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Questions About Male Submission

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Hi! First of all, thanks for reading! I am seeking information about male submission. Background: I'm new to dating after nearly two decades of being with the same person. So my sexual experience is limited, but I am not prudish or uninformed, as my job is in adult films (not performing, just the business end). 

I am dating someone new, and I adore him. He's a great person, and he has a preference to be submissive in bed, incorporating bondage. Given the things he says, it is apparent that he likes to be in a helpless role, where he is controlled. I can do this for him from a practical standpoint, but the psychology behind it puzzles me to a point. I know that being submissive is very important to him, as he brought it up rather quickly. 

I know that the ideal answer to my questions would be to just ask him, and I have, but he just says that it makes sex more exciting for him, and he did not elaborate. 

What I'd love to ask male submissives is if they could be with someone long-term who was not willing to incorporate bondage into every sexual encounter, and also how much satisfaction would be muted due to not incorporating it. I know that he'd be fine with such a scenario, because he's very agreeable, but I have a personal hangup right now about not doing it, then feeling like he's not being fully satisfied. 

Thank you so much for reading! 

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