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Any suggestions?

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I’m new to bdsm. I have very little experience but everything I’ve done I enjoyed. My fantasy is to have my pussy whipped ( I’ve had it spanked and flogged)  I also want to try a cucumber and electo-stim I ordered a wand to try and I am a little nervous about it. Has anyone used electro drum and if so do you have any suggestions. 

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oh god that is one of our things too i love having my pussy spanked and i squirt on every slap, love to do it to you as your tied over our sexy fetish spanking bench.make it your new years wish and we will do it today , kinky dom couple kathy n bob

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Keep us up to date with how you get on with the electric stim, thought of that for myself. 


There was a previous post, with a recommendation for moisturiser cream to be used afterwards.

If your UV sensitive, can see any problems with using sun cream before hand...just let it sink in before you play.

Follow the safety instructions and you'll be find...main thing is start off low and slow...pick a less sensitive area to adjust to a new sensation...electro-stim is like wine...best appreciated with some practice and time...

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