Tearing or cutting the skin is the most common method, but anything that will leave the person physically scarred counts.

 Tattooed couple into body mod
Body mod is a big turn on for many. Image: via Erika Lust.



Tattooing: Using a needle to embed ink under the skin was once the province societal outcasts. My how times have changed! From simple, discreet designs to sleeves or entire body tattoos, tattoo culture is now everywhere. 


Urethrotomy: Underneath the penis is cut—varying in length—and the urethra is slit open. Subincision is often a coming-of-age ritual in certain countries.


Vacuum Pumping: Don’t want to take boner meds? This little beauty can help! The effects of this body mod are also temporary, but certainly effective!


Waist Training: Wearing a corset and gradually cinching it inward over months and years to make the waist smaller. Not just for the ladies either!


X-Ray Images of Bod Mods: The addiction to or desire to be x-rayed, to record internal body mods or implants, which may not be visible outside the body.


Yaeba: Misaligning or capping teeth to give a crooked/misshapen appearance, mostly popular in Japan.


Zack Modification: Modifying the scrotum in any way surgically or through piercings.

Sienna Saint-Cyr writes erotica and blogs about kink, poly, body image, most things relating. 

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Found a body mod that interests you? Or do you know of a body modification that's not on the list? Comment below or start a thread in the forum.

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Cover image via Flickr with CC BY 2.0 license



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