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Domina Jenieves Introduction to being a male submissive

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Well hello there, I hope you are sitting comfortably and have all been good boys today, as in my personal domain only the good boys get treats, bad boys get nothing at all. I am honest when I disclose the statement I am very strict and I am honest when I state I live my alternative lifestyle, I have done my entire adult life. I will only ever be me. I support myself and answer to no one. I am not interested in time wasters or part time adventurers, this is a guide for those males clear this is their path and absolutely need guidance. Again I share experience I do not share commands or my way only. We all have our own path.

Since becoming a member of this site, just a month ago-I have found my inbox flooded by young males struggling not with accepting their sexual desire, but asking advice on how to be the best sub. Almost screaming for a guide. I am flattered that my opinion seems to matters to someone I have never had the pleasure of meeting, I do not always have time to check my inbox so have written this guide to reach the up and coming, new generation of confident secure men who desire domination from strong women, are happy being naturally submissive and want nothing more than to please their mistress , and also reassure everyone that they are not alone, they are not weird, mentally ill or subhuman.

Welcome in to my Parlor, as the Spider said to the Fly!!


And it Begins!!  {Introduction to my guide)



Rule 1. Always be Yourself. 

Rule 2. Always BE Yourself.

Rule 3. Always be honest with yourself. Choose Life! Choose an amazing Sex life.

In a D/s relationship I find equality very important, each partner ALWAYS has equal right to opinion and should be respected. Even if you enjoy the feeling of being able to let go of the world when restrained tight and unable to speak, even if the submissive has requested to be hit harder with the cane, and even if it seems like playful oh no dont stop- please respect their right to choose to stop action immediately without question. This is very important when experimenting with new adventures. What sounds good in the head or when spoken about could psychologically damage a *** individual if acted out. 

 Respect the trust your dom/sub is giving you and enjoy the honour of being her best ever willingly naked slave, hand picked by a beautiful woman just for being yourself when she could have anyone? Shes chosen you, never take that for granted. You are there to serve her and be the only person in the world allowed to touch her and even go down on her when she requests. Get a kick out of how many other men would love to be where you are if you are lucky enough to  already have a mistress.

A good mistress that cares about the whole you will ensure you are safe, well fed, well nourished and looked after on every level. Its a given, hey its still a romantic relationship. Where is the love? A selfish mistress who cannot commuicate or listen to a subs requests needs to be ran away from instantly.

You have chosen an alternative sexual lifestyle to enjoy your life and scratch those personal itches we all have at times. You did not choose to be someones unpaid housekeeper, you did not believe yourself as half a person without voice and you should never take verbal or physical *** that you are upset by, have not discussed and agreed prior or just because you are there and your mistress is projecting at you believeing it your job. Bollocks. Equality remember 

If you stir the pot long enough, something always rises up-people can be similar. Everybody has a secret fantasy life and the choice to be open and tell friends and family, or keep it private behind closed doors. There are a million answers onlines but I believe it all dangerous nonsene. There is a simple massive simple answer I always reply first with. Always be YOURSELF. You cannot be anyone else. We are all unique multi faceted individuals with similar yet worlds apart personal proclivities with our sexual desires to be free in our own way. My mother always told me not to be a sheep. Lady Godiva {my lifelong nickname from her hahaha}, dont be a sheep be a shepherd. Dont follow blindly use the brain you were given.n If it feels wrong it is.


There is a brief summary of my intention. I hope you enjoyed  a little reading and have not been naughty boys with impure thoughts while reading my intoduction.


In short be yourself and do not settle. All submissive's have different needs, all mistress's are also unique with personal desires of their own.


I will be back soon with Part 1. Self grooming and care.


I intend to cover as many topics as I can during the next few weeks.


feel free to pm if you have a specific question.


Have fun this weekend, I know I am going to

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Honesty and communication at all times is also paramount to a happy relationship.

In my opinion if you cannot discuss an activity you should not be involved in such activity.


Stay safe

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Thank you very much for taking the time to help Mistress x

Appreciate you taking the time to  write this, and looking forward to part 2. I will definitely be following this


Thank you :) I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it! Be educated about your own kink and enjoy it all the way! Am glad I started this, have already indirectly  helped a couple of members stay safe and happy this week. Remember-Submission does not mean Substandard human

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Thank you DominaJeniveve, 

So well written and some of the things you said kinda made me melt a little inside. 

You are clearly experienced and it is nice of you to share your thoughts and wisdom with others. 

I'm new to the scene and I'm hoping to find someone to guide me and protect me. What you have written is exactly what I'm looking for. Hopefully one day I can find someone as wise and caring as your good self. 

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