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Anyone into Dollification?

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Can't find much about this kink- I think it's new- I like being a dolly who's quiet and easily manipulated. 

My Maker dresses me in cute clothes with wigs and makeup. We have fun. 

I was trained to be quiet with a gag for a long period of time. I would wear a ball gag and he would test my pain threshold. He'd hit me harder and harder until I learned to not say a word. 

I love it and naturally enjoy being whipped and spanked on my face, bum and tits. He's a kind Maker to me and the aftercare is incredibly nice

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That sounds sexy!
Hi, what sort of thing would you be dressed in with this sort of fetish? Im intrigued

This is strangely interesting to Me, as being the doll. From one sub to another could you message me and tell me about it? I'm very curious 

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ah i love this kink! i'm a trans guy, but i find nothing sexier than being dolled up and dressed in pretty clothes whilst i lay down like a doll for my maker. it's such a sexy fantasy, you're so lucky that you get to indulge in it!

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