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New to all this.

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Hi, I'm fairly new to here. I've been interested in bondage and dominating for a while now and thought it's time for me to explore my kink side! But I thought I'll say hey and see what other like minded people are around.



Hello and welcome to Fetish.com.  I hope you have lots of fun here. The forum is a fantastic place for getting to know others in the community - even if I might be a little bit biased in saying that ;) 

Hi, likewise I’m totally new, really just joined to see if I’m totally on the right way or not. It’s very confusing , but I think I am interested in submission and giving up control. If I can being a strong person . Com0letely new to this site and everything but . Life is too short and all that . Cheers Anna
Like anna0802 and yourself I am new to this site and to exploring my submissive side. I have been on the site about a week and find it a very friendly place and a great way to have all of my questions answered with out seeming like and idiot for not knowing something.

"Stop thinking so much, it is ok not to know all the answers" (source unknown).

Anyway, if you know what you don't know then you can learn. We can all learn - always, so do not be afraid to ask questions. If anyone puts you down, then they are the ones that are ignorant, and not you. I learn all the time myself.

Check out the forums and the discussions, as others have said, there are plenty of genuine kinksters here with a wealth of experience (not just D/s) to share.

Have fun!

i love being restrained, gagged, whipped, choked and basically being totally dominated

Hi  I just joined myself into the same but I fear we are both bottom please advise.ant



Hello, I have recently joined and I am enjoying reading the posts on here.  I am new to all of this and have so many questions, but hopefully will find out the answers on here.  I will ask if I need to.  Its a great site.



This is amazing to see. People doing research and looking before they leap. I have been a Dom almost 3 decades and can see the harm done by those who 50 Shade it with no real clue of how it is.

Read, ask, explore, discover and  way and what makes you tick. I began at a young age and was so green I pissed grass. It took a long time to become the man I am today. And still I evolve.

Any questions you have feel free to fire them My way and I shall answer as truthfully as possible. 

Safe, sane, consentual...


As many have said before me read and ask lots of questions. 

A few things that helped me is to remember that there are different levels to everything. You may like spanking but that doesn’t mean you would enjoy being whipped. Just make sure you are clear about your partner (whether Dom Domme or sub) mean. An example is will they accept your boundaries, will they help you to push your boundaries if that is what you want within your limits. If they say no to anything and you are uncomfortable either continue to talk or move on.

i am also new to this lifestyle but am learning a lot about it and more so a lot about myself. 

Welcome and enjoy


Hi all I’m new to this but over the last few years the thought of being dominated has been all I think about  a black woman especially forcing pussy face sitting to orgasm and anything else awesome but no serous pain but humiliation fine


I've been about a bit - and I'm kinda envious of some of the resources available to newcomers these days compared to when I started (particularly the first time)

I think, if you've a question - start a thread on it, not everyone will necessarily agree a same answer - but *sometimes* that's good.  Do often look for information from multiple sources.  There's a lot of reading material, but sometimes local munches and events can be a good source to talk to people for information (though, munches aren't hook-up events...)